Scam letter(s) from Ashley Peter to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Kenneth,Goodevening and how are U doing hope U are fine and i know that U are taking good care of urself for me,so tell me how was ur weekend hope U have some fun and i know that U are in good condition now bcos i will not like anything to happen to U Kenneth....Dear U don't need to be flattered just that i see some unique and special things in U that is why i really want to get to know U more better....all wht i want in my life is that passionate and good man that i will call my own forever....hmmmmn!!! u sound very nice kenneth well U know that if i have to be with U i know that we will have a good time together and nice life or wht do U think abt that? U sound like someone that will be very caring and have a big heart or am i telling lies....i will never want to make U too unhappy that is why i say all wht i want frm us is happiness and joy together....Yes i do agree with U i blieve that things can work out only if the 2 partner agree in ones..... Yes Kenneth i do like Ur pics that U sent to me they are very good and lovely....not to worry i will share my pics with U by 2morrow U know that i just have to go and take some photo shot,hmmmmn!!! U have started again...hope U are not flattering me now anyway thanx for the compliment(smile)....Yes i do believe that time will tell for us....i do see my mother but not all the time bcos i am always a busy person....Yes is very beautiful to travel along the coast....Yes i am very close to Nigeria i have been to Nigeria only once and that was when we went for a program ''kick Polio out'' after then i have not been there again....Yes Liberia is not too far frm me but i have not been there before....Yes Dear i just hope that we can travel together someday in the near future and it will happen....hmmmmn!!! i am happy to hear that i will always be safe with U thanx sound very caring and passionate.....well Dear pls take good care of urself for and remember that someone cares abt U so much okay......till then U have My kisses and hugs to U and U alone.....
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