Scam letter(s) from Elena Ves to Rick (USA)

Letter 1

Dear RICK!!!!!
I have always dreamed about the one man only that would became for me everything: husband, soul mate, friend, lover and my entire world. This is my big life dream that still waits for its realization and I suppose that you are the man who could help me to make my dream come true. I want our relationship to be based on honesty .I think suddenly you have not written to me, and I suddenly have not written to you. But when I see. That all normally to me become well and I with pleasure and with good mood I write you the answer.I spoke to my granny about us. She has asked me that I really love you and if i want be next to you. I have told it is so, that I can not introduce myself without you. I have notified it concerning you and she has told that you the most good man and it is possible to trust you. I always heard the opinion of my granny and she haven't advised me anything bad.
Dear thank you that you agree to help me with money for registration of my visa.
Today I went to agency and learned what documents to me are necessary for registration of the visa and cost.
In agency to me have offered to issue the visa for 500 $ USA, the visa will be made out about one month.
As I shall do the visa through this agency that agency have offered to buy to us tickets under cheaper pnce.
I think, that it to us will be more favourable.
It is not too expensive for you?????
You agree with me??????
You will help me?????
Kiss you Elena.
Letter 2

Dear RICK! ! !
You the sole man which understand me and accepts such what I is!
I am sure that we shall are happy together... I want to believe in it!
My perfect, you so is gentle and is attentive that I consider our meeting as a miracle. Probably it is indemnification for many years of unhappy life!? I very much love you. As anybody and never I have told about us to my girl-friends. Certainly they will miss me. I think that we are already so very close to each other as a husband and a wife, But, unfortunately, separated with the long distance. But despite the fact, we should continue to love each other and to trust each other. Do you agree with me? It can be dangerous, but I'm crazy in loving you. Your letters are filled with such a warmth and care that sometimes tears of happiness drop out from my eyes. I think " My God, thank you for your help in granting me my dedicated, my sole man, and I hope that he and I shall merge and we shall be happy.
Loved inform time How many is required for registration of my visa in your country?
I think that it will be much easier to register my visa here in Russia.
What you think of it??? It is very important for me! ! ! You understand?
Kiss you Elena.
Letter 3

I hope, that you understand what music to me it is pleasant -slow music of dance.
As Pushkin Has written. (1 hope, that you heard rather this known allover the world The author) frost, winter evenings I love to knit a sweater, jacket and sokcs all from them from a wool.
As in the winter in Russia it is cold.
I do not drink *****, but in a holiday, from which I can allow to drink for me directly slightly Champagne.
How you imagine your future with the women from other country?
Whether it is valid you are serious to fmd your wife abroad?
Also what -your family of dream?
Please, answer my questions in details, because they -it is important for our relations and probable future together .
It is very important for me. In hope, that our relations can go above mentioned.
To my friend Rick.
Yours Elena.
P.S. Thanks for your photo, you very much like to me.
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