Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Petrova to Tor-Ivar (Norway)
Letter 1
Hello Norway! It is very pleasant for me that you are interested in me! It was not simple in me experience in the Internet! I shall try to answer all yours Questions. I very much would be like to build attitudes with the interesting person! Also I want to Build sincere love with the person it is similar to you! Concerning my work, me Work in police, the assistant to the inspector, formation I The lawyer and after end of university, I has left to police, In the near future I shall be the inspector if certainly in my life The person who will not appear, will clean me from here. Concerning that where I live: I live in fine city Moscow, it - very big city in which is a lot of historical values! Concerning my weight, very harmonious only 50 kg, and mine also weigh Growth 170 see. I very awfully concern to drugs and never their used, but now in Russia It - is a lot of addicts, and it simply frightens me. I know the English language and I think, that we shall contact you well in The English language! In my free time, me just as you very much like to be engaged in sports meets, I go to sports meets a hall, to be borrowed in suitability! I too very much like to travel, but I was not somewhere if not Moscow, I very much would like to go to travel to the future with mine
The person! I think, that I have written enough for first time, I shall hope that we with you become very good friends! I hope for your answer shortly! Sincerely yours Irina!
Letter 2
Hello Tor! You seem to me very interesting by the man! I shall hope that we with you shall correspond for a long time! You like me! You are very similar to that which man I search! I search for the person which me will love and do me happy! I only started my search and I hope to finish it quickly! Because in Russia there is no worthy future for my children. And I very much want children! And I very much would like to have children with foreign the man! Working in police I understand, on how many severe people in Russia from the earliest age, you do not represent how many robberies and murders occurs every day in my city. It is simply awful! Therefore I do not want to connect my destiny with Russian the man! Tor I hope that you understand that I write to you. I shall hope that I shall finish my search on you and we with you can build our attitudes. I shall hope for your fast reply! I will be very pleasant for answering your letters! Sincerely yours Irina! kiss.........
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