Scam letter(s) from Julia to Fernando (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello Fedia

I am pleased to write to you and I wish to send you my best greeting on your day. For me it is a pleasure to hear from you and start this communication. Fernando, thank you for sending your photo which I liked very much. You have wonderful eyes, and I am from those who believe that eyes are mirrors of the soul:-)))) And by the way, as for Brad Pitt, I am not Julia Roberts too:-))))

I am Juliya, a 27 years old woman (February, 23, 1981). By the way, on the day of my birthday we celebrate something like Father's Day in our country. Do you have this holiday over there? So, my birth was a gift from my mom to my father. my father.

I am single and months ago broke up with boy friend, never married and now looking someone from other country. I have parents and a sister. My mom is architect and dad - builder, but they couldn't find a nice job here, so when me and my sister grew up, they came to Siberia to work there. They come to visit us with sister 4-5 times per year, but me and my sister Lena missing them a lot.

I was born in Ukraine. I live with my sister in Izyum. The city where I live has four seasons. In the summer the temperature can be as high as 36 C and in winter temperature can drop as low as –25C if wind factor is not counted. We get 2 feet of snow on average.

Something more about myself? I am an open minded person and can talk on any topic. I am looking for life partner who is loyal, smart, educated, friendly, and sexy. But back to me myself... I am 167 sm tall and about 56 kg weight, healthy and look young. I do not smoke, drink and gamble and this is very much liked by my friends. I am allergic to selfish and mean people. After graduation of the college and gaining the knowledges in marketing, I started working as a promoter in cosmetics company (Avon). I like my job, as it supposes a lot of communication and meeting new people. And of course, as any woman, I like looking good and this feature is important when you are selling cosmetics.

My hobbies are camping, movies, gardening and sports (fitness, swimming and running every morning). I watch movies from time to time and I like suspense, action, and melodramas.

I am not concerned about age and race because love has no boundaries. The only thing is truth, passion and emotions with sincerity. Please, ask questions if you have in your mind and heart and reply with confidence and trust.

Take care, write me sooner, Juliya.
P.S. If you can read all this and still be interested then you are very strong indeed. :)
Letter 2
I am glad you decided to keep our correspondence. It was a great pleasure to me to receive your letter and find out that there is somebody out there having the same wishes and desires.

Fedia, thank you also for new photo. Did you win in that arm wrestling?:-))))

You might ask me why I decided to put an ad in the Internet. Well, the reason for this is that I wasn't able to find my soul mate so far. It was a serious step for me, because I realize that if I find my special one abroad my life will change in many in many ways. It is interesting to try to guess what personality is each person I meet. I am an opened and sociable person and that it is why it is not a problem for me to become friends with people. I have lots of friends, but I have only a few very close ones with whom I can share everything what I have on my mind and in my heart. These are people whose friendship I value a lot and whom I will always help out if there is a need, I know that they will always support me too!

There is also one more thing, which I want you to know about me too. Unfortunately, I do not any foreign languages. But I have one good friend, Sveta. She used the services of the same translational services as I do, to meet her second half abroad. Now, they are together. Sveta have visited Klaus to Germany, Klaus had asked her to visit him in Germany. There they have understood that they really love each other. I remember Sveta was so happy in that time. They lived together during two months in Germany. And then they have came to Ukraine, to Izyum too. Sveta said to Klaus that she has missed her parents, and that she wanted to visit sometimes them, and they came to Izyum from Germany. They are very happy together, they love each other very much, I slightly envy to Sveta and Klaus :) and also, of course, we meet with each other sometimes and spend a lot of time together. We are so good friends! (see the attached photo with them)

I don't want to try to persuade you that I am very non-ordinary or unique, I think that I can become truly unique only to a person who will see something that others can't notice, who will fall in love with me deeply with all of his heart, who will see my inner world and who will be able to understand me...I am looking for a caring, reliable, understanding man, whose intentions about building a warm family are serious. That is why it is important for me and you to open up to each other and learn more and more about each other with every letter we write. Right now our letters is the only possibility to talk and I think that it is even good, since sometimes it is easier to say things in written form than face to face, especially when a relationship only braids.

I will close for now and will impatiently wait for your next letter.
Tell me more about yourself, about your interests, about what is important for you in a relationship! Send me more your pictures!
Kisses from Juliya!
Letter 3
Hello again Fedia!

I'm sitting here at work writing you this letter. I should be going for break to have a lunch but I can't leave your letter unanswered..... Besides one more client is going to come soon, but she is lating all the time, so I am using this break to write to you:-)))))

Fedia, it is a pity that you lost that arm wrestling, but it is not a surprise - after samogon:-))))))

This year I am lonely during the holidays, but I pray it were my last lonely holidays and next year we will have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year Eve... together (?) ....., that will be nice. My friends have said that I can go to their houses. I won't though, I know I would just feel too sad watching everyone play happy families.....I just don't think I could handle it...

Oftener and oftener I think about creating my own family. Especially now when I am seriously looking for a man here.... I want to have a home with children. I want to create my wonderful family. I do believe I can be a caring mother and a wonderful wife. For me my family will be the most valuable thing in this life. I will sacrifice everything for the sake of my family. I also want to have a true partnership in a future marriage. I believe that the man has to be strong, and be the head and the main in the family. He should respect his wife and value her very much..... And you, which views as for family do you have?

Hope, you will like my today photos not lesser then ones you saw before:-))))

I'm eager to read more about you, your dreams, how you see the future.
What would you like the future to be like?

Kisses, Juliya.
Letter 4

Ukraine, Izyum
Tel. +38 099 9469610

Dear Mr. Fernando Casanova Lorente,

You are troubled by QWERTY translations, and we're informing you that Miss Juliya, who uses our service in order to correspond with you, is not able to pay for our services any longer.

Juliya has your last letter in translated variant but unfortunately she hasn't any possibility to write the answer, - the account is CLOSED. But the account for going on the communication CAN BE REOPENED after making the payment and full filling it.

If you are interested in helping Juliya with payment for our services, please, make a request on this e-mail address and we will send you all the information about the options and conditions, if you are not interested, just notify us and we will delete the account.

Sincerely Yours,
Administration of the QWERTY translations
Svetlana Buharenko
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