Scam Letter(s) from Anita P. Mandayong to Bill (USA)

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Letter 1

my Love Billy,
God bless you always and guide you!.

First of all i wanted to say i understand you from my heart and soul,im truly lonely and sad here but i felt little happy now to have you and hopefully to meet you on are you doing my love Billy?wish your doing well and fine there always same to your family,hope you have a great weekend there and stay healthy always for your daily works and way of living there my love love i truly wanted to meet you and be with you but im truly wishing and praying now to your kindheart to care for me even in very little way ,wishing to fix my phone there in repair shop and even i pray to buy some foods to eat especially on this coming christmas my love Billy.thats why love im praying even little care from you as a christmas present my love because i wish also to call my mother by this christmas to tell her about you that i will going to meet you by this january my love..wish you understand through phone communication its very important to have easy and strong contact especially to hear your real voice and talk the plan for our meeting my love,and when you will tell me you will going to arrived here in philippines,where you wait for me and where are you staying while im travel to come and be with you there in manila city my the middle of january second week or third week i am very available to meet you on that my love.and im very free to travel to come and be with you as its my dream come true to be on yourside my love but i dont know where i can find a way to have for my fare to come with you there in manila city my problem is that to have my fare to go there as i promise to come and be with you my love,and what i am praying is really to fix my phone to use it again so that i can call you or you can call me so that i can prepare myself to come and be with you my love billy.plsss ,im wishing and praying even little way of care from your kindheart my love especially for our constant communication.i dont have problem on my job because im not regular worker as im a part timer job my love,yes i love to be there in makati city or paranaque city my love or it depend on you and yes its my pleasure to stay with you on one room as i trusted you and willing to give you myself because i do believed love Billy i will going to meet and be with you there in manila city but its not mean i will come and be with you because of your money,i will come with you with all my heart and soul and to prove to you that im very serious and true with you being honest in my heart having true feelings with you.and thats why being hopeless as of now especially by this coming christmas im praying that you will show that you care for me even very little way my love Billy,wishing truly to fix my phone very important for our constant communication and i wish to call my mom to tell her about my meeting in you and praying i can buy some even little good foods to eat by this coming christmas day my love as i wish to talk to you on the day of christmas too my love Billy so that i can be able to feel the essence of christmas hearing your voice and to my mom's voice too my love Billy...

im very willing to come and be with you and praying you will care for me even in very little way as i did my very best my love to borrow some amount to go there in nearest private room so that i can have my new and sexy picture just for you and to send you thats why i wish you will truly prove and show you will care for me my love..i think of you always and very patient to come and be with you...have a good day and be safe always..God bless you,,kisses and hugs for you.

wishing and praying,

Letter 2

my love Billy,
how are you doing there?wish everything is fine with you there,i think of you always and your in my heart and in my love Billy im wishing that you will care for me even in little way and wish you will rply me here because i do miss you so much..plss stay healthy and take good care always,give my best regards to your family,warm kisses for you..i ove you and will be with you one day sooner but im truly praying your care my love evenjust little way especially for our constant communication just your christmas present for me mylove as im wishing..
best regards and God bless you,kisses and hugs for you

truly from my heart,



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