Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Gustaverson (USA)
Letter 1
I was so glad to read your letter.I interested in you more than yesterday.You are so cute!!!Thanks for your really nice photo - you don`t look as 46 yo man,you so handsome and I think you know it! I think age`s not a problem for the pure LOVE!I will love a person but not his age.Think younger men are good for getting better in character if they feel that it`s hard for the girl being together.And older men already get knowledge what can be reason of various bad things in relations,so maybe they seldom make mistakes again.All I want to say from my native traditions-LOVE fall in LOVE with anger and with king,her victims young and old.
So I think the main is soul of human,if it`s clear and honest-relations will be endless and full of tender feelings and age don`t play the most important role as you understood from my words below,honey.
As for blind man in Ukraine I can say that things are more bad - they are selfish and don`t interested in marriage and family.
My past relations were selfish for my soul.That boy had one straight plan(think you know what I mean)and it wasn`t interesting for me.So I decided to find my love out there.I always was a reckless some and fortune smilled to me many times.I have my strong believe that my decision was not mistake and you are that one I found so hard in my life.Net gives a chance to find a person who isn`t recognize surounding society.And this is the most important for person who was sured that here around there`s no human to capture my mind.So I didn`t give up,tryed and found you - it`s so meaningfull for me.It`s so fonderful because I`m in net only first month. So, I decided to write you about my nice famyly.
I live in a flat with my mother and my father.My mother`s name Irina.She is a musician in a school.She likes children very much.My father`s name is Sergey.He is a driver of a taxy.He always dreamt about journeys with family but need to make money took to much time that he made true his dream on a job.And where do you live and with whomWho are your mother and your father
Our family has many traditions of our forefathers.On holidays like New Year and Xmas we go to the village to our grenny.She grows a firtree in the yard and never buy the dead trees called so by her.We decorate our green baby with lights and laces.We invite friends of our family and celebrate holidays together.Do you have such traditions in your family
I`m a single child of my parents.They love me tender and try always to take care of me.They gave me an education that for others can be hard in our country.I`m so grateful to them for all they do for me every day.Do you let your parents to take care of you
My parents live together 24 years already but their feelings are still alive and so warm.When it`s my mother`s birthday daddy ofcourse byu many scarlet roses to show that my mothers still THAt woman who amases his heart soul and mind.And my mother prepares a souveniers to father that she made herself like paintings or poems.They love each other so strong that I even don`t know how can exist another way of relations.I dream myself to have such love with my husband.Do you cherish such feelings in a familyAnd what about your parents?
I want know more about the relations in your your family?It`s so interesting to get deepper in your life! Love day,love night,love lonelyness
If you have wish to understand the life
Be ready let your heart be homeless
To meet far there love with no lies
(I wrote it by now,so it`s a fresh thoughts from my mind) So wait your exciting story about Your family!!!
Wait for your beautiful soul,Darling!!!
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