Letter(s) from Michelle Peckham to Louis (USA)
Letter 1
am now in Nigeria to visit my mother she was sick and admitted in the hospital here in Nigeria
Ok....I really want you in my life and if you give me a chance I will do what ever to make you happy...I will handle you better in bed...robb your body and suck your dick..making sexual healing with you...
Letter 2
am living in 310 street,clark,south dakota,57225,am living alone father is an military man he died 2002 while my mother is an house wife she move back to her country in west africa nigeria,so she was an 86 years old and she was sick with an asthma that is while i came here in nigeria to visit her and i will be back home soon so that we can spend our time together in same bed when i get back home
am broke because i slept lot of money.I went to Nigeria bank here to receive money from account but they refuse to give me money because am in foreign country here in Nigeria they told me i cant use my united state check or credit card here in you know birthday without bake a cake is meaningless and is not complete
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