Scam letter(s) from Elena to Ethan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello friend Hunter!!! We have got acquainted on a site my name there lapochka295
I am very glad, that have written me the e-mail.
As you already know my name is Elena, me of 28 years.
I will be glad that we to have the correspondence.
I liked your profile. My internal voice has prompted to me, that you that person which is necessary to me.
I Preliminary have studied them and have decided to send
To you to the first the message.
I use the Internet - cafe to write to you letters,
As I have not a computer from the house and the Internet also.
I send you a picture, that you knew my person.
My main desire it to create friendly family and
Probably to have children. The things, interesting you please Ask about me
Also inform me the some people the information concerning you.
With impatience I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Hunter! I am glad to receive your new letter. How are you?
I hope, that I was pleasant to you. I very much wish to see your photo.
I am glad to answer all your questions as I want that you knew about me more.
I insufficiently well speak on English. But I think, that we will find common language.
I wish to speak about my work. I work as the seller of the writing goods.
This work is pleasant to me, because it is 10 minutes from the house.
I wish to tell to you a little
About me it is direct. I conduct an active way of life. I like to go to pool,
I was engaged in skiing earlier. I even acted at competitions.
Also I like to solve crossword puzzles, to listen to classical music.
I want, that we had trust to each other.
I have one brother. To it of 24 years. He plays basketball. It has a girl.
They wish to get married soon.
And you have relatives or children? I will look forward letters from you.
I wish to see many your photos. Well? Yours friend Elena...
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Hunter!!!
I am very glad, that you have answered me. I am glad that you
Wish to study me more. How your life? What weather now at you?
I like to prepare very much salads. I never was outside of Russia. I usually
target spend houses.
I live in the small city of Cheboksary, with number of 800 thousand persons at us very cultural and accurate people.
I am very tired today on work. We had many buyers. And to us have brought the new goods.
You love your work? What musin you love? What films?
To me like Romantic films, and comedies. But most of all I love film,
"Pretty Woman
"With Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. You looked this film? It is very amusing film.
Richard Gere - my favourite actor. I love all films with it.
Who your favourite actor or an actress? My daddy works as the driver on cargo car.
It learnt me to operate it car. If I was the man I wished to become the mechanic.
I like German cars of mark BMW or MERSEDES. I hope, that you will not be tired from
My letter and my questions. I with impatience shall expect
To reception of news from you. And I hope, that you will send me your pictures. Yours Elena...
Letter 4

Hello friend Hunter!!! I am very glad, that I at last that have possibility to write to you the letter.
The my dear friend. I could not write to you therefore I was sick of cold the my dear friend.
I had quinsy it was very sick. I had very much a heat, I thought, that I will die,
but I am very glad, that I am absolutely healthy now and I can write you the letter.
I really very much missed under your letters and on you. Now I can write,
I very much want, that you wrote me the letter. I think, what you want it?
I have only friends, I consider, that men from the USA very decent people.
I want children. I do not have ****** photos. And at you is?
Today on December, 25th and today a holiday CHRISTMAS and I with the great pleasure congratulate you on it. I wish that in new year at you all was good.
By the way as you are going to mark it? I very much would like to learn about it well?
Because of illness at me has much collected works and I need to go to solve questions with it.
I will wait from you for the fast letter. I think, that at you all is good!!!
Yours Elena
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Hunter!!!! How at you an affair? How do you feel?
I very much worry about the friend. Why you to me do not write?
You have found another? Tell to me the truth. It is very important for me.
It will be difficult for me to forget you.
Yours Elena
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