Scam letter(s) from Albina to Gavin (Australia)

Letter 1
My name is Albina! I am so pleased to receive your letter. In the letter, I want to talk a little about yourself. I am very sociable person, but I do not have a large number of friends.
I live in Russia in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan republic. I am 29 years old. My growth of 173, my weight 54 kilograms. I work in a small private company, namely a consultant. I love my job because I am happy to help people .. I am very creative person, and my job is helping me discover myself. But I do not think only about my work. I am very romantic man and I feel that I am ready to start a family. I'm looking for a man who is ready for a serious relationship, which is to love, cherish and respect. I already had a relationship with a man with whom I wanted to build a serious relationship but failed and now I do not want to make the same mistakes that I made before. For me the most important thing in relations is respect for each other. This is my first exposure through the Internet. And so happened that you have to be the first to whom I wrote. I will carry out all my free time from work in order to know you better! So, what is your ideal woman? What are you looking for? I am very thoughtful woman and I will be able to take care of people who I would really love! In what town do you live? Is there anything special? I did not get a chance to travel the world but when I go to the old beautiful streets of my hometown, I feel that I touch of history and I try to imagine what happened there hundreds of years ago. I love walking in my city without my friends so I did not disturb. Unfortunately, I do not have a friend who can feel the beauty of nature and beauty of the city, as I am. But everything is in order. I will try to send my pictures in each my letter because I believe that it is important to understand with whom you speak. And in one picture, I can look like but on the other, I can look for another. I want you to see me with various parties! It would be very good to get your news in the future! And I hope that we will continue our conversation over the Internet. I will be very happy if the next letter to tell you about myself, so I'd like to see your photos. So, I will send you your picture. She was my girlfriend. My friend likes to photograph =)))
Best wishes Albina!
Letter 2
Hello Gavin!!!
I am very happy, to receive your letter again.Please understand me, for me there is no meaning age,
I on the contrary think that the men in such age are more serious in the intentions, in it I need! Yes certainly I am interested in you, I think that you the nice man.
You as are interesting to me, and it is pleasant to me to communicate with you. I am very happy, that in
Mine the life is the person to whom I can speak sincerely about
The important things for me. If you not against, I is sometimes
To address to you for council. For me very important your opinion.
Certainly I do not wish to tell, that I not the self-confident person,
But I think, that you rich life experience to induce me how to operate
In a small amount of situations it is better. A free time I devote some my part to cooking. I very much like to prepare a borsch. Mum has learnt to prepare me remarkably. And she spoke to me: "that the way to the man lays through a stomach". Especially I love when to me my friends, girlfriends come. In our family it is accepted, that when to us the friends come, necessary to invite all for a table. We consider,
That hospitality - a sign of good family. It is very pleasant
To accept words of gratitude from people who eat my preparations. But I eat a little. As I support my figure more
Or less harmonious. I do not have young man, and was not
Married. I do not have children. But I very much wish to have them from the person favourite to me. I very much love children. As small children bring a lot of pleasure and happiness. All my girlfriends were married. And all have divorced
From husbands! It seems unreal, but it so. The divorce reasons
In all are identical. Some time after wedding my girlfriends were very happy. But after a while their husbands have started to drink alcohol and
To change to the women with other women. It was very a pity to me of the girlfriends, that with them so have arrived. When they spoke to me about it I has been frightened. As I think, that the man should protect and love the woman, instead of beat her. It is very big problem in ours
To the country. But I read in magazines and saw on TV also, that in your country such cases happens very seldom. As you know that Russia
Occupies 4 places who watches TV! You know what place your country occupies? I do not know, why men in my country drink now much. But to women to live in ours
City also it it is not simple. But we do not drink! I bring to you mine
Apologies for such sad letter. But I only write you the truth, I have told to you
About it which is now important for me. I hope, that you understand me. My friend I send you a photo. It has been made by my girlfriend. As that in one evening when to me was sad, my girlfriend has come to me. This evening this photo)))) has been made
Bye bye!!!! =))))
Your Russian girlfriend Albina!!!!
Letter 3
I am very glad to receive from you
The letter. I did not speak to you about my family! Mine
The father has died 3 years ago of a pneumonia. My brother has died of a gunshot wound, approximately 2 years ago. Possibly you already know, that Russia is many terrorism and criminality in the country. But I have favourite mum. Mine
Mum very clever and kind person. My mum
Is for me the most expensive person on light. I often arrive to it on a visit. I very much appreciate my mum,
It often helps me with any
Situations. Tell to me please about the parents? You have the big family? My mum
Interested in ours with you correspondence. It is happy, that in my life is now
Very interesting, good and serious man. My mum wishes
To you excellent mood, strong health. You trust in destiny? It is necessary
For us to study each other it is better. Though, for this purpose still
Early, to speak, it is necessary to learn each other more.
It is very important for me. I hope for you it important also.
You possibly saw, that I to have a good figure.
I think, that it not a bad figure because I care of it. I
Seldom I see my girlfriends. Each of them is occupied a lot of time by work. Now it would be very necessary to concentrate
On work that in the future, to live better. Sometimes certainly, we can
To relax. For example to descend at cinema or to sit in cafe. But it
To have a rest from work. You choose what style of music more? What films you like to look? What genre most of all you like to look
To you at cinema? I like to listen to music basically from mood, sometimes
Romantic, and when fast and cheerful. You can know the traditional
The Russian film, known director Leonid Gadzhadzha of "12 chairs"? I
The confident each citizen of the Russian Federation and not only this
The film looked. As this director has also
Other remarkable films. I think it classics of Russian of cinema. But
And from world films interesting seemed to me "Pirates
Caribbean sea" or "Enormous ". On it I will finish the letter. I wait from you the letter.
I wish fine day.
Yours Albina!!!
Letter 4

Hello my friend!
I waited for your letter, and at last it have received.
It pleases me, that you do not forget me.
I very much willingly, learn more about you, and your interests. I understand, that all in the letter cannot be told about all.
But it is interesting to me to keep in contact with you, even
Through the Internet it even is more interesting for learning each other in such a way. I am assured this life still
It is interesting and attractive:
I will not stop to be surprised, that it is more we with you
We communicate, all is valid me interestingly about you. I wish to tell
To me it is very pleasant. Even mum has told to me, that is good to communicate with you. And I feel, in
To me there is something very pleasant and easy. And even on work began to notice that that I to smile began is more often, thanks to you.
In Russia many fine places. Especially in the glorified Russia
Smart wood. You like to go to wood? I love wood, as there very fresh air. Where do you live, there there are trees? In has passed when to me was approximately 12
Years, we all family have gone to wood behind mushrooms. Especially, when
After a rain, especially it is a lot of them. I also like to prepare mushrooms: fried with a potato and soup.
And you
You remember your childhood? Where you went? Tell, how you have grown in general. In everyone
The childhood, is especial and exclusive therefore various people grow,
With various desires and abilities. I am right? I wait from you
The letter with answers to questions. I hope to receive your letter as soon as possible.
Yours Albina!
I very much would like to hear your voice, but unfortunately I do not have home telephone number,
And the cellular telephone costs very expensively in Russia therefore I cannot get it yet,
But I think that if there will be a necessity to call to you that I descend in the centre
Public telephone booth also I will call to you.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend!
I am very glad each time to receive from you the warm letters, everyone
Time, every day, each moment. Thanks for your letters! I feel, that I
Has found it new. Never leave me! As you already could notice, in everyone
The letter I write you a lot of information concerning me, is direct about a life,
Therefore I want that, you knew about me absolutely all! It - very much
Important for me. I hope and for you also. We should know about
The friend the friend all completely to trust each other. I very much
Very much I want, that we trusted each other. It is the important part
Relations. I want, that all was sincere! I did not write to you about the work, and now I wish to tell it. My earnings - only 120 dollars in
One month. It is ridiculous earnings even for Russia, only do not laugh over me. But now I am confused. This money suffices usually only on residing and no more. Sometimes I sit at home and I
I think, it is good that I have such work?! I during long time already wish to find other work, but it - is very difficult. At me good education. I
Studied at university. I very much love my work. But unfortunately this work does not give me those means which to me are necessary for, and because of it I cannot afford about which those things I dream. Please, understand me correctly. You my unique man with whom I can
Will share the grief and happiness. I hope that you will support me! And I as hope that shortly we will trust each other as on trust and understanding serious and strong relations are under construction! Tell to me, please, that you think of me? I ask you because of that that you know about me already enough and I would like to hear your opinion. Tell please, that you
You think??? It is interesting to me to know what opinion at you about me. Especially I like to contact
Psychologists because after one hour of conversation they can tell
About the person almost all.
I very much love children. I think, that children - life flowers.
I always admired with my teachers. I many times thought, of that to have
Children. Only the normal father of children is necessary for me. That I knew that it can will take care of them. I already adult person
And I wish to have children. I want, that you never forgot me, the nobility that
You have the friend in other country, there is a girl, which every day and everyone
Night thinks of you. That already I begin
To get used to you. I should go, but I promise, that I will write
The letter very quickly. I wait for news from you. Embraces to you.
I wish fine day and I wait for yours the letter
Your girlfriend Albina!
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend!
I thank you, that you have written to me. I waited, that you
You will write to me, and has received your answer. Thanks big!!!
My fine friend, you know me, I understand absolutely everything, that you
You wish to tell to me and that you write to me. Your way of life
It is interesting to me. You seemed to me very amusing and fine man.
You will seem me same interesting if I meet you
In a real life. I certainly understand, that in letters it is impossible to transfer everything that I wish to tell to you. Also it is possible to write everything, that you want. I write to you, the truth - actually as I already said, that I hate lie!
Possibly it is interesting to you, what I had familiar Russian men? Yes, I
Had with them relations. At first at
All of us it was good, problems further have begun. After work he has started to drink alcohol a lot of
When it came home, it beat ware and loudly shouted at me. I was afraid to come nearer to it. Then he has ceased to spend the night at home, I did not know that
To think. In the morning it has come, and I have noticed, that it to me
Changes with other woman. Next day I from it have left. But I
I do not wish to recollect it! Understand me please. And I 3 years
The lonely woman. No, men did not beat me. To me has changed mine
The former man after binge. And I about it any more
I recollect, and I do not wish to recollect. So give we will close this theme.
Well? You sometime had something like it? To you changed? In my life fine changes have appeared. In mine
Lives there was you. I wish to ask you: as you represent
Ideal relations? How you imagine ideal family? I hope,
What is the questions will not seem
To you strange, and I should receive on them tomorrow your answer. Please
Write, that you think of it. It is very important for me. I hope
To receive your letter, as soon as possible.
I wish fine day!
Yours Albina!
Letter 7
Hello my fine man!
I have received from you today the new interesting letter. Thanks!
You know after your letters, I understand that you completely another
The person and the guy than here in Russia. I have understood, that you
The close, cautious, kind, sympathising man! Here in Russia such not
To find, I assure you of it!
Ideal family
It when the friend the friend understand and co-operate. Parents and
Children should love each other, support, and understand.
Certainly there are quarrels, but it is simple overflow of emotions.
I find in you very correct person. I believe in God. When to me
It was very bad, always I ask the god that it has helped me. Anyhow I go once a month to visit church.
For me all people are identical.
I have sworn and therefore If any person demands mine
The help, I with pleasure will help it. Unfortunately, not all people
Think as I and consequently In the world there are any collisions and
Terror actions. In many countries there are terrorism actions. In
Russia often use bombs and take in hostages. It - very much
Awfully. But fortunately now all is good. And in your country there
Like the such? Simply I do not know, on TV do not do
Transfers, by radio do not speak, and in newspapers do not write.
My dear speak to me about pluss and minuses in character. As you
You think of it directly, whether that you are good? And bad? I think it in me
Minus in that I sympathising. My plus that I
The hardworking. On it I finish the letter.
I whole also embrace you!
Yours Albina!
Letter 8
Hello my darling!!!!
I admire with your letter. I have started to notice, that I think of you
In increasing frequency. Especially recently. Mine mum
Says to me, that I have very much changed! You have very insistently mentioned me, I have noticed it! Yours
Electronic letters are so important for me, it is a part of my life, it -
Source of my pleasure in my life, I wish to tell to you, that
Occurrence you - beterest a part of my lonely life now, yours
Letters give me the big happiness and pleasure in my life and lift my mood.
Trust me, I speak the words with my sincere care for you, with mine
Respect for you. Also I wish to underline, that I thought of mine
Feelings to you my fine, I have come to conclusion, that we
Are created for each other. What do you think in this occasion?
Last night I slept badly, I could not fall asleep, because I thought
About you my dear, about our acquaintance on the Internet, about your warm
Letters, and basically about you! From your letters, I see
That that I am not indifferent for you, I hope, that you will agree
With me, my fine, whether it is true? I hope, that you feel too most as. I thank the god, for that that we have found each other, I have closed the eyes and felt presence of the God. He saw me, and I saw it, he has told to me, that I will be
The happiest woman because I have found you. My dear, what you think? I
I wish to tell I want, that I miss you very much, and I wish to tell to you
That you became in the foreground in my life than my work. On it I
I finish the letter, and with impatience I will wait for your answer.
I you strong whole also wish good day! Your lady, Albina!!!
Letter 9
Hello my angel!!!
I am grateful to you for your very warm letter. My dear, give we we learn the friend little bit more. And then we will talk about our meeting. My dear, I not against, but I want that when we have met, we already perfectly knew each other.
With Each new your letter, my love to you always becomes stronger and more
Insistent, also finds increasing force. I constantly think, about you. Naturally it only while dream, but I hope that my dream shortly will be carried out Please, understand correctly my passion to you. You my unique love! I do not wish to hide from you anything, I trust you
And therefore to me it is very important, also that you trusted me!
Every day I think, that our feelings to each other grow. And I think
That I have completely decided, that you my future. I trust in you! Mine
The favourite prince, I wish to write to you more, but I have no possibility, I can write only one letter. I dream of you simply, as
The princess about the prince!
By the way, I during long time read the book William
Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliette". You read this book or looked
Film? You know, that we with you correspondence is a little bit similar to this history! They have met the friend the friend in the street. Only in those
Days there there was no Internet. Our acquaintance and their acquaintance, differ only
The Internet. Then they could not meet, because their families were in the conflict. And they have met under very difficult circumstances. They ran at night from the house to see each other. Now I cannot meet you,
Because between us very big distance. And we also cannot meet simply
So. Whether whether similarly it so?! And the end alas, at them has ended
Tragically. I am confident force of our love and we will be always together!!! How you think? Last time you have read what book?
With impatience I will wait from you for the letter. Strong you I kiss, with love and tenderness.
For ever yours Albina!!!
Letter 10
My dear!!!
I had a dream about you this night. Speak when someone thinks of the person much it or it represents this person in its dreams. I had a dream not only about you actually, it about us. This dream was so romantic and so prompt! There was only you and I in a room. The room has been arranged and decorated very well. There was no light, but there were hundreds burning candles on all room. It was so beautiful. We sat on a remarkable sofa and talked. It seemed that we have met for the first time. Then suddenly we have stopped to speak, have looked each other in eyes and you have started to kiss me so gently. You have begun with my person, you have kissed my eyes, cheeks, teased my lips. You did not kiss them from the very beginning you only concerned with their your lips and have gone down to kiss my neck and my *******. I have stroked gently your hair and your person. Then I have taken the initiative also I have presented to you a passionate kiss as I had no more patience. In my dream all was remarkable. You were my hero. And after *** we on have been exhausted so much that we have fallen asleep embracing each other. It was so perfect, that when in the morning I have opened eyes, I did not wish to trust that it was only a dream. I never spoke before you such things, but I do it now. I want you!!! You the unique person about which I dream!!! I never mentioned *** before as I was not ready to speak about it. I should be each part of the body assured of you. I cannot speak about *** with which each person I know. In my opinion it is too personal. I wish to give all my love and my passion only to you. I wish to know about your ****** desires. In what way you prefer to love the woman? What would you make for me when we will meet? I am ready to all! Only tell to me! And I will tell about my imaginations in my following letter! I cannot present the life without you any more! I wish to be with you! And I wish to test you completely!!!
Only yours Albina!!!

Letter 11
My love!!!
You know that you have made me the happiest woman. I differ from that which you have met right at the beginning! You have changed me to the best. I was not confident a little when I only have started to speak with you, whether I did not know our correspondence with each other will turn out or not. Now I am how much happy, when all has developed thus!!! There can be it will sound a little emotionally, but you have brought light during my life! Now I know for whom I should live! Before meeting you I lived only for my grandmother and for my career and when I have you... The life seems made! I appreciate your frankness with me! When I sit in the cafe Internet, I am afraid that others can see my melancholy to the person, as this public place. But when I at home to me would be necessary to have *** with you. Thank God that I live in apartment one and I can do all that I will want! I dream of your kisses and about you being in me. I can even feel warmth of your body my skin. I think that I can. In the morning when I go to a shower or to accept a bathroom, I represent us doing it together. It would be so sensual! I represent us investigating each centimetre of a body each other our lips. I do it at first from your head and downwards not passing anything, and then your turn to do the same. Then we wipe each other very soft towel and both we understand that we will be late for work because we simply not can come off from each other. It only my dreams, but would be so remarkable if they is carried out. I cannot wait till this moment. About my god I even have started to redden when wrote these words. I hate when there are many people in the cafe Internet. It seems that everyone looks at me now and they can read my thoughts. And my thoughts only about you and about *** with you. I wish to make you the happiest person in the world. You know as we will spend our evenings? Certainly not to watch TV (well, actually there is nothing badly in that to watch TV when it occupies only a part of evening or night). Other (greatest) part of time will be devoted our love! I hope that you not against it? I will be different all time: sometimes wild as a panther and during other time sensual and gentle as a cat. I will make all your imaginations a reality, my dear. I wish to be near to you and to hear your voice whisper by submitting words in my ear. I all am ready for you! I should will calm down while because I should go home and sleep a little, as I had very heavy day on work. When I will come home I will lay down to sleep with thoughts on you. But that I really want, it to fall asleep feeling you in my body. I love you and I give you a passionate kiss!
Your careful Albina!
Letter 12
My favourite!!!
You did not write to me some days!!
What did that happen???
I worry.
My dear, write to me!
Yours Albina!!!
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