Letter(s) from Margarita Muradyan to Juan (Mexico)

Letter 1

hello, my love Juan Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!
You are a great person!!!!!!!!!!!yes, really!!!!
I got your postcards and I see that Mexico is a very nice country!
and i think that I can't find another person like you!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you, Juan Carlos!So you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!The best man in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for everything that you are doing for me!i thank also God that I found you!!!!
i miss you all the time!I want to be with you!I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
O'k, so I'm waiting that minute when we'll be together!
Your Margarita with love

Letter 2

Hello, my Juan Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you, my angel?
I see you celebrate National holiday very well! I'm sad that I'm not with you..
I hope to see you very soon, to love you, to touch you,and simply to be with you all the time......
Oh, honey!Oh, dear, I'm so happy from one thought that we'll be together and we've found each other!It's fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oh, i think that I'm in my dream....and it's not a reality!
I'm crazy with love to you!!!!!!And you are the one remedy who could treat me in a good way......
Oh, every your word making me sure that I can trust you completely!!!!!
You are that person whom I was looking for a long time, or may be all my life!!!!!!!!!!!
And now we'll join to each other!And we have to responsible and reasonable with everything that we are doing...
thank you for everything, my Juan Carlos!I love you!!!!!!!!!!
Your Margarita with love

Letter 3

Hello, my love Juan Carlos!!!!!!!
How are you?I hope you are fine..:)
Miss you, my dear!!!!!!!!!Love you, my dear....
I'm glad to learn that you will make the transfer on September 25 and then I will book the tickets! Please, tell me the nearest airport to you and the name of your town again to be sure! And also don't forget to send me all your details after the money transfer to get the money, ok?
I mean your first name, your last name. The manager of the travel agency called me today and he said that the documents are almost ready!
Yes, the days are going ..and we are loving each other more and more, we are thinking about each other and with everyday it becomes more and more difficult....because my feelings are growing and I'm thinking about that how we are together, very very close...very near....and I'm only yours,and I don't want to belong anyone else, I'm only your woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only you understand me, only you could think about me so strongly, only on you I can trust, and be able to be sure, it's so safety with you....You are so tender man, your words.... your voice....and when I imagine how we are together, only you and me...Oh, dear....You are great person!!!!!!!!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to be with you....I think all is going well and so we'll be together.....YOu and Me.....
Your Margarita with love

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Juan Carlos!
How are you, my sweet heart?
I have good news for you, my love! I booked the tickets and
I send you all the details:
Moscow (MOW) -> Queretaro (QRO)
George Bush IntercontQueretaro Arpt

Airline: Singapore Airlines Flight: SQ62

Depart: 11 October 2008, 10:30, Domodedovo Arpt

Arrive: 11 October 2008, 13:50, George Bush Intercont

Seats: Economy class

<<<<-- connection Houston (HOU) -->>>>

Airline: Continental Airlines Flight: CO2037

Depart: 11 October 2008, 18:10, George Bush Intercont

Arrive: 11 October 2008, 20:13, Queretaro Arpt

Seats: Economy class

Travel time: 18 h. 43 m.

So I will be at your airport at 20.13 and I hope you will be able to meet me because it is my first flight to the foreign country, honey! The manager of the travel agency also told me that I must pass the interview on the Russian Department of Immigration to get the permission to leave my country and I can't leave my country without this permission, do you understand? I have the interview on October 2 and tomorrow evening I will go to Moscow!
I'm afraid a little but I hope everything will be ok..
I love you so much, my king!
Your Margarita with love