Letter(s) from Marina to Fernando (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Fedia! I am pleased to receive your letter. The day my usual today, and there was not making much. My mood every day getting better, because we are with you doing everything possible to be together. Houses I have everything in order and all that I told you in my last letter, it was all very seriously. And even today when I was already at work, I warned his superior, that I will soon take leave. He did not have anything against that. And he said that he will let me. I was very pleased to hear that. I hope that your day is also taking place today very well. I have already told you that I am now the most heavily rasstraivaet. Dear me, I did not know how you say its a problem that is with me. Fedia As I have told you in my last letter, I just do not have the money to now make its journey to you, and I do not know what I found out from this situation. At the moment I simply omitted hands and I fear that we are with you may lose our meeting, our future. Dear me, I do not for one hopes, and I do not know whether we have with you a chance to make our future. It is a pleasure, what we have to meet with you one another, that we were able to show each other that we set up for each other, to love and build our future. Honey, my Fedia I am not comfortable in front of you, because I know that I have allowed such a mistake, that I told you this before, can be and that it would affect. My dear, I hope you understand my financial problem at the moment, but I can promise you, if you help me, I promise that as soon as I osvoyus in your country, I will seek employment in order to return it to you all . Fedia Now I would like to hear from you, what is it so important for us, Fedia you help me with money for my trip to you? Dear me, if you have such an opportunity, I would like to ask you to give me information that I can then go to a travel agency and find out the full value of my visit to you. Okay??? Write me the following: 1 country in which you found me 2 city, where you meet me 3 airport, where you meet me. And at the end of my letter I want to tell you that I agree with you that I could stay with you 15 days, but I want you to ask after your work, I can see it with toboy.Ya want to take care of you after your raboty.Ya I ask you what number I can get to you??? Dear me, I hope that you all think about and decide itself, because our future, our meeting and everything else is in your hands now. And I really hope that you do not podvedesh me. I love you very much and want to share with you all that I have for you. I would think that you can answer me this, and the only hope for the best. Exact. Your Marina