Scam letter(s) from Olesya Ryabinina to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Jose! In the beginning I wish to warn you, that it is my first experience of acquaintance, to get acquainted with the person through the Internet. I would like to speak you the truth as I do not know, that to me to write to you in the first letter. I wish to be presented, my name - Olesya. To me of 26 years. Date of my birth: 10.12.1981 years, my growth-1,69 metre, my weight - of 56 kgs. I as send you my first photo. And I would like as to see your photo because for me it is difficult to talk to the person if I do not know as it looks. I always got acquainted with people new to me only actually and for me details of appearance of the person are very important. I can learn much about the person, having looked on it. I know, that many people look well on a photo, but I believe, that appearance does not play the big role. I think, that main this inwardness of the person, his soul. I promised to tell to you more about me: My Mum told to me about my Grandmother, the grandmother has been born in America and I consider that it is my blood as goes from America, I think that I as a few AMERICAN. I never was earlier for the husband and I do not have children. I want that you knew, that I search for the person who will be to me the good friend or the husband and the good father for future children. I do not search for free love and only ***. I hope, that you understand it. I the serious person and at me am the serious purposes. I hope to find very serious person who wants that it had a family and children. As I now have all necessary: my work, is enough money to provide itself, but at me is not present very important, I require the person whom it will be valid to love me and whom I will love all my heart! I already had an experience of a life with the man, but it was not a happy life, unfortunately I could not find the person in a city where I live. Probably I should not write you such serious things in my the first the letter. But I want, that you knew, that I search for serious relations. If you do not search for the same purpose, will not make sense to write each other further. I hope, that you understand me, and I hope, that we will have the identical purposes. I with impatience wait your letter. Sincerely yours Olesya.
Letter 2
My love prince Jose I wish to inform you, that today I have gone to travel agency to learn about everything, that to me it is required and how many it will cost to arrive to you my dear. There has informed me, that this year it became much more difficult to enter into Spain and to receive the visa as Spain enter into the strict control and the list of distribution of documents. Check of embassy and to very many people it not in a condition to receive such possibility. But there is a chance to make all documents and to let out it in the most close terms. Urgent registration borrows hardly more than one week. But the small margin in payment is required. And it requires my arrival in Moscow for registration and signing of corresponding orders in various departments and the Spanish Embassy. The Travel company is exposed to all obligations on registration and registration of all necessary documents for arrival. Now about the main thing, that I should make all necessary documents that I could go to you my dear. During the beginning I should make the passport for travel abroad because I never travelled earlier. And concerning me have told these days, that it costs approximately 75 EUR. In addition to me have informed, that I should have medical inquiry which I should let out before visa reception in Moscow. To me have not told the exact price about it, but they have told, that it will be expenses approximately 96 EUR. Well and the most important - the visa. To me have told about various kinds of visas and their cost. On travel the agency has told to me, that it will be better for us if I have the visa of the tourist. This tourist visa B-2, the visa of the visitor will be valid within six months. It will be approximately made 4-5 days. On this type of the visa I can be I to travel to Spain without any restrictions. The price of this visa - 304 EUR. Except for it my dear for process of registration I should pay 83 EUR, and I should pay for services of travel agency 185 EUR. Now about registration process. Concerning me have told, again and again I will place the order for visa purchase in travel agency. Then this statement consider in Moscow in Embassy of your country. I should go to Moscow and that how to be is created the visa to me it it will be necessary, will transfer still set of tests and to fill a few questionnaires. Except for it at this time I should make the medical information which will cost 79 EUR. And I should pay for questionnaires and I check 37 EUR. Here as well as everything, that I should make all necessary documents, that I could go to you mine, loved. And even after visa reception in Moscow I will come back home, that the travel agency has helped me to find the ticket to you my dear. I have told to it, that they have found to me the cheapest ticket. They have told, that there are no problems, and to me with all will help. It costs nearby 341 EUR My dear, which I do not know to tell, I did not think, that visa registration will be such difficult and expensive. I have counted up and in the sum it approximately (859 + 341) 1200 EUR. I do not know to make, because I have no such money, I do not know to execute all it. I so wish to be with you my dear, I am ready to transfer all difficulties of registration of the visa, but I have no such money. I do not know to make. As I still should go to Moscow which is approximately in 850 km from my city. And the ticket there costs approximately 56 EUR. Except for it I should live somewhere there and something to eat. Even on a trip to Moscow I should have approximately 150 EUR. My dear I am simple in **** from such numbers, I am valid, do not know what to make. I have no such quantity of money. It - really pity which us are divided such distance. Distance which similarly to check on our feelings. Check up on our sincerity. Personally I during long time comprehended feelings to you, and with full belief I can tell, that it is love!!! How still probably to name feeling when you wait as a gift of news from the love?! When you with feeling of pleasure see, that you have received it. How still to name feeling when you are absent on the love?! All it are felt by me wash Jose, my gentle bear cub. I love you, I love, and very much I am absent. All! To me has worked to speak about money my dear, I do not wish to think of it. I wish to speak about on you mine, loved. I very much pass about you my dear, I very much love you. I am glad, that I have you though you and far from me, but I know, that I love you and when we will meet, I will be - so happy as never before was. It is a pity, but my time on the cafe Internet has again ended. It is a pity, that for this reason it has come time me to finish this letter, but not supervision of it, All of you equally will in my ideas and my dreams. I very much love you mine Jose, I love, and very much I am absent. With love, yours for ever Olesya!!!
Letter 3
Hi Jose! I have addressed today in bank and asked to open for me the account, to me have given up, as now preparation of new year and they cannot help to open to me an abacus, the account opens from 3 till 5 days, they stop to work on December, 27th, money will be listed only in 10 days after you will issue the transaction, that is I can receive them only about January, 20th, to me this most simple decision of my problem, money arrive to me almost in 1 hour after departure have suggested to take advantage of service western union, me have explained that, to me have given the address on the Internet and have told that there you can find the department closest to you western union, the address in the Internet: for this purpose that you could send me money to you it would be necessary to know my data for western union.
Here my data:
Country: Russia
Republic: Chuvashiya
City: Cheboksary
The postal index: 428000
Name: Olesya
Surname: Ryabinina
I hope for your help. With impatience I wait for good news, your love princess Olesya.
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