Scam letter(s) from Alena Sergeeva to Terry (USA)

Letter 1

Good day my Terry. I am glad to write to you! I waited your letter and right now I write to you. How are you? I went in the park with my the girlfriend today. I had a bad mood and I went to walk in the park with my girlfriend. In the park there were a lot of people. I saw many happy girls which were happy with boy friend. And I thought about you. I spoke my girlfriend to photograph me for you. I hope that you will like my photos? Tell me about your days. I want to know about you more. I shall wait your next letter.
Letter 2

Terry, I am real and I want to fly to you. Do you want that I should return to you finance which you have sent me for the plane ticket? I went in the the airport today to receive money and to give the plane ticket back, but at the airport spoke me that I can't return money for my plane ticket. I hope that you understand that I can fly to you and use the plane ticket or do not use my plane ticket and to stay in Moscow city. I can't understand why you do not trust me? I do utmost to arrive to you but you upset me and I worry. When I arrived to Moscow I hoped to receive my papers and fly to you, I was sure that you will help me if I shall have any problem in Moscow. Yes you helped me with the plane ticket, thanks but you do not want to help me with bank account. I think that you can't understand that the Embassy should have serious guarantees when the person travels to other country. I spoke in Embassy that you do not trust me and you can't understand about bank account. In the Embassy spoke me that if I shall not have bank account I can't receive my papers and fly to you. We have reached many for our meeting. I have a little time untill 29 of August. I have 3 days. I should have time to open the bank account and to receive my papers. In Embassy spoke me that I need time (2 days) to open account in the bank. If you really do not trust me, I should return in my city and to be the most unfortunate girl which could not arrive to you. If we shall not meet with you now, after a while you will know about bank account but I shall be in my city already and I shall not trust you more. We shall lose love! I do not want to lose you! I do not want to lose you, because I love you so much with all my heart!!! I want to have happy future with you! Please do not let me down, I am honest with you. I promise if you will help me I shall fly to you because I waited our meeting a long time. I shall wait your letter and I hope for you.
Your Alena.
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