Scam letter(s) from Elena Glazirina to Jason (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Jason! How your mood? I took yours email on a site I liked your profile and I have decided to write to you the first. I recently studied to use the internet. My girlfriend has shown to me as Get acquainted with men by means of a site of acquaintances. I have Studied some profiles also have decided to send you to the first The message. AS at first, your profile seemed to me very much The interesting. Secondly my female intuition has induced me, that I Should write to you. My intuition seldom deceives me. in this message I will tell to you a little about me. But if you wish to continue ours You learn acquaintance about me more in following messages. My name is Irina my age of 26 years. I was not never married any more, but long Time I reflect on the family future. It is one of the reasons why I Have addressed on a site of acquaintances. I live together with mine Parents. We have small, but a convenient apartment. After I leave School, i have entered the institute on a speciality the finance and the credit.. Some years After end of institute bookkeeper in small firm. I like to spend a free time together with my girlfriend. She lives in the following house. Together with it I Go to be occupied in suitability and to swimming. It for me it is very close The person, almost as sister. I live in the middle part of Russia, in a city Pavlovo. It is the Nizhniy Novgorod area.. You should know it Jason, because it is probable, that you do not want to Continue our acquaintance because between us huge distance. But I wish To tell to you Jason, it if we once wish to meet, The distance will not be for me a barrier. If I love the person I will reach it even on the brink of the Earth. Besides I already have gone once in Egypt. I travelled as the tourist. Therefore Jason, you should not have Excitement, that we not nearby. I do not worry about it. It very much Interesting to get acquainted with someone from other country, where other culture, reflexion, traditions. I think, which to you also will be interesting to learn it is more about the Russian woman. I have sent you mine Picture and I want, that you also have sent me the pictures. Jason, if For any reason you do not wish to correspond to me, however inform me on it. Well? I hope for your fast reply Jason. Yours Irina.
Letter 2
Hello my dear jason! It gives me great pleasure to see your letter. I pleased that you all well. I am also all wonderful. and for me was very pleased to read your new message to me. Weather in our usual for this season or what's new. jason Now, all new in my life apply to you. because of you in me, new feelings and I like awoke from a long sleep. jason My days now are not similar to my all the rest. Every day, I now feel differently! my the mood was almost always good and is almost as is not bad. I'm short and I feel that I live. I think that it is very important to the sense that you live, live and feel tender feelings. And I now have the feeling that I am born again. Your letters bring me a lot of fun and I often re - them and I keep all of them. and for me great pleasure to read them again and again. jason, And now wanted to tell you something about our country. People in our in general, almost all the different and emotional. Russian people in general will always different from other people because all people are different. perhaps because our country has passed many important trials. generally live in Russia is now not so good, even though our economy has become raise. But now, there appeared another problem, which has become manifest themselves in terrorism. Now all the people were afraid. and I am more all I'm afraid for me to be awful and I do not want my children living in potential danger. I would really like to live in calm and peaceful country and does not do not be afraid of and that they are my future children have a normal future. now because of the terrorism in our the country has few tourists, but I think that this is correct, because all people feel for their lives. and I can tell you jason that if I deal comes to meetings and we want to have it, I would not want to have this meeting in Russia. because I do not want to be loving person danger. jason Do you agree with me?? jason I am still worried because of the that between us a little more distance and from time to time I begins to deal with it - an insurmountable barrier. but when I start to think about love, then I start to think and to believe in the fact that for the genuine feelings and love can not be such a barrier as the distance. I want that would be my lover man is not afraid of anything and that he will always be ready to do everything for me. and then I can give him all of me and will always respond to him and not only mutually why would it not spared no. Russian woman is ready to go in the fire and into the water for love. I do not know your women. but I'm starting to seem that important to them their status and money. Of course, I may make mistakes in this, but I think that love can not be mixed with money. because the love is like the light in dark night, and it should always go with a pure heart, not from wallet with the money. jason What do you think about this? That you're ready loving girl to do? you're willing to always be next to it and help her in everything? jason I think that the most touching and worrying point in the relationship, so when a person makes recognition or sentence. I have none and never made a proposal, and even can not imagine that a person feels and is experiencing at this moment. but I I hope that that one day I can try and get that feeling. general jason I am very simple girl and will not require much. I will not demand the impossible from her husband, I will not ask for that he gave my money on expensive cosmetics or manicure, or to request a new road raincoat. for me not so important that it took you to expensive restaurant. i just want to love me. that he loved me and respected me. because of who once said - love will save the world, and I feel like believe in it. I do not want to feel lonely. is not it perfectly have to live with her husband, educate and raise children and take through all the hardships and joys together. and now I think that I have ready to make to create a family, because I already have a small life experience. jason, Often in our lives happen so that two people treat each other and they all may be well and good - but they begins to interfere with the age or a small increase in a partner and they start think that they are as they are unable to enjoy. I do not understand these people. I think that if you have noticed then there is for that and that you are interested in, and like the man such as you are. And the age or the growth is simply not to play a role and should not be the principal. Indeed, the main thing is I have inside, that you have in your soul and that he was willing to do for you. jason And I would be interested to know what you think about all this??? for You are very important growth or age of your partner??? you have complexes? and if so, what?? I try not to take over from complexes, because sometimes because of our facilities, we lose those people which we like, just because we're afraid of leaving it. jason I expensive at this, I will finish my letter and I once again will be very wait for your response, I would hope that you will soon be his letter. i I wish you all the very best. big kiss from me to you! Your Irina!
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