Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Kaznacheeva to Patrice (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hello my love Patrice!! The darling wash Patrice yes - yes - yes mineand whose more, only mine. I very much-very love you, you at all donot represent, how much strongly, simply I do not know why, but youbecame sense of my useless life. I cannot transfer you the love wordsat all since it is simply impossible. There are no on the Earth suchwords which would be worthy you, all is insignificant in comparisonwith you. You the best in the world the man-it the fact. My lovedPatrice I wish to tell mine to you about a great holiday and willshare with you that as I spend him!! I always on this holiday try todo by all gifts that all my relatives, friends and simply familiarwere in good mood and happy have met this holiday and knew that whonever forget about them. And not only because it is tradition to givegifts to close people on this holiday. To simply me it delivers greatpleasure - to do people happy, to see their enthusiastic sights when Ipresent them any gift in a kind a souvenir or a toy. I understand thatfor all my friends at me will not suffice money and consequently I dosometimes simply small gift what to please them. So it is accepted atus. I consider, that is pleasant when your relatives care of you andwant that on this holiday you were happy. To me happens very muchgrieve, that when I wish to buy to myself a gift at me does not remainmeans for it and I should remain sometimes without a gift and so it ispleasant to do to itself a gift, to buy that that you want!!!! Andlikely this time, I as usually, will remain without it. But for methat relatives for me people have received from me a part of my warmthand care is more important, to know, that today I have broughtpleasure in someone's heart. I never to whom did not speak about itand you unique I it speak a coma, you unique who know it!!! Patrice Iwith pleasure would present also to you my gift, but you are very farand I do not know as to present to you a gift!!! I wish to present nowto you my air kiss!!! I hope that to you pleasantly to receive it!! Ido not wait for reciprocity because I do it disinterestedly!! I havetold to you all it because wanted will share with you that, that as wecelebrate a holiday at home! And how you celebrate? Tell to me!Patrice I so would like your love and caress, your heat and tenderness… Me it would be desirable, that once, you have told: «I yoursforever», want, that you have passionately whispered me it on an ear,have touched my cheek the cheek, burning a hot kiss. … I want, thatyou were with me, allowed to touch yourself, to embrace, kiss, hearthe breath. Patrice you the remarkable person on all this world. Letothers think out definition to this beautiful word, and I already knowit, love-it the fine man with beautiful name Patrice. Sometimes I sowould like, that you have entered, villages near to me, have gentlyembraced me for a neck the strong hands, I have embraced you and havekissed you directly on the mouth so gently, hotly and passionately. Iwould conclude you in the gentle, female embraces and would tell toyou about how I am strong you I love and that to ANYBODY, NEVER you Iwill give since you only mine. Sometimes my dreams of you come so far,that it seems to me, as if I have gone mad, but I like to be themadwoman because I am glad that I can though to dream of you, afterall dream to me can to forbid nobody. I wish to wake up in themornings in your gentle, tender embraces. I wish to catch greedy eachyour gesture, each your movement, each your word, to enjoy each secondspent near to you; I wish to leave to you on a world's end; I want …You I love, I love, I love. Hundred times to you I will repeat it!Strong whole you! With LOVE! Yours Alexandra. P.S. Today I visited atourist bureau and to me have informed that my LOVE what to arrive toyou is required to me and to build our love and a family. The visa +the passport for travel abroad + the insurance + other documents 440euro to me tears because to me have told that it much very much moneyfor me my salary makes very little it approximately 160 euro. Youunderstand as me it is sad that I cannot to arrive to you? I very muchwould like, but I cannot pay, what to me to do? Patrice you couldarrive to me my love? Patrice I very much would like our meeting, inme tears because I LOVE YOU and it speaks my heart which loves andwaits for our meeting!!!
Letter 2
Hello my love Patrice!! I am very glad to read again your new letterand now it is pleasant to me to write you the answer! My loved Patrice
I am happy that you can to help me with my problem, I am glad that youwill make it for the sake of me. My love Patrice I went on thedifferent companies much and learnt as you can help me and to me spokethat there is branch MoneyGram which is borrowed money transfer andthat you can help me through this the company. My dear Patrice I wentto branch MoneyGram where to me would speak that for this purpose thatyou could help me and to translate money to you it is necessary toknow my full name and the address. To me a full name: Alexandra Kaznacheeva. My country: Russia, republic: Mari El. To me spoke that this information will enough what you could translate money. To mewould tell what to receive your money to me it is necessary to knowtoo most about you and still what that number which to you shouldgive! My darling Patrice I hope that you can make all as soon aspossible and will help me as I would want that our meeting has takenplace as soon as possible. I wish to see as soon as possible you, toembrace your body, to feel your heat and gently to kiss your lips. I understand that it meanwhile dream, but I hope, I trust that it soonto be carried out! I will wait your fast reply! With love! Yours
Letter 3
Hello my love Patrice!! It is very pleasant to me to see your letterand I am glad to write you the answer again!! My loved Patrice to mepleasantly hear that you can to help me on Monday and as soon as, onMonday I will receive your money I will go at once to beginregistration all necessary documents!! My love Patrice I do not stopto be surprised how deeply you understand my heart and how manytogether I have with the person who lives on the other hand from aplanet. During which time we correspond, you became the most expensivethe person in the world. You became true the friend for me with whom Ican divide all my feelings and thoughts to whom I can trust all mysecrets, and I am assured, that you will be always understand me. MyGod! As long I waited for it! As often I have represented it in myimagination! It seems to me, that it - only a dream also I will clearup soon, and all will be finished. We feeling as Romeo and Djuleta.You whisper to the words full of love and tenderness, words, which Ialways dreamt to hear: "My beloved, mine and only, we never never willbe, to separate again! It is a fairy tale all our life will last!" Thelove covers us with its sweet sheet and it seem, as though all haschanged. Stars and the moon shines now only for us, nightingales singtheir magic songs only for us and time pass in other relation. Theintolerable melancholy grasps me; tears appear on we wash eyelashesindependently will. They - tears of grief and at the same timepleasure. I feel pleasure it even if we are far our hearts and souls -together. When we meet, we are able enjoy all we islands My lovely,mine and only, my true the friend dreamt, I live with hope, that onceall becomes the validity and we should not go sleeping and to clear upseparately, to make a dinner for one. I will have you to heat up mewith your heart and a body. I will give you my love, care andtenderness. I will finish on it my letter and I will wait now with thebig impatience your answer! With love! Yours Alexandra.
Letter 4

Hello my love Patrice!! It is very pleasant to me to see your letter and I am glad to write you the answer again!! My loved Patrice me hasafflicted, that you so write about me, me have afflicted, that youdoubt me, in my love to you!! I understand that your friend does nottrust me because he does not know me, he did not see me!! But me hasafflicted that you have written to me about that that doubt that thatI am real!! My love Patrice you speak to me that proofs my love to youare necessary to you, that to you are necessary that proof that I amreal, but you do not write as you would want that I have proved youit!! I consider that our correspondence, our letters, my photos andvideo this good proof of that that I am real!!!! I consider, that myserious intention to meet, my intention to arrive to you in another'scountry, in an unfamiliar city, only for the sake of you, only for thesake of my love to you it and is the proof!!!!!! But if you have notenough of it, I think, that we can speak with you on phone and youwill hear me, and I you!! If you give me number phone I can call toyou about telegraph!! Patrice I love, I love you, and I love youmadly, all essence, all being and all nature, each section of thebody, each atom of the brain and each part of the soul. I adore you.With your occurrence my life was filled with sense, and I could feel,how much it is necessary - for realising for me, that on this Earththere is you, and how much it is important - to live for me for you.And as it is divinely fine, delightfully fine, to hear your words oflove. It is necessary to me to close eyes, and I feel you nearby,absolutely close. Whether you trust, darling Patrice, but I do notwish to remember anything, that was to you in my life. I of nothingthirst in this life, except your love, you for me as a drink of coldwater in desert. There is only you and that is connected with you. Inow out of the world, I am entirely mislaid in your essence, in you. Iwish to rejoice together with you when at you all is good, to long,when something is impossible. I wish to be in your blood, in yoursoul, in your heart, I want, that you possessed me. I wait ourmeeting. I wait for that higher hour when we will meet you. And thenthere will be a merge of two souls, two hearts … And most likely ithas already occurred somewhere there... Highly... In the Universe... Iwill finish the letter and I will wait with big, with huge impatience your answer! With love! Yours Alexandra.
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