Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Shane (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Shane.
I was very glad to receive your letter.
Excuse that I might not write to you at once.
I work much and I have no a house of the computer.
I write you from my girlfriend.
I would like to tell to you about a few about myself: As you already know my name Natalya.
To me of 28 years and I live in Russia in city under name Cheboksary.
I have no harmful habits! My growth of 168 sm
I work in a kindergarten. I bring up small children. My work is very interesting.
I love children. I do not have children but very much would like to have.
I want to find persons which It might be. Which respected and would love me.
For some reason I could not find such person In Russia because our men not so well concern to girls. They like to drink alcoholic Drinks. I know that the American men so do not concern to alcohol and well concern To girls. I think that I can like you. Tell me about it.
I think that good relations are under construction on trust and respect of people to each other.
I think that we should find out each other better that we relations were more strong. I live with the parents. To my mum of 48 years and daddy 52 years.
They are happy in the marriage and till now like each other.
My mum all life worked at school in elementary grades, and daddy worked as the builder. Daddy developed projects of buildings.
Now mine mum and daddy on pension.
I too want which such husband I would love all life and the husband would love me.
I do not have native brothers and sisters but I have cousin. At leisure I like to go to cinema and to listen to music of different directions on my mood.
Than you like to be engaged at leisure?
Still I very much like to prepare for different dishes.
Tell to me more about itself.
Hope to receive news from you shortly. Your friend from
Russia Natalya.
Letter 2

Hello Shane!!!!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letters.
You have liked me. I think you the interesting person.
I would like to ask you a little.
You go in for sports? If yes, what?
I ask it because I love sports and I am engaged in tennis.
It very much is pleasant to me. My idol Pete Sampras.
You know Pete Sampras?
I very much would like to find out about your nature.
I very much like a nature at us and I therefore would like to find out about your nature more.
What kinds of animals at you live?
You love domestic animals? You have them?
At me houses are a small hamster.
He very lovely. I have named him Groshik.
I have named him so because when I bought him he very lovely slept and have then woken up and have perfectly looked at me.
Probably it is interesting to you why I have decided to find loved man under the Internet.
Simply, I have girlfriend which now lives in Canada.
She has got acquainted under the Internet with the future husband both they have grown fond each other and she has left to him.
Now she writes to me letters and speaks about that as they are happy together.
Recently she has told me that she is pregnant and they will have child.
I am very glad for them.
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you.
Letter 3

Hello Shane!!!! I am ready for the sake of love on all. Economic works it is an obligatory part of our life and consequently I try to improve it that works were little bit more pleasant. At me all is good. Today I have carried out a lot of time at work with children. As always at them something happens. Today one boy tried to kiss The girl from the next group. But she for one year is more senior than him and consequently has not given him To kiss itself. he so was upset! I long calmed him. So it is interesting to work with small children. They see in life only pleasures. At them in eyes it is possible to see so a lot of happiness, even if the child Will make for itself new opening this day. I promise, that I shall be To miss on you and with impatience to wait for the letter from you. Your letters deliver to me a small particle of heat for my soul. I very much like to float and lap on water. This winter I and did not manage to go in pool to swim for a while, but I am sure, that when Summer I will come shall have a good swim with all the heart. I never visited other countries, but I think that it would be very interesting. At present I listen to music Pop. Simply at me now such mood. In a song sing about love of the girl to the guy, and the guy did not love her and has broken to her heart. It would be desirable to dance, but simultaneously with it and the girl it is a pity. But you see music in style POP always such. Songs about love, but simultaneously with it at one in love something happens. Well all right, I already something have too gone deep into this theme. To you already probably has bothered to read it. My loved actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. Most of all I like film with her participation under the name " I Know what you did last summer "; You looked him? If yes, tell please that you think of this film? I looked 2 more part of this film, but there any more there was no my liked actress, this film not so that has liked me. Mine liked actor John Travolta. It is pleasant to me as he plays villains. At him it very well turns out. But I think that in life he completely not such. You know him? If yes that tell that you think of him? I can talk about it indefinitely long, therefore I shall not take away your time for reading of my letter. If you want we may talk about it somehow another time. I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you. Natalya!!!
Letter 4

Hello my dear Shane!!! It was very pleasant for me to receive from you the next letter today. My lovely if you will give me the a phone number that I can call you and then you will understand, that talk with the present girl. In this letter I shall tell to you slightly about my city. Our city not big but also not small. He is not so rich, but very beautiful we have a remarkable nature. Around of my city approximately on distance 20-30 km from him it is located more than 6 lakes. At us it is a lot of factories and factories but basically they do not work or have become outdated. The main property of our republic is a wood. We it is successful it we trade. At us I was a lot of parks in city frequently I walk there and I reflect. In the winter at us it is very cold but it is very hot in the summer. In the summer I frequently go to lay under the sun and I very much like to float and play on water. It is interesting to me and what you do in the free time? I like to read books and to listen to music sometimes it weaken. Frequently when I listen to music I think of you dear. On it I while shall finish the letter. I wait your answer soon lovely. Strong I embrace yours Natalya!!!!!
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