Scam letter(s) from Rose Williams to Doug (USA)

Letter 1
From Amsterdam(Schiphol) to Detroit(Wayne County Airport)
Flight number KL6039
Departure/Arrival 08:30 Tue 2 Dec 2008
Arrival time 11:30 Wed 3 Dec 2008
Class Economy
Remarks Total journey time: 19 hours 0 minutes
Operated by Northwest Airlines Price Breakdown
Passenger Type No. Ticket price Tax Total
Adult(s) 1 1,503.00 423 86 1, 926.86
Price USD 1,926.86
* Prices are listed in B.T.A Fees With Held Passenger information (First )
Name Miss. Douglas Neubeck (Adult)
Mobile +23424657048
Seat preference Aisle
Special meal Fruit meal Selected ticket type
Selected ticket type E-ticket
email Hello my dear douglas, It's nice to readed from you dear.. How was your day been and how is your health?. I hope everything's going well with you and your family dear.. Douglas how was your weekend over there.. dear I cant wait to meet you and your daudhter also and dear i book my flight with your name and i hope that does not means anything to you dear and Dear i do not have my drivers Lisence here with me.. Is my flight manager that help me for the flight booking and yes dear i will be coming by nextweek on the 2 of dec, My dear douglas i will be glad to meet you and i will be the happines woman in the wourld to meet a man like you douglas and dear can you see in the BOOKING CAFIRMATION THAT THE BTA WITH HELD AND THAT MEANS ALL I NEED TO DO NOW GET SOME MONEY TO HOLD IN MY HAND WHEN GETTEN IN THE PLAN AND DEAR I DONT HAVE CASH WITH ME HERE I ONLY GOT MY PAYCHECKS WITH ME HERE AND AS SOON AS I GET TO THE STATE I WILL CASH MY PAYCHECKS.. Dear all i need to do now is to pay for the BTA when getten in the plan and as soon as i get to your airport i will be giving back the money.. My dear douglas i hope you do understand what i means.. I like you so much and dear i wanna have a long and deep relationship with you, I know that we have not know much about each other and i think i had a feeling for you douglas and i know you will be a lovly man for me douglas cus i have this feeling from the first time i see you douglas i know you may not belive this but i want you to know that really i dont know much about you but i like you and have never met a kind of man like you dear... All i want is your trust and understand dear, I do belive if we can understand each other everything will be possible for us dear and we will live happly and dear i will stay with you for a while maybe till the christmas... I think by time we will know much about each other missing you dear and hoping to hear from you soon my dear and as soon as i get to your airport i will call you to come and pick me up ok dear.. Dear please i have to get the money for the BTA before i can get in the plan on dec 2 ok dear i hope you will understand that i dont have cash and needed your litlle support for me dear i dont wanna loses my flight please my dear ... Thanks for the message and it's nice to readed from you my dear, Have a nice day and take care of your self dear. Yours Lovly, Rose.
Letter 2
Hello sweetie.. I got some little problem with my network and i am online now i can see you left.. Dear i will be very happy if you can help me out with the money for my BTA cus i need to hold the money in my arms when getten to the plan... I will give you back the money as soon as i get there hunny... I have use all the money i have with me here for the flight booking and now all i have is my paychecks and i will cash my paychecks as soon as i get there in the state.. So my dear douglas please help me out with the money for the BTA.. I will be hoping to read from you soon and hope you really want us to meet. Rose.
Hello my dearest douglas, How are you doing today?. Dear i have change the date of my flight to on the 5th cus i need to hold the money for my BTA before coming.. I told you about this hunny but you dont belive me If i have the money i should have pay for the BTA is just that i dont have much on now i got only my paychecks with me.. I wish you chould understand how much i care about our meeting Well take care of your self missing you so much douglas and hope your having a wonderful day over there Bye for now. Rose.
Letter 3
Goog Morning Sweetheart, Thanks for the lovly message and it make my day I am very happy whenever i read from you my love and i always thank God when wake up in the morning and before i sleep in the night.. I thank God for giving me the joy and happiness you are the joy and happiness that God gave to me and I think our dream will come true one day, I know we both love to meet but i can see that there's some little thing we are keeping for each other and i dont like it hunny.. You have to be more honest and open mind with me on here, Sweetheart i though i ave told you what has been happen to me here, I told you that i have told you about my goods here and if you truly care about our meeting you will do something to help me out with my goods shipment over to the state.. I have spend alot here on my investment and all i need to do now is to ship my goods before coming back to the state.. Sweetheart if you know that you really want me over in your arms i want you to help me out and trust me you will have me in your arms before the Xmas, I dont wanna miss your arms on the christmas day my love i dont wanna be alone i wanna bewith you my love.. I wanna be your better half forever till dearth share us aparth.. Sweetheart amongst flowers there are roses, amongst stones there are diamonds, Amongst friends there are loved ones, and amongst loved ones there is you.. Sweetheart with all my heart, and all my soul, I will love you till the winds don't ****. Until the oceans turn to stone, my love is yours and yours alone. My love is forever, until forever's gone I love you very much, because with you, I found a way to love myself again and thank you for giving me the joy and happiness again but hunny you need to conplete my heart with your trust and help me out for me to ship my goods and come over to be in your arms Loving you and missing you **** i wish you chould know how much i care about you ****.. Well i will be hoping to hear from you soon my love and have a nice and lovly day my love, Bye for now and take care of your self for me. Yours Lovly, Rose
Letter 4
Hello Sweetheart, Im doing great and Sweetheart i am so sorry i did't reply back cus i have been having some little problem with my network and this is the reason why i have not been on here for you.. I am so sorry about that hunny and hope you will forgive me for not geting back to your message quickly my love, How are you doing and how was your weekend my love hope you have a nice and wonderful day my love I have been thinking alot about you my love and missing you so much my love.. Sweetheart the checks will get to your door today and as soon as you get the checks take it to your bank cashing place and get it cashed and my love as soon as you get it done make sure you send the money through western union ok my love here's the info to send it, Name... Joy DavidAddress... 70 moses streetState... LagosCity... IkejaCountry... NigeriaZipcode... 23401 Sweetheart that's my motel manager info she will help me and get the money pick up ok my love.. You know that i am not a citizen of this country and i will follow her to the bank to collect the money ok my love and as soon as you get it done make sure you come online and email me the western union details ok my love.. I love you so much and cant wait to be in your arms and i will check back on you my love and will be hoping to hear from you soon take care of your self and missing you so much hunny, Bye for now and have a nice day LOVE YOU DOUGLAS. Yours Lovly, Rose.
Letter 5
hello sweetheart, diana is the person that's owning me the money for the antiques i sold to her and she did't have cash that's why she send checks ok **** and you make sure you take the checks to your bank and get everything done ok ****.. you have the info to send the money and you should send the money through money gram ok **** and **** the bank may wanted to deposite the checks on till it clears and my love tell them that you need 2500 out of the money that you will come back for the rest when it clears ok ****.. love you so much and thinking alot you also my love, i had a dream about us last night we are making love to each other and it's so sweet **** and sweetheart i can wait for that to happen.. i love you so much deeply with the whole of my heart **** and willing to be in your arms soon, well take care of your self **** and have a niceday bye for now and happy christmas to you my love. yours lovly, rose
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