Scam Letter(s) from Jewel T. Million to Grant (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hey Dearie,

Hiyas, how you doing now? well i guess fine, as for me i think am doing great, actually, i wrote so you could know a little about me, my name is Jewel, a mixed race, momma from Indiana and my daddy happens to be a Nigerian, okay where do i start from? dad was on a business trip to the India, where he first meet with my momma at Bombay in India, and he fell in love with her, and from there they where close friends and from there it went intimate, until a couple of months they got married, i was given birth to December 21st 1980, at Bombay, i stayed for a about 3 months while i was still a baby.

After their honey moon at Bombay in India, according to my momma, we all had to travel down back to my daddy's nationality (Nigeria) and settle down. I did all my schooling from kindergarten to the university. Presently well...talking about my momma,she's a retired civil servant and also she do some little business, while my daddy use to have oil companies in Nigeria and the other parts of Africa, he was a very wealthy man before he died, and most of his properties where shared, with a little share given to me and my momma, and now am just like the bread winner of my family.

I finished from the university of Ibadan, (Nigeria) early last year, where i studied computer sciences, my main hobbies are dancing, modeling and i also do like hanging out with friends, i don't party that much, but do go to parties, emmmm....i don't smoke, drink occasionally, also i have never being married onces in my life.

Actually, i had a boyfriend right here in the states, who i really loved with all my heart, but he broke my heart some couple of months ago, we first meet online while i was still in the university in Nigeria, he showed me love and care and was like a very poor guy, he was so handsome, and lied to me he was single, when i was done with my schooling, i had to raise some funds from momma and my friends so i could travel down to the states to be with him, i got a visa and bought my ticket successfully, on reaching the states, he came to pick me up at the airport, i think that seems to be the happiest day of my life, we both put up in an hotel for a couple of days, where i was thinking we are gonna get married some day, but i never knew he was a shit and was having a complete family at home, he fooled me, and also broke my heart, well am a type of lady that wants a guy who's really trustworthy, caring, loving and above all financially stable, cause i think that's a big lesson for me, until i had to join the modeling agency in Michigan, and model part - time as a show casing model, but it seems to keep me so much busy and i really wanted to settle down and start a family cause i wasn't getting anymore younger.

When i joined the LS DATING site i was still in the states, but presently am in Nigeria, where i do hope to seek a guy who's gonna love, care for me just like i will do the same, am sorry i won't ever tried raising any funds to come visit him in his country, yes i will like to relocate so i could start a new life, but i won't again raise any money to come visit him.......hope to hear from you soonest.....kisses



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