Letter(s) from Tatyana Sapugolceva to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello dear!!!

I am very glad that you have written to me. To me it is very pleasant. I will write to you a little about myself. I search People, with whom I could to conduct all life. My intentions very much Serious. I live in Russia in the city of Orenburg. It - very much Beautiful city. To speak the truth I already has despaired to search For my existing love, my prince here, and I have solved attempt to search On the Internet. I shall tell to you about me directly. My growth 170 Centimeters, weight of 54 kg. To me of 28 years. I was never married. I Have formation of the cook and higher education on a speciality Economy and marketing. But now I work as the cook in a Dining room. I have no children. I have very beautiful eyes, I think That you estimate my kind in a photo. I like to be engaged Sports meets. I often go to an educational hall and in sports club, I Love To keep in the form of. I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol. I Think, that it is the mortgage of youth, Beauty and health. I think it You - agree with me. I hope it as my photos. I ask, that you have sent I more than your photos. I think that occurrence not the most important. As to me the main thing in the person of its shower and its private world, But me it is very interesting to see yours photos. I live with mum. I Have told to it, that today to me there arrives the letter from the person Other country. It has told, that it is well, but it is impossible to Trust at once. We should begin friends all over again. We should transfer a Long way, whether which in the end we shall understand together really. But I think, that we shall well. I shall help you to know more about I. I do not know English language very well. I think, that you can understand me! I will write to you from the Internet-center. I shall tell to you about City. In this city I was born also dews. It is very beautiful city, and I think That you can find it on a political card of the world. I like to go on, these are streets to Visit museums. In our city we have some theatres, museums, buildings Culture. We with my girlfriends often visit cinema, and we look Various films. My girlfriend advised me to look its unique thing in The Internet. I did not expect, that you will answer me. I thought that it Simply joke. I hope, that we well we study each other. Also The computer can be help us to find each other better. I wish to know It is more concerning you. Tell to me about your habits, friends. Tell to me Where do you live. What do you like to eat? Write to me all about Directly, well? Please ask, I shall try to answer all yours Questions. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Also send more photos.

Your friend Tatyana!