Scam letter(s) from Elvira Filina to Matteo (France)

Letter 1
Hello Matteo!
Thanks for the letter.
But first of all I wish to see your photo.
It agree, that you see me, and I was not present you also it not fairly.
I wish to know the purpose of your acquaintance also.
I would search for the man in what to me it was interesting to live all my life.
See you soon, Elya.
Letter 2
Hello dear Matteo!
Thanks again for your letter, and also for a nice photo.
I was glad to read through, that you also search for second half.
I shall tell to you about myself and I hope to interest you.
I wish to tell a little about that as well as where I live.
I live in Ukraine, in the city of Nikolaev.
City not so big, but beautiful.
Now autumn, but still on former many flowers in the street grow.
In city there are many parks and bridges.
I like to walk in park as in the summer, and in the autumn.
I work in one of supermarkets as the bookkeeper.
My work not heavy, but happens very tiresome.
I have finished university in my native city.
All my life passed in my city, I only for the period of holiday Left some times to Crimea, in ???????, in ???????.
I had a happy childhood.
But now I live in an apartment with mine mum.
At us two rooms and everyone can sometimes retire.
Daddies at me are not present more, it was the tragical history and there can be I To you when that I shall tell about it.
I the ordinary girl who simply wishes to be happy and can To be becomes when that.
Also can be happy it you will make.
I never smoked, though now girls smoke all.
I do not take many alcohol.
Well I think, that I still should to you tell much, but this all Will be in the following letter.
I while I finish and I remain pending from you the answer.
Kiss from Elya
Letter 3
Hello dear Matteo!
Thanks for your letter, I have received it today on Monday, when Came for work, after a moss of the days off.
I am glad that you like my photo.
I shall send you still.
I the romantic girl, I love walks on park, about coast of the river, on a wood.
I like to observe of stars.
Never probably to see enough of that as burns fire and as water flows.
I love it.
I never was to Paris, but I know what it is beautiful city, you Has carried, that you live there.
I also wish to have happy family.
All happy families are similar, and here are unfortunate each family on the .
So and to speak about happy family, it is the house, children and favourite The man beside.
I would like to have two children.
If I shall find the happiness in other country, I shall not be To refuse it.
I shall live with mine the beloved in any country.
I will not learn language for me it is a problem.
I shall wait your letter again.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 4

Hello dear Matteo!
Many thanks for your letter.
As it is good, that in it to year ????? the sun so long.
I yesterday came for work and to me gave out 100 ?????? travellers
Also sent to Odessa on a seminar.
I could not even read through the letter from you.
I spent yesterday 5 hours per the bus while I have reached to Odessa while
There passed a seminar, and then again in the bus.
It has turned out left all the day long, but I have received new knowledge and confidence,
That I shall work even during these hard times of crisis.
I am glad to this invention internet, in fact differently with you never
Could not meet.
And so we communicate also to us it it is pleasant.
I have addressed in internet for the first time and it seems to me, that is necessary already
To remove my structure as I have you and you to me I am interesting also not
I wish to receive more letters from other men.
How you think I correctly I think?
At us already there begin people start to feel consequences economic
The biggest factory in our area already passes to 4 day time worker
At us in city 5 shops of large home appliances were already closed.
I watch on these news with fear as I too work in
To trade and my work directly depends from consumer ability
Inhabitants of my city.
We also have a good news, at us at last that have included heating
In an apartment and at once it became warm in a room.
It would be certainly more convenient to have private heating, but at us it still
Do a little in such greater houses in what I live.
And dearly to spend all this now, then it will be certainly more favourable
To pay and will be warmer than the house.
I in all with you agree, because I also understand as important
Dialogue not only letters, words, but also feelings and corporal contact.
I shall write to you my phone number in the following letter, as to me
It is necessary to take away my phone from a workshop from repair.
I did not understand, that you write, that for you is necessary having rummaged in current
Year, from what.
Thus I wait from our dialogue of good and successful continuation.
I shall wait your letter again.
Today I send you a photo what has been made this summer in
I shall wait your letter again.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 5
Hello dear Matteo!
Thanks for your letter and for a new photo.
You have written to me this time a little, but I have an opportunity to you to answer
Right now.
I write letters to you from work.
At home I have no computer, yes it never and was not necessary to me at home.
The truth now here when I began to correspond with you. I notice that
To me sometimes in the days off the letter would be desirable to write houses to you.
I shall wait your letter again tomorrow, and if not tomorrow that already in
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 6
Hello dear Matteo!
Many thanks for your such remarkable, gentle letter.
I had no time to write to you the letter earlier and in to Monday,
When I came for work, I write to you my answer.
I me too the same impression as though we already know many years
Each other.
We found each other and we shall overcome distance, what between us.
I also wish to have with you a good life, good family with children.
I trust in happiness in destiny and I trust that all happens in our life not
Our meeting also could not be casual.
I too wish to meet you.
And here where there can be this meeting to you as to the man to solve most.
There are two variants in Ukraine or in France.
I trust that I wish to know you and I shall necessarily find time for you.
I trust you and is ready to such adventure.
Because it will be not only an adventure, but also fantastic
The meeting can be for all life.
The person anywhere so to reveal as at home cannot.
If I would see you at you houses, it would be the best variant, I could
To see not only you, but also your native, friends, your city, as
You live, that you surrounds, than you live and that is interesting to you.
Of course there is much all that can tell about the person.
In fact if we shall solve will live together same there where you live.
You will necessarily show me all this.
If you will come to me to Ukraine, you can study a little
Me and that surrounds me.
When we shall spend what that time together, we cannot more
To live so far apart.
So I am ready to make your decision.
I shall be glad to our meeting, we so should be told and shown much
Each other.
I wait your letter as though it already your arrival to me.
I am glad that you sincerely wish our happiness.
I also wish it.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 7
Hello dear Matteo!
Thanks for your letters, I have received all of them, I did not answer long,
Because did not know as you all this to write?
Whether I do not know you will understand my situation.
But I should write to you it because it will be not so good with
My party if I shall be silent.
I shall begin with distant time.
I here in Nikolaev a vein with one man, all at us was good
First, it gave me a lot of attention, bought gifts, drove in
Restaurants, at cinema, in theatre.
But I sometimes set to myself and it a question where it is possible to take so much money?
And then I understood, that it is connected with ??????????.
We left also all gifts it took away from me.
But it yet everything, has passed already many time of more year, but I still
I have threats from its party, it speaks if I shall not be with it I shall not be
With anybody.
I am afraid that our meeting in such conditions cannot take place in mine
I very much would like to leave from all this nightmare.
I love your letters, I like your appearance, I so would like
To continue our attitudes but as it to make in this situation I not
I know.
I hope, that you will understand me and will forgive.
I already understand, that you the most reliable friend for me.
There can be you could become than that more.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 8
Hello dear Matteo!
Many thanks for your letter, I am glad that you were not frightened of mine Situations also did not leave from dialogue with me.
I very much wish to meet you, but yet I do not know as it to make.
Kiev or Istanbul?
Kiev too it is far from me. It is 12 hours to go by train.
Istanbul is certainly better, but more than problems and money.
And I now have no money even on a trip to Kiev.
We should wait a little while I shall not save necessary The sum.
Though now it in general becomes impossible, in fact grivna Becomes cheaper every day.
What situation at you in France?
I necessarily shall that that to think above it.
Very few time remains up to mine birthday, it on December, 4th, and There Christmas and new year.
I from for these three events only also wait winter.
If we can meet you in the winter it will be one more Event from for what I shall wait and love winter.
Certainly I wish to have your new photos, it is always interesting to me To glance in your private life.
I shall send also and you my new photos.
I shall wait your letter again.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 9
Hello dear Matteo!
Thanks for your letter, I write to you today the answer, and then at me two Days off of day and I cannot write to these days to you the letter.
I am very glad to your letters and that you so name me " an angel Sent to you with the sky ", still anybody so did not name me never.
I wish to meet you, I trust you and if you want that it There was Turkey, let it will be Turkey.
I do not know as quickly it it will be possible to organize, I yet have no The foreign passport because I still did not go anywhere and it to me was not It is never necessary.
And now it will be necessary to all this to start to make out, I shall be two days Target also I shall learn what its cost.
I can write to you number of my phone soon already on following To week.
My old phone has broken also mum promised me to buy new per day Birthes.
On December, 4th to me 26 years will be executed.
I think that you can wait before time.
I never before did not fly by plane and if at me will be soon such Opportunity I shall be very glad, I would like to see the ground from height, Probably all will seem such small from above.
It is very a pity that we with you found each other during such complex time, As though this crisis has not prevented to development of our attitudes.
But it seems to me, that if we shall experience together what that difficult The moments to us will be to us there will be more valuable our attitudes.
Because only that that gets to us hardly we love most of all On light.
Weather today not cold +10, but in the street a fog, and I very much do not love When in the street a fog.
It will be interesting what weather in Turkey during that moment when we shall be there To have a meeting?
I now cannot think of what the friend.
I wish you the good days off.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 10
Hello dear Matteo!
Thanks for your letter again.
Your new photo simply remarkable.
I cannot all any more time I think about you and I do not know as to make so that
More quickly you to meet.
I am glad to read through also, that you liked my photo in black.
Whether you ask I love a dog, certainly I love dogs, but I give
The preference to cats, seems to me, that nevertheless it is cleverer than a cat than a dog and
With them there are less than efforts.
As to my passport, it for me now a problem, I never
Did not think that it can be so dearly to cost now.
I went to a travel company and all learned as it is possible to go in
Turkey, certainly the visa will be not necessary to me, it open already in
To the airport in Turkey, it is necessary to have only a few money for this purpose.
For me now a problem how to issue my foreign passport, in fact it
There are many 120 dollars.
There are now in connection with crisis many people go to work for
Border and such service became more expensive.
I should save some time my money to issue mine
The passport.
I think that if we have already met you in internet, what that
We can wait time still what then to be together.
Tomorrow and I it shall sweep aside my birthday again without mine
Beloveds beside.
It will not be a noisy and cheerful party, I think that there will be a bottle
Champagne and a pie on work, and there will be congratulations from mine in the evening
With girlfriends I wish to sit a little in cafe but as all to be in time for one
Day if still it is necessary to be and on work.
I am glad that you to me tell about the last attitudes, you mean
To me you trust also I appreciate it very much.
Earlier you and at me had at everyone a life, but now we
Have met each other and we have an opportunity to begin all with pure
At us also today warmly +11 today, and in fact winter, I think that in
Istanbul is even warmer, as it is close in ours with you dreams and as it is far
You want that I have told to you that that about myself, but I seem
Has told to you already all and I continue to tell to you it in everyone
The letter.
I wish you good day, take care, you have appeared in my life, and
It means, that it is not simple so.
Kiss from Elya.

Letter 11
Hello dear Matteo!
You the most remarkable the man what I could meet.
I so am glad that you have written to me and the letter and that you remember mine put
Thanks for your congratulation.
You did not forget about me and even I have congratulated me in the Ukrainian language, all
It has very much estimated.
You wish to send me also a gift as it is remarkable I very much
I love gifts, however as well as all women.
Thanks that you wish to help me with the foreign passport, but I have no
Accounts in any bank, it can be possible to send what that to another
In the way.
There can be you will learn it or I shall learn it here.
Yes in Ukraine now all is not so good, but yesterday when we gathered
On a party on the occasion of mine birthday about it all as that at once
Forgot and even told already jokes what were already composed by people in
Communications with this crisis.
I with pleasure would tell to you this joke and you with me
Together smiled, but I am afraid that translation can deform sense and I do not want
To bother you with a writing of long histories though they sometimes happen and
Tomorrow in the day off we shall go with mum to shop and it will be
To buy to me phone what I shall choose, I feel
Happy from it.
So well there are circumstances at me so a lot of pleasure
Has appeared in a life and you also are my reason pleasure.
I write to you my address and about impatience I shall expect from you my gift.
The prospectus Oktyabrskiy
The house 18/1
Apartment 59
Filina Elya.
At us very warm weather, Like winter, and in the street +15, that it
I wish you the good days off.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 12
Hello dear Matteo!
It was very pleasant to receive today your letter.
In the street it is raining, and from your letter at me the mood has improved.
I already have my phone, mum to me already it bought, the truth not last
Model, but very much even nice, but the main thing, that now you can
To call to me.
Here my number: +380 958274403.
In the evening you will phone necessarily, but it is possible to try and in the afternoon.
But in the afternoon nevertheless I on work also will be not always convenient to talk that
More in English.
So I shall wait your call.
As to my passport it promised to make for two weeks.
As soon as I shall pay for it so I shall already know date when we can
To plan our meeting.
I very much with impatience shall expect a gift from you, it so is romantic
To receive a gift from my distant friend from France, me so not
Is suffered to learn, that you there have prepared for me.
I send you my big kiss.
Yours Elya.
Letter 13
Hello dear Matteo!
Many thanks for your letter.
I in 15 minutes shall leave home.
You can call to me of 20 hours, and can call and later.
I hope, that we shall understand well each other, I already now A little I worry.
All ???? it will be our first dialogue with you by phone.
I shall wait your letter also soon.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 14
Hello dear Matteo!
I just came for work and at once I write to you the letter.
To me was so joyfully to hear your voice, the truth communication was very much Bad, but all the same you to me much more became already closer.
Then when you the first time has called to me at night, I in the morning it at all At once has recollected.
It at me simply such sound sleep.
And yesterday it was yet late and we well would talk to you, if Communication would be better.
I so am glad that you learned even that to Turkey it is possible to fly directly From Nikolaev.
Probably it have made not so long ago because our airport was considered Only long-distance and on the countries of the former Soviet union.
Now the main thing to have time to make my foreign passport and we with you Let's have the most remarkable new year together.
If you will send money through the western union, I can them To receive it is direct on work because in a building where our shop, is As well branch of bank.
We have still warm weather, it will be interesting what weather in Turkey For new year.
I do not cease to think of it.
I wish you good day.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 15
Hello dear Matteo!
I have just read through your letter and learned, that you sent already to me
Money for the passport.
I am very glad, many thanks, now I shall receive them and I shall go to begin
To do the passport.
As soon as I shall have the information on when the passport will be ready, I
I shall write to you that you could be engaged in tickets.
I am very glad that soon we shall together.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 16
Hello dear Matteo!
Thanks for your letter, I also hasten to inform you, that money on
I have already received the passport and on Saturday was in travel agency and
Paid for my foreign passport and now it will be ready on December, 27th.
So if you want that we met new year together, I
I have time to arrive to Istanbul on December, 29th.
I have already solved the problem on work, me release from for such case.
It will be the best new year in my life, I still never flied
By the plane, I still never was In Turkey.
As much all interesting expects us.
You have written, that prepare for gifts for the relatives and for me on
I too want that that to present you on Christmas, I shall be that that to buy
To you here in Ukraine.
You have already sent me a gift at date of a birth?
I shall have time to receive it up to our meeting?
I send you my kiss and I wait again your letter.
Yours Elya.
Letter 17
Hello dear Matteo!
I just drank coffee and thought of you.
At our place was not in the morning an electricity and I had not time to have breakfast.
And yesterday on work till 16 o'clock was not internet, all not as is necessary.
But I'm fine, I work and I wait when my passport will be ready,
What already to start to prepare for our meeting.
Now I shall write to you everything, that is necessary that you would take
The ticket.
I of Filina Elya Nikolaevna.
Was born in the city of Nikolaev in Ukraine.
On December, 4th, 1982.
It even is good, that the plane flies from Odessa, instead of from Kiev.
In fact up to Odessa to go nevertheless is closer than up to Kiev.
Well in Nikolaev in general it would be excellent, but now I already too know, that
It happens only in the summer.
We with you both shall see Istanbul for the first time.
Then I also wish to see also Paris.
I with curiosity shall wait from you the French gifts, it will be
Very touchingly.
I also wish to prepare you what for that a gift, but for the present not
Chose it.
At us it became cold how to put on to Istanbul?
I shall wait from you the letter again.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 18
Hello dear Matteo!
I just came for work and the first that I do, it I write to you
The letter.
At us in the street ice, I have hardly reached work.
I so am pleased that my passport will be soon ready and we with you can
To meet in Istanbul.
I wish to collect my suitcase already.
I wish to be with you beside, so you do not suffice me.
I am tired from this intense life, what at us now.
I very much do not have a strong man's shoulder and I shall soon have
Such shoulder.
There is very few time and we shall be together, I yesterday already solved
All on work.
I shall have my free days, and now a little very strained
Conditions in Ukraine that has not begun what frightens be
Revolution, people with that occurs in the country painfully is not happy.
I shall finish my letter, I wish you good day.
I think of you, I dream of us.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 19
Hello dear Matteo!
I have received two letter from you and now I have my electronic ticket.
I shall keep it what soon to be with you together.
You know I there were houses in these days off and thought of ours much
To meeting.
I did houses the order, went behind products on ?????, helped mum,
In fact at it good sale before a holiday has begun.
But my ideas were about you and about our meeting.
I do not know anything while about that as I shall go to Odessa, but I know, that
There there are buses and fixed-route taxis each hour.
I know what to go there three hours, it that with a stock.
So I shall reach the Odessa airport safely.
And there I shall sit down aboard the plane and in some hours you will be
To meet me and it there will be already a few other life.
It is my life remains here in Nikolaev, and there there will be a little we
With you of happiness.
I have seen in the letter, that you have already prepared the program as we shall be
To spend our time and hundred we shall visit there.
We shall meet together new year, I think, that about it will be most
The best new year in our life.
Will pass many years, we shall necessarily together, at us will be
Children then and we it shall tell as we with you have got acquainted and
As we have met you.
The truth it will be very romantic?
At us weather has changed and became little bit colder, today-2 in the afternoon, and
At night was a little below.
The snow is, but it is not enough.
I collected already my suitcase, it appears what even for some days,
It is necessary for me a lot of prophetic.
You know I feel excited and happy.
I was glad to read through, that you also think of me.
I wish you good day.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 20
Hello dear Matteo!
I came for work today and at once have read through your letter.
I cannot wait what to not write to you the letter at once.
In the street it is raining, and at me good mood.
All my ideas not here, and already there.
You have written to me very good letter, I understood, that you very gentle,
Good the man.
I also am assured, that our first meeting in Turkey will be our beginning
To be together for ever.
I am not afraid of anything, let still know English language, but ours more few
Feelings will help us to understand each other well.
I shall ask you to speak some phrases in French, me so
It is pleasant as this language sounds.
I wait this day and it seems to me, that time goes very slowly.
I was glad to read through, that you already bought for me a gift for
Christmases and for new year, it is good, that you bought it in France,
It will be for me symbolically.
I wait that day what will bring for me so many the pleasant moments.
But I too wish to prepare for a small gift for Christmas and new
To year.
It is good, that you will arrive to Istanbul earlier and will be
To meet me in the airport.
You have provided all, that I would feel well.
I only never flied by plane and for me it there will be the first
All for me will be for the first time.
I also trust, that you my second half.
I shall wait from you the letter again.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 21
Hello dear Matteo!
Many thanks for your letter.
I wish to transfer you my congratulations in Christmas and to wish you
All only most the best in your life.
I wish your many good luck, love, success, successes.
I every day check my mail and with pleasure I receive your letter.
The there is time up to our meeting less, the more I think about
I learned from girlfriends and then already everywhere called what to confirm this
The information and me with all this have confirmed.
That I passed successfully on landing in the plane to me it is necessary
To have not only the ticket and the foreign passport.
Also it is necessary for me to have round and if round is not present it is necessary to have
At myself of money on 50 dollars day that I could rent there
Hotel and to buy to itself to attempt.
I know that I go to you and you will rent all this, but I in any way
I can prove it.
I do not have any confirming documents.
Now I am very upset, because our long-awaited meeting can
Do not take place from for it.
I write to you the letter in hope that you will have time to check up all
This information.
It can afflict also a little to you Christmas, I very much ask
To forgive me for this news, but I knew nothing about it and very much
I experience now.
There can be you will call to me tonight or will write the letter.
I shall be on work till 22 o'clock, and then I shall be already at home.
I shall wait from you for news.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 22
Hello dear Matteo!
I have received your acknowledgement of hotel and just called in
Travel company and me they have told, that it can it is not useful in
The airport.
It is necessary that it was the official paper.
And it is simply printed on the printer, it is possible simply any
To print.
I very much worry that me have not returned from the airport, and you me already
You will wait there in Istanbul.
Certainly if you will send me of a few money it it would be better
And it is more reliable.
Especially I in fact shall bring and give them to you all the same to Turkey.
I shall wait your letter, I wish to calm down. And that I weigh day
I am nervous.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 23
Hello dear Matteo!
I a holiday you!
Happiness and love to you!
I shall receive money today or tomorrow, big to you thanks.
I think and I wait our meeting and I hope, that now already all will be good
And soon we shall together.
Kiss from the Elya.
Letter 24
Hello dear Matteo!
I now shall complete some urgent work and I shall go to receive money.
I in fact tomorrow do not come to work any more.
I only shall receive tomorrow my passport and I shall get ready for a trip.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 25
Hello dear Matteo!
I at all do not know as now to me ???????? to write my letter for you.
At us in fact all went so well.
I was happier every day and here already tomorrow I receive mine
The foreign passport, and what for it now to me.
I never even present such could, that such with me can
I had a little free time and went to receive money from you, that
To have them for flight.
As you also have written to me, I have received this money, have put them in a purse and
Went again for work.
My working day yet has not ended.
I went and smiled that was happy that all develops
So it is good.
But suddenly when I came for a corner, on me have flown what that the man and
Has snatched out at me my purse.
There there was all my money and grivnas and dollars, what I just
Has received.
I wished to come into shop that that that still to have time to buy, but
What that the ridiculous case all has spoiled.
I came for work and there was all in tears, me calmed all
Collective, but to me from it it be not become easier.
I regret about all and especially, that I can not go now to you in
Turkey, and in fact we so waited for it and so hoped, that all at us
Will develop safely and we shall be happy.
Now what to do now?
I am tired from this life in this gangster country, I want to you in yours
The country, under your protection.
At me it is spoiled not only new year, but also it is possible all my hope on
The future happy life.
What to do?
I was afraid to write to you this letter, but I all the same write it, therefore
That only you one can understand me.
Forgive me it is glad the god.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 26
Hello dear Matteo!
I so am glad, that you have written to me the letter.
I did not take my phone for work, it is at home.
I shall be on work still long because now everyone work long from for
That is a lot of work.
Me release in small holiday, but with a condition, that I shall make all
Work today.
I shall be on work still approximately till 22 o'clock.
I strongly was upset and from for it also have lost much mine
The worker time.
You can call to me at 23 o'clock and even later, I shall wait.
You understand me and wish to help me.
I am very guilty, that was such careless.
If you will send again to me of money I shall receive them now
Only with mum.
I shall be very cautious.
You forgive me, that I have forced you to worry.
Kiss from Elya.
Letter 27
Hello dear Matteo!
On the one hand it even is good, that I on work.
I can write still to you the letter and all to tell.
And houses you will call to me, and tell I a little that I can.
Nobody can help me except for you.
My mum does not have money, now at all it is bad with money.
I today was two times in the western union, for the first time in the morning approximately
At 11 o'clock, but in bank there were no dollars and they have suggested me to take in
Grivna, and what for to me grivna if dollars on a trip to Turkey are necessary to me
And I have told that I shall come later and when came later
Happens here such.
At me all is ready, I have prepared for the ticket, tomorrow I shall go to take away
The foreign passport.
So all my ideas with you in Turkey.
I wait from you the letter go already you to me you will call, when I shall be at home.
Kiss from Elya.
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Name: Veronica Alcantara
Age: 33
Name: Mary Kelly
Age: 28
Name: Trish Asliegh Cervales Davao
Age: 21
Name: Karina Zubel
Age: 25
Name: Tatyana Zimeeva
Age: 26
Name: Alfan
Age: 28
Name: Evgenia Podoplelova
Age: 28
Name: Elena Kulikova
Age: 26
Name: Zivile Solovaite
Age: 20
Name: Stephany Saib
Age: 21
Name: Nadezhda
Age: 27
Name: Tatyana
Age: 26
Name: Olga Zemlyanushnova
Age: 29
Name: Olga Chiernopazouwa
Age: 29
Name: Melissa Metz
Age: 33