Scam Letter(s) from Irina Elkina to Jose (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello my love! How are you doing? I descended in travel agency and have learned how many the visa and the ticket to you will cost! The visa will cost 300 euros, and the ticket 600 euros! It very much a greater sum for me! My love at me is 200 euros, but it is not enough of it for road to you, I ask you you can help me with the remained sum! You can send me it? If yes that I shall be very glad, I very much wish to lead Christmas at you, near to you! Today the working day has passed quickly, I at all have not noticed as it have passed! I in increasing frequency think of you and I wish to be near to you, I wish to be more close to you! I wish to divide with you the life! I do not wish to be on distance from you, I wish to be near to you! Today I shall go to the girlfriend for a supper, and on viewing of film in the evening! Tomorrow there will be again a heavy working day but when I think of you that my working day passes quickly! I dream of day when we shall have supper at candles when we shall dance under the moon when we shall fall asleep in embraces each other! To wake up seeing each other. I so it want all. On it I stop to write to you, write to me soon with love Irina!

Letter 2

Hello my love!
I am glad to receive the letter from you and to see and read it, that you do not forget me.
Here my data:
The country: Russia
City: Ioshkar Ola
Street: Prohorovo 4
name: Irina
Surname: Elkina
the postal index: 424000.
These data will be enough for sending money! You can help me? I constantly think of you my love, I so long wished to meet such fine person, as you. I badly sleep at night because I experience for us and for that that we not as we shall not meet you, for that that you not beside with me. I so wish to meet you, my love to see you beside and to feel your affinity put also night, to cook to your tasty food and to have a supper with you, to walk together under a moonlight and your hands on my waist. I probably have fallen into a reverie my love? But these dreams heat my heart and give me good mood these winter cold days. I understand, I would understand that at me not enough means for that what to arrive to you, and it me very strongly afflict, I wish to be near to you, to love you and to be favourite by you! With love yours Irina!



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