Scam letter(s) from Alina Gareeva to Tom (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Tom!!!
I am very glad to appear again here and to see your letter my gentle.
Tom you know your letters bring to me a lot of pleasure and happiness on heart. You are able to force to smile me when I read your letters. Tom when I read all your gentle words I forget about all. I as though depart to clouds. It simply to not describe words. I am very happy that we have got acquainted with you.
Tom know I think that I have started to fall in love with you! Whether I do not know well it. Whether I for the present cannot understand I want it. But I cannot do anything. My heart speaks me another. It speaks me that you which that person I searched for all life. Tom but I am afraid of one.... I Am afraid of that that you to me feel nothing. I do not wish to lose you. Tom you the unique person with which to me are good. You know to me still never was so well as well with you. Tom you the unique person which can force to smile me. Your words warm my heart. Now I the happiest ******* light. Tom now I simply wish to learn that you feel to me???? Simply I do not want that we have hurt the friend the friend. It will be simply intolerable. I all understand that we with you never saw. But me it does not prevent to fall in love with you. Let it sounds a little silly, but it so. And I hope that you can love me. Tom know I still never met such person as you. You know that the girl wants, you can always support it. You dream of many girls in my city. And I am very glad to what exactly me destiny have reduced with you! Tom today I wish to send you the photo. I want that it always reminded you of my feelings. I hope that it you very much to like. I with impatience shall wait tomorrow from you for the letter my prince Tom!!!
Yours and only yours Ekaterina
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