Scam Letter(s) from Anna to Fernando (Spain)

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Letter 1

LITERA Company, Translation Services

December, 27th, 2008
Mrs. Ekaterina Beloysova
General Manager of
Litera Translation Company
28/6, Shevchenko Street

Dear Mr. Fernando,

This message is sent to you in order to notify you that Miss Anna can not answer your last letter. As Miss Anna informed you earlier she was using our service to correspond with you . Our company deals with translating correspondence and international calls from English into Ukrainian and vice versa . Miss Anna has an account with our company which she uses to cover fees for translation of letters between you and her. The lady's account is at zero point now and that is why we can not continue translating letters for you and Miss Anna. This message is sent to you in order to notify you the reason Miss Anna can not answer your letters any more. The lady was also informed about the balance of her account and she was let down to hear that her account was empty. Miss Anna informed us that even though she is sincerely and seriously interested in you she is not in position to cover fees because her financial position is very tight now.

Dear sir, we are sorry about this situation you and your lady have but , unfortunately, we can not assist you and Miss Anna in further correspondence at the moment. We shall be glad to continue translations as soon as the account is refreshed.

Sincerely Yours,

Ekaterina Beloysova



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