Romance scam letter(s) from Alena Krivonosova to Jon (UK)
Letter 1
hello, dearest Jon!
Thanks a lot for the letter that you sent me...
honey, you can not even imagine how happy i am to be able to talk to you! that is really great! i am so happy about it. Jon, thanks for calling me.... thanks soooooo much! as it was a real pleasure for me to talk to you!
Jon, as for calling me today, yes, it will be possible, but i just need to help mom to go to buy some products, than to help to clean the house, to wash the clothes and to cook... that is why if it is possible it will be great if you can call me in the evening... not late, but may be around 7pm or 8pm.
thanks for calling my accent sexy :)))
Jon, as for me, i talked to Anna's mom. i called her... and she explained me, that what she gonna do is she'll take an apartment for us on her name, and as the employee of this company she will have the discount, so that is why she will pay for this apartment the discounted price... that is the only way to get the discounted price... because she is not gonna do this for everybody, she is doing this just for us... as she knows me well... also yesterday she told me one thing... you know, she also has 10% off for the apartment... that is due to the New Year holidays, their boss gave them this discount...
so, the price we have to pay for the apartment is 10% off. isn't it good?? in the center of Kiev! that is amazing! the apartment with the Jacuzzi! mmmmmmmm... unbelievable.
after paying for the apartment, she will give the exact address of this apartment and she will give me the receipt of paying.
also Anna's mom told me that we do not need to worry about the housekeeping... we won't have to do this. as the housekeeping service is included. what we just need to do is to make a phone call on the number Anna's mom will give me, tell the address, and the time when it is better to come in order to clean everything, to change the sheets and pillow-cases... isn't it wonderful?
Jon, what we shall do is that somehow we shall transfer the money to Anna's mom and she will pay for the apartment from her name, so that she will be given the discount. or you can send the money to me and i will meet Anna's mom and i will give her the money... tell me what you think is better...
also she asked to give her the exact days of staying... so, that she will put them into the computer... also she told me that they guarantee the returning of the funds if the person is not coming...
'cause they understand that there could be different reasons for this.. but they will give all the money back, except for the first day of staying.
as for the paying, i asked her about it, and she told me that within the country they are using western union, money gram service, bank accounts, or just sending the money through the bank... but as for the foreigners they are using either western union, money gram or the bank account. but we need to take into the consideration that using the bank account is gonna need sometime... for several days to have the money transferred. after she pays for the apartment, she will get the receipt that she is gonna give it to me... and one week before our coming to the apartment she will give the keys to me...
she also told me that their personal web site is under construction right now. they are just working on its appearance.
also she told me that we need to hurry up, as about 70% of the apartments in Kiev are already booked and paid in advance.. as people are coming for the New Year! as there will be a lot of fun in Kiev this winter! moreover, the apartment is situated in the very center or the city.....
so, dearest Jon, i will be waiting for your letter, your reply, your telephone call, you hug, your kiss.... i am waiting for you to come over here as soon as possible and than i will be the happiest lady in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kiss yya, yours loving Tanya
Letter 2
Hello, dearest Jon. i am really sorry but yesterday the battery of the phone was low and i didn't know it as the phone was in the bag... and just today in the morning i woke up and i realised that the phone was off due to the battery... i am sorry about it, really sorry!
you know when i was in the cafe with my friend, Nastya, on Saturday i was telling her about you and i was talking and talking about you, than i heard a song playing, it was a very famous song by Sting, Englishmen in New York, i have no idea why but i felt your presence at that time. :)) really :))
As for the website of that company, it is under reconstruction... if i am not mistaken... may be i am wrong. but they have the advertisments all over the internet and people connect them through the e-mail...
also, the clients who once came to Kiev, and they liked this service, they are coming back, they already know where to write and ask for an apartment.
so, Jon, what shall we do with the apartment?
i want you to take a decision, as you are the man and i am a woman and i am always ready to follow you in all your decisions.
Jon, i talked to Anna's mom this morning after reading your last letter and she doesn't know what to do... the matter is that if we want to pay deposit, it will be paying for the first four nights, but the price will be full... as she explained me that it will be the deposit for four days that will at least somehow guarantee that we will come! right? but the price will be full... when she wanted to give us discounts, that was what she could do if we paid for the whole period.. than she would write the flat on her name, and as an employee she would be given the discounts... and that is why if we are paying the deposit we have to pay the whole sum...
Jon, i do understand that you are feeling very uncomfortable for sending the money to unknown people... i do understand you... moreover i felt so sad when i read that part of your letter where you are saying that 5 years ago you sent the money to the girl and when you arrived there was noone waiting for you.. i feel so sorry about it.
really sorry! i wish it never happened to you! i can understand how you felt those days. i am very sorry about it! really sorry! how could they do this to you?? i am shocked... as you are the stranger in this country and you know nobody, how could they leave you alone in the unknown country? it is cruel!!! so cruel! now i understand you better!
but what i want to say is that i am sure that one day you will be very very happy to meet me! and i am sure that when you see me over there in the airport you will understand that all your fears should have gone a long time ago... and there will never be any fear anymore... i am sure about it. i will never make you disappointed!
Jon, i also can not wait for you to come over here! i am waiting for this day soooo impatiently.
Jon, please, come!!!! i need you. i need to meet you!!!!!! i need you over here! please, come to me!!!!!
yours Tanya
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