Scam letter(s) from Natalia B. to Will (UK)

Letter 1

Thank you for your replay to me. So i suppose that our acquaintance already has been started. about me, ok I graduated University and now work as a teacher at school. I teach the children of Russian language and now i really sorry that i do not know any English. the knowing of English would be very useful as for my job and for our communication. this is pity that now i use the translator but i hope that in the future i will have ability to check my mistake and to start the learning of English. you know, my friends say that I'm easy-going, open-minded, active. I enjoy reading, cooking, meeting new interesting people, travelling. I dream about the man with whom i will be ready to spend all my life together, to love each other and to care about each other to give all of ourselves to our family. And i want that in spite of any troubles we will never regret about our decision to be together. In my life I have only some real friends but I can share with them my bad and good times. My work takes much time, but i really love dealing with children. I also want to tell you more about my lovely city. It's called Lugansk. It's situated in the Eastern part of Ukraine. This year we celebrate its 208 anniversary. I like my city for its beauty, architecture and clean environment. I'd love to know more about you, your hobbies, likes and dislikes. I hope hearing form you soon, Take care, Yours, Nata.
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