Scam Letter(s) from Irina to Fernando (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello My Dearest Fedia!

I would like to start my letter with words - I am extremely happy because you and your letters have positive influence on me. I have never thought that it is possible to meet a man from other corner of the world and to find common interests, aims! Every letter from you is like a flash or breeze from the sea...Every evening after my job I rush to the translating company in order to get a letter from you, this is the most precious moment for me!

Dear Fedia, my sister send you hello, I told her about you and she i sister send you hello, I told her about you and she is very happy that we have met with you! I agree with you that I need to start English and Spanish, I want to speak your mother tongue!

Dearest Fedia , it is great that we have found each other in this huge world! Our life is so unpredictable and routine takes a lot of our time but your letter to me like the breathe from the sea, your letters make me smile, make my days better! My intuition tells me that we can be more than friends with you. You can trust me, our communication brings me a lot of pleasure and I want to continue it!

My Dear Man, I would like to share with you a dream which I saw last night, my emotions are overfilling me as my dream was so real! I saw the sea-side, breathtaking sunset, I was alone on the beach...Suddenly I heard that somebody was calling my name, I turned my head and I saw you - you were dressed in a white costume with beautiful roses in one hand and the bottle of vine in another. You took my hand and told me: I was waiting for you! You put the counterpane on the sand, we sat down and you presented me those roses...We talked with you and laughed, it seemed to me like we had known each other for million of years...Then we moved closer to each other and you gave me a wonderful kiss and that made me to wake up...

Honey, it may sounds strange but you managed to touch my insides, though we are apart but I feel your energy and never and ever I do not want to lose our connection. I am not a material girl, you know that I value family, simple things in life, I belive that my beloved would be happy with me. I am ready to share with my man good and bad times, to be his best friend, passionate lover and carrying wife...I live with a though that true love can push aside all obstacles, lovers who fight for their happiness prove that love and pure feelings are still exist in our world.

I should finish my letter but you should know that I am thinking about you, I send you my tender kisses like those which I saw in my dream at night:) Please take care about yourself!

Truly Yours Irinas

Letter 2

----------Translation Company "Maximum"-------------

Dear Sir,

With this letter we would like to notify you that your lady Irina has been using our service for the correspondence with you. Our company translated your letters to your lady and vise versa. Unfortunately the account of lady Irina is has ran out and we are not able to translate you the letter from your lady Irina. Your lady asked us to write you this letter in order to avoid misunderstandings, Irina is not able to pay for the translating service because of some financial problems but she asked us to tell you that she does not want to loose the connection with you and she misses your correspondence. If you have any questions or prepositions concerning our service - you are welcome to write us the letter and you would get all the necessary information.

Sincerely Yours
General manager Svetlana Perova



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