Scam letter(s) from Ella Gabriel to Wayne (Australia)

Letter 1
Dear Wayne..
Good to read from you at the dating site, let me tell you a little about myself,am from British India(Bangladesh),don't know much about my father except from the story that my mother use to tell me about Him,not knowing if He is still alive or not Cu's my father left us at a very tender age ,telling my mother that He is going to search for greener pasture else where,and leaving both my mother and me to the mercy of God ,well we manage to survive through that period then when i was growing ,my mother then took me, we head to west Africa in search of my father Cu's that is where my mother told me that she hear He is living, doing business but on getting to west Africa(Republic of Benin)we could not locate Him ,the address we have about Him was not correct,nobody could tell us anything about Him,so we have to settle down there and it was really difficult for us then Cu's the country was still trying to develop,so mum have to do one or two things to make sure that we don,t die of hunger ,well to God be the Glory that we was able to survive life here,could not go back to Bangladesh anymore Cu's we have start another new life here and it hard going back there Cu's my mother like it here now and she have adopt their live styles and so don,t want to leave here anymore. 
Am single, never married,have no kids and the only child of my parents cos after my mother gave birth to me.The doctor warn her not to have another baby for the sake of her life cos she went through a lot giving birth to me so after me no kids again.I don't have any brothers or sisters,i live with my mother alone here in Benin Republic.
Well,finish about my place and where i am right now ,the reason i join this Internet dating things is that i was in Cyrus for a seminar on Aid awareness Cu's that is what i do for a living,teaching peoples about the danger involves ,making them to play safe ,have a protective healthy *** life.I met a lady that tell me about the Internet dating thing Cu's it new to me and am finding it hard to find a man of my dream here in the republic of Benin so i decided to give it a try,hoping that it will come true for me Cu's am still yet to believes it ,well there is no harm in trying Cu's here in republic of Benin,the men will want to have more than one woman in their life ,which i dislike Cu's it not good and proper for a man to have two woman attached to Him Cu's it a sin to me and against my belief too and that is the more reason why i join this Internet dating site hoping,praying that I find my God send man for me.One that is God fearing,and will love me for who I am and not for something else.
Am a cheerful ,kind,loving,respectful,honest,down to earth and am ready to satisfy my man in any way and please Him too and will be obedient,loyal and will want Him to do same for me too as well and will want us to be friend,lover,partner,husband and wife ,soul mate together.
I love playing basketball,volleyball,swimming,going to the beach,watching any good movies,reading anything that make sense to me ,love cooking,helping anyone in needs.
Well hope that i have been able to tell you something about myself for now,will be attaching some of my photos for you,will be looking forward to hear from you soon,and God blessing in all what you do and more.
Hugs And Kiss,
Letter 2
Sending you some of my photos now,don't have any when I was younger cos my growing up was not all that pleasant for me in Bangladesh .Hope you like this ones am sending you now .
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