Scam letter(s) from Natalia Parhomenko to Jose (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello my love Jose!!! My dear, I inform you, that everything is all right,
I went today to the bank and have received your help for my trip to you,
I have come home and before the dream thought of us as I will see you once, it soon is very fast.
My love, I very strongly wish to see your eyes, to feel your breath and to kiss your lips,
As I now would like to give you the love and tenderness,
I cannot without you, it is really difficult to me to express the feelings through words in the letter
But I very strongly try to make, it after all you now my destiny and now we connected love bonds, I wish to love you!
I assured that all ours with you the life will be happy and full of smiles, pleasures, you give me this confidence of the future,
My dear, I did not think, that I will find you, I could not dream that I will see you and now my dream comes true!
I wish to be there with you, it is really my most beautiful dream, you on other to planet edge, and I feel you,
My dear, I will make all to arrive to you as soon as possible and to have the fastest meeting
I will co-ordinate all trip with you that you were well informed about everything, I wish to hear your opinion and your support for me,
My love, to me it is really difficult also you should support me, I never was abroad, but I want it madly,
I will have many emotions and experiences when I will fly to you, my dear, we should be prepared for it
I have told to you that I will go to travel agency and I will tell to you all details
Today I have paid for all for the visa, for services of travel agency and consular gathering, the visa will be ready in 15 days
As I found out flights and the prices for a trip to Mexico, to me have given many various variants and the company
I chose very long the best and convenient flight, to me it was not easy, because I badly understand it,
But managers of the company of travel have helped me, I have chosen flight to Mexico City, Mexico Start: on December, 12th, 08:45 SVO Sheremetivo a/n, the Terminal: 2 AF2045 Air bus ?320
Arrival: on December, 12th, 10:45 CDG Paris, Charles De Gol a/n, the Terminal: 2E
Change: CDG Paris, Charles De Gol a/n, is not present airport change
Start: on December, 12th, 13:35 CDG Paris, Charles De Gol a/n, the Terminal: 2E AF438 77W
Arrival: on December, 12th, 18:40 MEX Juarez Intl, the Terminal: 1 Cost of this ticket nearby 917,59 euros, is full cost ticket, it about 1155,49 dollars
We should solve it when I will pay for ticket and I will be ready to fly to you,
Whether I do not know expensively it, but these are really big money, I have a hope of you!
If you can solve it tomorrow I will pay in travel agency
In me there will be tickets and my passport with the visa, some days prior to flight
I did not wish to deliver you so much problems connected with my arrival!
My dear, I did not know, that all trip will demand such financial expenses,
I grateful to you, that you support me for our meeting,
Certainly I did not want superfluous expenses for a trip, but it is necessary!
My dear, I look forward to your reply to it, what you think?
I love you and I want this fine meeting, she will solve our future,
I already have the holiday! Also it is ready to a trip to you, except documents and ticket
We will be happy and very strongly to love each other
I send you the most sweet kisses With love Natalya.
Letter 2
Hello my dear love Jose!!! Thanks for your love to me, you give me hope of my future with you!
Today in bank now all is good, I have made reception of your help
My love I wish to see you on December, 12th, I wish to touch more likely you and to feel heat of your body,
Here flight which to me a distance and which I will fly to you:
Start: on December, 12th, Friday at 09:15, Moscow, the Sheremetyevo, the Terminal: 2
Arrival: on December, 12th, Friday at 11:15, Paris, Charles Degaulle Airport, the Terminal: 2E | Flight AF-2345 | 318 | K
Change. A waiting time 2 hours of 20 minutes
Start: on December, 12th, Friday at 13:35, Paris, Charles Degaulle Airport, the Terminal: 2E
Arrival: on December, 12th, Friday at 18:40, Mexico City, BENITO JUAREZ INTL APT, the Terminal: 1 | Flight AF-438 | 77W | T
I miss you a lot, I very much suffer, that I can not see you right now.
If there was a possibility to see you for 1 minute, I would be the happiest person in the world,
I love you and I would like to give you all love and care of you, how your work? You do not get tired?
Please keep itself for me! Soon we the first page - our meeting will start to write the love book!
Today as I also wrote to you, I went to travel agency to buy ticket,
All was good, I have given your money for ticket, me to a distance flight to Mexico
What me for December, 12th, is day of our happiness and our love! all is good,
My dear Jose, I was surprised with that have informed today me one detail in travel agency,
I was annoyed and shocked with this information!
I wished to shout and bring the of disagreement, I was strongly upset!
Mine favorite, today in travel agency to me have informed, when I will sit down aboard the plane in Moscow,
It should be necessary for me, to give entrance money at the airport this 3000 dollars!!
I have asked them, they have told to me, that they are necessary money,
Also that this big sum of money, is necessary for me.
Then I have asked them why they have not told to me of it earlier?
In travel agency have answered, they thought that in me there is this big money!
Then to me have explained that it is the law which works in Russia for this purpose,
That if the citizen leaves the country, it should have at himself this money.
If in me there will be this money that to me will allow to fly from the country if is not present I cannot depart to you.
And therefore to leave the country to me it is necessary to have at itself 3000 dollars!!
This law has been made that citizens were not without money, being in other country, this calculation goes 1000 dollars for 30 days!
When I have told in travel agency that there I will be with the loved one in Mexico, and I will not require there money.
They have answered me that this law cannot be broken and it is obligatory!
Mine Jose, I hope you understand me!!
But without this money I cannot arrive to you.
Loved Jose, I do not have such big money. And I cannot simply receive such big sum.
Forgive me that I bring to you so much expenses and problems!
Therefore my hope of you, favorite Jose!! I must to ask from you the help in 3000 dollars,
I could show this money at customs and fly to you.
This money is necessary simply to show at the airport when I will be
To arrive to you, I at once, will give you this money when you meet me at the airport!! We do not give this money they remain with me!
Dear Jose, I love you, but now before our meeting with you there was this problem!!
And now everything, depends only on it mine favorite!! I very much hope for you Jose!!
I will wait for your letter!!
I love you Jose!!! With love, yours Natalya.
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