Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Mosunova to Christian (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Hello, dear Friend!!!
I should never have thought that a letter may bring such joy. But, really, Friend, you caused a great joy by your letter. Today I opened my mail-box and saw it. This means that we can consider our friendship already begun. Fine, isn't it?
Friend, don't you find that our world has changed a lot thanks to the Internet. Now we can exchange letters without any problems and it's possible to get the letter very quickly. As for me, I am not very experienced in computers, so sometimes I have to consult the manager in the Internet cafe, but as a whole I can do everything on the computer. Some years ago I have attended computer classes and now this knowledge helps me a lot.
Well, I think it' necessary to tell you more about me. My name is Nastya, I am 28 years old. I was born on the 24 of October 1979. I send you my picture for you can judge about my appearance. I like a lot this photo, because I have told many times that I look not bad there. Tell me please, how do you find it?
I am not tall, 171 sm and my weight is 55 kg. So you can see that I am rather slender.
I am a blonde with blue eyes; do you like such type of women? Please, dear Friend, answer me frankly, don't be afraid to offend me. I have taken a picture especially for you today. I show my house by my hand.
Also you can see a small landscape of my town.
I was born and I live in Tver, the most beautiful city of Russia. It isn't very big, about 600 thousand people live here. But our city is so cozy and a lot of people tell that this city is a treasure of Russia, of our country.
And, Friend, what you can tell me about your place of living? I am always very interested in the life abroad because I have never been there. That's why I want to enlarge my horizonts.
My job is also connected with children education. I work in a kindergarden as a tutor. My duties are to walk with small children, to look after them, to teach them how to read and to write. I like my job very much and I think that it is really important. I like see children's smiles and to see how they are happy to see me in the morning. You know, some children even don't want to go home!!!
I hope I haven't tired you, Friend, by my long and detailed story?
I wait the same response from you. Also I dare ask you to send me more your pictures, OK?
Hear from you soon, goodbye, Nastya.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear friend Christian!!!
How it is fine that we have begun our friendship. It's so pleasant to get your letters and to write you back. Really, it's really a great pleasure to make glad another man (I think that I make you glad by my letters, don't I?). As for me I really enjoy our correspondence.
So in my previous letter I have promised you to tell you more about me.
Well, first I want to tell you about my family. I live with my mother. My dad died when I was 5 years old. He drowned in a river. He liked to swim and he was an experienced swimmer. But you know that that was a very windy day and the waves were very big. All this caused the disaster. My mom was terribly upset by his death and she never began new relations with men because my dad was in her heart. Now my mum is a pensioner but before she was an English teacher in primary classes.
That's why I decided to work with children too. I entered the Pedagogical University of our city at the Faculty of pre-school education. There I have learnt English language very well and also my mum helped me to study it. Dear Christian, I should never have thought that my English will prove useful to me in getting acquainted with a man from another country.
I think that you are interested why I decided to look for a man in another country. You can see that I am not ugly and of course here I had some suitors. But… They didn't have good attitude to me. They wanted only amusements. And besides that they liked drinking!!!
Really awful!!! I can't tolerate tipsy men. Of course there is nothing terrible if somebody drinks a glass of wine or beer. But it is necessary not to overdo it. Do you agree with me?
As for me I don't drink and don't smoke, But sometimes, on my anniversary for example, I can afford to drink some red wine. And what about you, Christian? What is your attitude to alcohol and smoking?
Christian, I beg your pardon for such great quantity of questions… but really for me it's very important to know more about you….
Especially I'd like to know more about your family and your everyday life. (If it isn't a secret, of course…) You know, Christian, for me is very pleasant that I have found such a nice friend by correspondence.
In your next letter, please tell me, Christian, how you find my pictures.Well, in the letter I send you the photo my little cousin and ME! That time my little cousin Katya was at our place. I love her very much as all the children that's why I like to play with her.
I want to know more about you, I really want you to tell me more about your life, your interests. I'd like to know the best dream of your life, if it isn't a secret of course.But I still hope you'll tell it to me...
As for me I dream to have my own house somewhere in the suburbs of the city. I want to have not big, but cosy house with a small garden full of flowers and bushes.Of course it is very expensive but I am sure that it is possible. There is nothing impossible in our life, isnt it, Christian?
Well, it is all for the moment. I wait for your letter and wish you a good day!

Letter 3

Hello again, my Christian!!!
Your letter again gave me a piece of positive emotions, again gave me the desire of living. Really, I noticed that our correspondence changed me. I have something obligatory to do, but this obligation is so pleasant and I enjoy it. I try to make you glad by my letters too.
I think it's high time to tell you more about me, about my hobbies. You know, Christian, I like a lot to spend my spare time at home. Of course I am not a complete home- sitter, but… I must confess that I have a lot of things to do at home.
You can see my picture near the stove. I decided to cook soup today. Do you like soups? When I was a little girl I hated soups but now I just adore them!!! And what about you, Christian? Do you like soups? What are your favorite dishes?
Today when I was preparing my soup, I had a thought that it would be interesting for you to taste it. I cooked borsch. It's national Russian dish. And what traditional dishes do you have? Do you like to cook?
Besides my house job I like go for a walk. Do you like the nature? As for me I just adore it, I like walk especially in summer. Of course, now it isn't hot any longer and it's snowing sometimes. So I can't have long walks…
You can see, Christian, that I am not concentrated only on my work. I try to live full life. I adore reading, going to movies, going to picnics.
As for books I like love novels. My preferred writers are Russian classics: Gogol, Tchekhov, Pushkin and others. Among foreign authors I adore Hamingway, Remark. I also like poetry, when I read poems I see myself in a fantastic country where only love and friendship exist. Do you believe it can be? As for me , I do. It's possible when you love and understand some person, when you feel harmony in your heart. It is necessary to believe, to hope, and all the dreams will come true. I'd like to know do you like reading? Which Russian writers and poets you know? Do you like poetry? Have you ever tried to write poems yourself?
I like glossy magazines. I am very interested in life of stars and in modern fashion, that's why I like to read it.
I just adore going to movies. I think it's a really interesting occupation. My favorite film is "Chicago". Do you like this film? Have you ever seen it? What kinds of films do you like? I can't say I am a TV addict, but sometimes I watch news, because it's necessary to know the situation in the world. Do you agree with me?
As for me I like very much musicals. I must confess, Christian, that I adore singing and dancing. My mum is a classic music fan. That is she who made me a music-loving girl. So I like all kinds of music: classic, roc, pop music, but especially I love dancing music, because I adore dancing. My favorite singers are Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Maria Karry, Robby Williams. Do you like music? What Russian singers do you know? I like our singer Dima Bilan, he took part in Euvrovideo and won first place.
Among sports I adore swimming and aerobics. It's so useful for my health and for my body. I can swim all year round! In summer my friends and me, we like to have a rest near the lakes or on the board of the river. The rest of the year I go to the swimming pool. I am also fond of fitness. I like to mix business and pleasure and it is a real possibility to relax and to be always in a good mood!
I would like to hear your voice very much but I must say that now I haven’t got a phone but maybe I will have a chance to buy it. I want to ask you to give me your phone number. I have never called abroad, but I'm going to know every detail about it, and I will obligatory call you. I really want to talk to you.
I wait for your answer with great impatience, I hope you will like my letter. I will be very glad if you answer my questions. I really want to know more about you, my dear Christian. Your letters make me glad.
I kiss you, wait for your nice reply, Nastya.

Letter 4

My great and distinguished greetings to you, darling Christian!!!
Today I had a thought that now I have a very good tradition: tradition to attend my Internet cafe and to read my answer to your letter. My dear Christian, I must confess that I like a lot your letters. We have never seen each other but thanks to your letters and to my strong imagination I can imagine you and to note your main qualities: your intelligence, kindness, erudition. I enjoy reading your letters and sometimes I even reread them trying to find something new, something interesting.
My dear Christian I have been very borrowed by work these days,
How much I like it!!! How much I like our friendship. You know, Christian, It seems to me that you can say the same, and that for you our correspondence is also pleasant. Do I think in right way?
In fact a very long distance separates us from each other but I feel you to be next to me. It's because of your letters, because of your fine words. Last night I looked at the starlit sky and I thought may be you were looking at the same sky and you saw the same bright stars and may be you thought about me too. I think this distance cannot make our relations worse. We can express our emotions and feelings by means of our letters, we have the time to think it over and to find necessary words for each other.
Thanks to our letters and my strong imagination, I can imagine your life, you, your interests and occupations. When I write a letter for I try to reflect the most important things of my life, because I want you to know more about me. Our life is so interesting and every day there are some changes, so we can make each other every day telling some new stories.
For example, today I have bought a new disk. I have written to you I like the young Russian singer Dima Bilan, so I decided to buy his disk. Dy the by there are some songs in English in this disk. My favorite one is Never Let Me Go. Of course it's a song about love, it's really very romantic. I will think of you when I'll listen to it.
Write me too about your usual day, for me it's really very interesting. Just describe your evening, what you do in the evenings, what you eat for the supper. For me it's quite important. I want to know everything about you.
Today I had a small walk as the weather was better and it was not raining and suddenly I noticed that I was thinking of you. Yes, Christian, I was thinking of you and I imagined us walking together. What do you think, it's a great idea? We would be able to have a talk and I am sure that you would tell me a lot of interesting things, no doubts!
Also today having got your letter I have a thought that for me it would be very pleasant for me to get a real post letter from you. If you find time I would be very happy to get it!
So I give you my post address:
Country: Russia
City: Tver
Adress: st. Parhomenko, 24, app. 28
Last name: Mosunova
Index: 170007
If you want to get a letter from me I also will write you it with great pleasure. So, if you are not against you can just give me your address.
So please, darling, give me your telephone number. It would be just happiness for me to hear you sweet voice.
I dare kiss you, bye. Nastya

Letter 5

Hello, great hello to you, my fantastic Christian!!!
Thank you for your nice letter, thank you again for giving me desire to become better, to become interesting, else more beautiful. Yes, my Christian, you give me this wonderful energy.
All this time I was so concentrated on my work, I decided to devote my life to my job . But it was because I didn't have a real friend. But now I can say: "I have found, I have found a real friend!!!" A person who understands me perfectly, who can guess all my thoughts and desires, who can help me to resolute all the problems. I am happy, I am happy now - and that is you who are the reason of my happiness.
So today I had really a remarkable day because I spent time with my little cousin Katya!!! I send you our picture, look at it with attention. Don't you remark some resemblance between me and her??? I don't pay for compliments, but I think both of us are very pretty. You know my sweet Christian, my little cousin is a very smart girl. She goes to the kindergarten and she is one of the best pupils there. In fact she reads very well already!!!! May be I will teach her English. She adores me and I am an example for her. She is going to follow my life experience and to be a teacher. Of course she is just a child and her dreams are childish, but it's high time to make the choice. Don't you think so?
So I had a nice day and I am happy I've got the opportunity to describe it to you!!!! May be it seems a little bit strange that I express my feelings to a person I have never seen, but really I feel as I have known you for a very long time. May be it's because of the fact we change letters every day and we write them with all the sincerity. I never thought it's possible to feel so attached to an unknown person, but now I understand that when you receive so touching letters like from it's quite really!!!
My amazing Christian, what happiness that we have found each other, really? As for me how our friendship becomes stronger and stronger day from day and how it warms my heart which was frozen. Yes, I have learnt how to entrust, how to wait for a letter and I knew how is great the happiness from receiving it!!! I feel that it's reciprocally. It's really wonderful.
My mom remarks that I became very happy. She tells me: "What happened, my dear girl? You have found a boyfriend or what?" But I only smile her in answer… Tell me please, my darling Christian, if you aren't against telling my mom about you. If you don't mind, I am going to tell her about our friendship, OK?
Well, I have to finish…. Unfortunately…
I kiss you, Nastya.

Letter 6

Hello, hello, my darling Christian!!!
Oh, I am again here, I am again next to you in this wonderful Internet cafe that became the first place of our dates. I thank the skies that they gave you to me, that they gave me the possibility to get acquainted with the best man in the world.I have already written you that I enjoy rereading your letters, every time I find some new in your fine messages, every time I don't stop to be surprised by your intelligence and touching words addressed to me... It's an amazingly strange feeling of happiness that seizes me when I think of you!!!
So I continue to describe the days of my life. I know you are interested in it , don't you? Well today I went to the cinema and I had really a time of my life!!! I saw the film Death Race. I liked it immensely, because I really enjoyed watching the races. Speed and roads it's so romantic and amazing. By all means it's a masterpiece of modern cinema. I think that together with you this film was else more interesting and amazing for me. My darling Christian, how I'd like to go to the cinema and to watch some romantic comedy with you. What do you think of this idea?
Baby, today I dared to tell my mother about you! I told her that I had a real chance that I managed to find the best man in the world and even to have correspondence with him.
My fantastic Christian, my mum's reaction was very positive. She told me that if people have something to talk about, if they don't become tired of each other, if they have common interests - they are for each other. It sounds incredible but in spite of this distance that separates us we can feel so close to each other.
My Christian, I can't imagine my life, my being without you….
I don't know what has happened to me. I have never felt such feelings. I feel that something inside of me changed. In my soul appeared new emotions that give me great life energy.
And you, you, unique Christian, who changed me. It's all up to you…
At my job my colleagues also noticed that I have changed. My chief said to me: "What's up? You are thinking about something all the time." I said to her that I have watched an interesting romantic film and that I was thinking of it. But in fact, Christian, I think that our relations are even more distinguished than any film.
Ok, I feel too excited now..
It's time to say to you goodbye, Christian.
I kiss you very gentle, bye-bye, my honey.

Letter 7

Hello, my darling and amazing prince CHRISTIAN!!!
I can say this words with a great smile on my face because you only in the world whom I can present with these. You are a real prince, you, CHRISTIAN, you are the prince of our own fairy-tale that we have created together.
Every girl, especially in her childhood dreams of great, unforgettable love that will last all her life. And me too of course was full of such pink dreams. But the severe life dictate me another conditions. I was told for many times that it's impossible to make the dreams true.
My diamond CHRISTIAN, before you my life was so ordinary, so usual; the day did not differ from another … For men I was just a beautiful doll, the job occupied all my time. But with your coming to my life everything changed! My dear CHRISTIAN it so romantically you describe your dreams concerning us...
My sweet CHRISTIAN, I must confess you that I cannot imagine my life without you. It seems to be impossible, but I think that I felt in love with you. All my thoughts, all my dreams are about you. My attitude to you is quite particular. I have never felt such emotions. It ' really a kind of madness. I want to talk to you, to see you, to look into your eyes.
My sweet CHRISTIAN, I can imagine us together. As all girls I am very romantic and impressionable. What do you think of a picnic in touch with nature? Only you and me, and nobody else in the entire world. You so handsome and male and me so fragile and attractive, blue sky, green trees, bird singing... We will not need words; we'll understand each other without saying anything. My darling, do not abuse me for such courageous dreams, but I cannot resist them.
CHRISTIAN, I learnt how to trust, how to believe, how to love … Yes, my honey, I am not any longer afraid of pronouncing these words: " I love you! "
I love you, CHRISTIAN! I love you, tenderly and passionately, madly and mildly. Your sweet name is on my mind; all the words you have told me are in my heart.
Of course this confession is rather difficult for me. I do not know how you will react; I do not know what you would say to me … But I do not know why but I hope that everything will be all right. From your nice letters full tender words addressed to me I can guess about your attitude to me.
It's wonderful, my beloved CHRISTIAN, it's wonderful miracle of love. We managed to get acquainted in spite of great distance that separates us from each other.
Darling I know that all this is not occasional. Now I understand that I should obligatory meet you in my life and I understood that I have been waiting for you all my life.
I love you, CHRISTIAN, and with my heart madly beating I wait for your answer.
Your loving Nastya.

Letter 8

Hello, my sweetest love on the whole universe!
How it's pleasant for me to write you my letter full of sweet words of love, my darling!!! How it's important for me to open my soul to you and to discover that in my heart there is so much love.
Yes certainly you my Diamond.
Really, my love Christian, I have never thought that I am such an ardent girl. Really, Christian, under my appearance of an angel is hiding a real demon of love. But I am not furious - my love is like a sea wind, it's also fresh and mild …
I want to make you happy, Christian, and I know that only you can make happy me. It's the miracle of our love, and that are we who have created this wonderful feeling.
I feel that we are connected. Really, my diamond Christian, something happened and we have found each other. May be in this universe there is a kind magician who makes people acqainted? In this case it was him who inspired my first going to the Interenet cafe!!!
I cannot imagine my life without you and you are in my soul forever.
My fantastic Christian, you are the man whom I was looking for. You possess all the qualities I want to find in men. You are so kind, so tender, and so intelligent. I can learn it from your letters. You have presented me with a big world of happiness. I feel that in your letters you send me a little part of yourself. I feel indefinitely your presence next to me. I fact, my adorable Christian, we have some invisible connection between us.
We have an aim to be happy and we can do that. If we really want something we will do that. I want to give you that and I am yours forever!
Darling, I wish you sitting next to me and caressing my hair …
But when I turn back there is nobody there … It's a pity … But any way you are on my mind all the time and I love you!!!!!
I love you, I love you, I love you, my baby Christian!!!
I will write you soon, Christian! With love, your love, Nastya.

Letter 9

Hello, my dear friens and my beloved person Christian!!!
Darling, you know, for me it's so important that I can call you not only my beloved man, but also my best friend who understands me and is ready to support me in every situation.
My dear Christian thanks you for a verse it is very beautiful...
I am very grateful to you for every your nice word concerning me, I am really very honoured to hear such words and to understand that they are addressed to me.
My Christian!!! My sweet love!!! You know, some people told me that I resemble a doll. So, my love I am a doll only for you. I am your small Nastya whom you should bare on your hands …
I cannot wait for time when I can give you my inside passion and love. Now I understand that all my love and passion are just for you. Ihave been waiting for you to give you all this and to be loved in back.
I am just a weak woman and for me it is very difficult to be apart from my man, my strong and tender man. When I am reading your letters I feel myself like the most beautiful, most needful and wanted woman in the world. That's all because of your attitude to me … I was a darkling, and now I am swan.
Thanks to you, Christian, thanks to your love the flowers of my heart and soul became to blossom and I changed!!!
It's a miracle, it's a miracle, my dear Christian, it's a miracle of our love!!!
That is why it is so difficult for me to love you and at the same time I have no opportunity to express that feeling with touch, look, and kiss. I am too romantic maybe but I love you so much!!! Yes, yes, my unforgettable Christian, you are my knight and I am your princess.
And you know, Christian, that every fairy-tale must have a happy end.
Frankly speaking I have thought for many times of our meeting. Really, Christian, if I were an white swan I would come to you on my large wings and next to you I would turn into a luxurious lady.
I think that you agree with me that our marvelous relationship must develop, it ' does not stay on the same point. My love, Christian, it's up to us to create our destiny!!!
You know I have talked with my friends in my job and I was adviced to go to the travel agency and to learn everything about my trip to you. So I decided to do that right tomorrow. Ok? After have consulted I am going to write you all the details in my letter.
I wait for your sweet letter and I want to say I LOVE YOU many many times.
Your heartiest, Nastya.
P.S. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 10

Hello, my love Christian!
It's nice day today… And I was going to the Internet cafe. I was going to you, with the intenetion to read your letter, to write you mine one, which is so important for me.
I am really very very happy!!!
And the main reason of my good mood is YOU!!!
My love I have already told you that I went to the travel agency. So now I am ready to announce all the information to you. I consulted to a manager and I was told that for my travelling to you I need to have my international passport ( it costs (165$), it is not difficult to do, then tourist visa (it is more difficult but it is possible, it is lasts for 3 months, 240$), then two-way air-ticket (950$), insurance (880$, it will help me in any problems, connected with me, my property, my things, my health and things like that). My tourist visa will help me to do all with out any problems and because of this I must do package tour and two-way ticket. As you understand they want to be sure that tourist have a chance to come back but we will think how I can stay longer! I asked the manager in the agency and I was tola that they naturally had such cases of prolonging tourist visas, and these affaires were arranged.
Of course, Christian, first I was in embarassement. These prices seemed to me to be very great. They are much greater than my salary!!!
Fortunately those were my dear mum who supported me. My mum told me that she has guessed about my love and they understood that I want to be next to my beloved man. She has some accumulation. So, my mum has approximately 1300$. That's enough for my visa, my passport and my tickets…But I need more for my insurance.. This document is obligatory.
I have asked for everybody, but..none of my acqaintances doesn't possess this sum. So you are my last hope, Christian, my darling love Christian!!! I hope that you will be able to help me with my insurance and that means that very soon we'll be together:only YOU and ME!!!
You are my sweetest love, my man. I miss you every time and we have only our love.
I am dreaming about you. My prince, I need you to keep my heart and soul.
I think that our future is in our own hands and I will try to keep a good mood for you, my honey lips! I hope that you will do the same for me until we will see each other and kiss with all our passion.
Kiss you, with love, Nastya.
P.S. My mum sends you her best regards!!!!!!!!

Letter 11

Hello, my angel from the skies, hello, Christian!!!
I am so happy the skies gave you to me. I think that it is gratitude from the skies for all these years that I have passed in solitude, for all my tortures of being alone.
Darling, you know, before our meeting I did not have any purpose in life; in fact I had nothing to do. I must confess that sometimes I even had thoughts about death. Only my parents and my job prevented me from these awful thoughts.
My dear Christian yes I to wait so much for time how many it shall be necessary for an our meeting...
Dear only how many to wait for time for our meeting?????
But now, my best man, I have love in my life and this feeling gives me energy to live, to improve, to become better and better. Thank you, my love Christian, thank you for you.
I am constantly thinking of our meeting. Darling, I promise you to be the most beautiful in the world, the most elegant and refined.
I want you to fell in love with me deeper and deeper day from day, minute from minute, moment from moment.
I promise you that I will treat like a sultan, like a sheikh! I think you have dreamt about it, have not you?
I love you, darling, I love you my baby.
Christian, you and the word "love" are synonyms for me, really! I love you! I love you!
Well, I became too excited (and you are the cause, it's time to say goodbye.
I kiss you million, no milliard times!!!
Your loving Nastya.

Letter 12

Hello, darling boyfriend Christian!!!
It's me, your pretty girl who is madly in love with you and who cannot live a second of her life without thinking of you. Yes, it ' me your princess!
Oh, my darling Christian, how much I miss you, how great is my love, really you just cannot imagine.
My dear if you would arrive to me that you to go for me I would be very happy...
My love to you seizes me all over and sometimes I wonder why my heart has not broken from love to you.
You know, my love, today I decided to imagine our first meeting. Darling, I'd like to be in a dress when I'll see you for the first time. May be in red, or may be in black dress … I think that I should be very elegant that day. Do you know why? Because it will be the most important day in our life!!!
But the most important - it's our reciprocity and our great understanding. Sometimes I think that we are twins: Yes, my Christian, I feel as if we are two halves of something whole. May be some time ago we were separated but now we have a wonderful chance to be together, to join to each to each other.
I love you, my prince, I love you, my angel.
I cannot imagine that something will prevent us from being together. I will not let that such fact happened, I promise you, baby, that I'll do everything to keep our sacred feelings.
Ok, that's all for today. I love you and kiss you all over (if, of course you let me do like this).
All in love with you Nastya.

Letter 13

Hello my LOVE Christian .
Listen to these lines.
Christian ,
When you are sad, I will dry your tears
When you are scared, I will comfort your fears
When you need love, my heart I will share
When you are sick, for you I will care

You will feel my love when we are apart
Knowing that nothing will change my heart
When you are worried, I will give you hope
When you are confused, I will help you cope

When you are lost, and can’t see the light
My love will be a beacon, shining ever so bright
This is my vow, one that I pledge till the end
For you above all are my love and best friend

These words I have written, speak of my love for you
From my lips these words spoken, shall always ring true
God has blessed me, and with your hand in mine
Both of our hearts, will forever intertwine

Into all lives, falls pain and sorrows,
I hope together, we will meet all tomorrows
Happy in marriage, honor and love
blessed in unity by God above.

My life, I can not live without you, you everything, that now are necessary for me. I can not live not feeling warmly your body, your touch, Your smell, your breath, your smile, your laughter. I very much need in it. Lovely, when we shall meet in the person? How many to us still to wait?
I very much hope for our fast meeting.
Always with love

Letter 14

My full of great love hello to you, my dear, my sweet CHRISTIAN!!!
Baby, how are you? How are you doing? I ask these questions because I worry about you and I think about how you are living every day. Darling, I ask you to describe every day of your life because every event, every detail of your life is immensely important for me. My dear CHRISTIAN I except for you not whom want... I wish to live with you, to be with you you wash the future husband...
I love you, my CHRISTIAN! Sometimes I am really a little bit afraid of becoming crazy because of our love.
But understand me, my fascinating angel CHRISTIAN, I have never had such feelings, so I try to express them in all possible ways. I hope that you like it, do not you?
CHRISTIAN, tonight I had a fantastic dream. And try to guess who was the main hero of this dream? Naturally - you. Yes, baby it was our first date. As for me I was in an elegant red dress and I had an exquisite hair dress. You joked, I laughed and we were so happy together. We were in some cafe or restaurant and there were candles there. You presented me with a fine red rose that suited a lot to my dress. Baby, CHRISTIAN, we were so happy together. So when I awoke up and I did not find you next to me, I began to cry.
Why? Why? We are created for each other, we are a sound couple and without each other we are not as strong as together.
I love you, my darling. The fire of our love is madly burning in my heart and I know that it was lit in your heart too. I know, my love that we will be together, only you and me, forever. That's why my tears dry very fast, because the fire of your love helps them to disappear!!!
Ok, my CHRISTIAN, I kiss you passionately but tenderly in the same time.
I love you, mss you. Nastya

Letter 15

Hi my beloved CHRISTIAN.
I am very glad to read your letter again. My heart is ready to jump out of a breast
To be with you together. But I think, that we shall be together and we can
To carry out all our dreams. I fall asleep each night with an idea on you. To me very much
It is pleasant, that you so about me care. Now to me it is much better, to me has helped
To recover our love.CHRISTIANI very much love you and I want to be as soon as possible
With you. You can protect me from all strokes of bad luck. Yesterday when I sat
At home I also thought of you that has composed a small verse. It can will sound not so
In English but all the same I want, that you have read it.

I so want that I was with you beside
That we breathed air one
You are man of my dream
And superfluous words it is not necessary
By the love we as torches burn
And there will be our life by happy expectation
The moments our following meetings
I is possessed by you for each appointment
I is always ready to lie under a guillotine.

Only be with me beloved
Be always with me happy
I love you you know it
Without you I can't live on light it.

Unfortunately I am not able to translate Russian verses on the English language so that they sounded verses. But the sense of a poem is that I feel to you, beloved. I very much want to meet as soon as possible, beloved.
With love yours Nastya .
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!poem

Letter 16

Hello my beloved Prince Christian.
How at you affairs go my love?
I very much very much very much miss on you.
I very much love you and I do not present the life without you,
I very much as soon as possible want to be with you.
My love, to me it is very bad, because I till now not with you, my love
Lovely do, please something that we already very soon were together,
I can not suffer such distance between us. I can not wait so long, I very much want to
be with you right now to hold your gentle, strong hands, To kiss your sweet, tasty lips,
to embrace your strong man's body, to nestle on you and to feel all your heat,
your aroma, your touch, your embraces, your breath.
That we together felt all that that we want. I love you!!!
My love, write to me please WHEN WE SHALL BE TOGETHER? WHEN?
I very much wait from you for the answer.

Letter 17

Hello, my dear CHRISTIAN!
I am sorry for a long delay of my letter, but at me happened the big troubles at my grandmother. My grandmother several days ago have taken away by the machine of first aid. She had an attack of heart. This event of me has very much upset and cried very for a long time. I very much was frightened when with my grandmother there was such misfortune. I nearly have not lost consciousness. But I have taken myself in hands and have caused first aid. My grandmother has lain in hospital some days. As soon as have brought my grandmother in hospital the doctor has told, that my grandmother needs full inspection. When this inspection has been made, to me have informed very bad news. Urgent operation on heart is necessary for my grandmother. Yesterday at my grandmother the attack of heart again was.
The doctor has told, that if still there will be such attacks heart of my grandmother can not sustain. Also can happen big to mountain... My grandmother can die. When I have learned it I have fallen without consciousness. Later the doctor has resulted me in consciousness. I very for a long time realized these bad news. I have asked the doctor what it is necessary to do? He has told, that urgent operation is very necessary for my grandmother. It very much very bad news to me.

Your Nastya.

Letter 18

My dear Christian how are you there is no certainly I have no communication with other people you are necessary to me only and I you love all yours Nastya.

Letter 19

Hello, my sweet kitten Christian!!!
One more day without you… But I don't regret, because I know that I will have in return milliards wonderful moments next to you. I know that!!!
And besides that I really have you in my heart. How madly it is beating while I think of you. I am all over seized by our loving and I feel how the chemistry between us grows day from day.
Do you feel the same, my darling Christian? I love you and my love warms me even the nastiest days.
You can't believe, my darling, but today I had again a dream with you. It was very romantic and curious. In fact it was an usual situation. It was morning and I prepared coffee for you and I brought it to you right in bed. You were very thankful! And do you want to know what your gratitude was? It was a tender and passionate kiss!!!
And for me it's the best award. Yes, baby, your kisses and your sweet words that you give me in your letters.
Christian, some women are looking for fame, for money, for a lot of lovers… In fact I can't understand them. Now, when I have you in my heart I am sure that the only happiness is finding the LOVE.
I am pitiful about those people who have never had this wonderful feeling, who devoted all their life to their career.
I love you and believe me, my beloved prince that my emotions will never calm down.
Never, never, never.
I swear you in my love and I promise to keep it till the end of my days.
Your sincerely loving Nastya.

Letter 20

Hello, my sweet love, hello the best friend of my heart, my lovely Christian!!!
It's me, your small girl Nastya who is madly in love with you!!! My feelings are so tender that sometimes my soul is alike a many - coloured rainbow. I love you, darling and my the most treasured dream now is to kiss you tenderly and passionately …
I need you like air. I'd like to smell you, I'd like you to cover my pretty face with numerous kisses.
May be you can say that my dreams are too frank, too courageous …. But what should I do, a little girl seized with love to you, Christian …
But you know, that I do not only dream. Also I promise, I swear that I will do all my best for being with you. And I know, Christian, that your intentions are the same.
We are in the harmonious unity with each other, we are really a sound couple. Oh, darling, it is so seldom in our world where a lot of people are interested only in money and sex. I know that we must keep our love, our sacred feeling in our hearts, in our souls.
But it does not mean we must not develop it … No, no, my love … We cannot stop on the place we have already achieved. No, we must go to our common purpose, to our union, to the moment when we'll be together, when we have our meeting!!!
Baby, my kitten Christian, I become more and more sensitive …
This is because of our great love … I love you!!! I love you, Christian!!!
Your crazily in love, Nastya.
Thanks for your ROSES!!!

Letter 21

Hello, my honey lips! Hello, my sun in rainy autumn!!! Hello, my Christian!!!
If I could I would kiss your lips all the time, Christian!
I think that it is a really happiness when two people want to be with each other and their desire so big that they cannot wait for this day when they will hug each other and say everything that they just want to say! My dear Christian thanks for your poem it so is beautiful....
All my friends ask about us all the time and they are really glad to know that we will be together soon. I think that people who found their half should be together and we will be.
We have a rather mild weather, I know that somewhere there is a man who can give me all his warmth and I will give him all my tender power of love. In all the novels and romantic films we can see love stories that take place in summer or in spring. But our love, our sacred feeling was born in autumn. It's like a gentle flower that is aroused in frost and has grown up into a great and beaitiful flower.
I think of our meeting all the time and it became a part of my life now. I understand that we have a lot of time but why we should spend our time without each other. I need you, you, Christian, need me and this is most important.
Today I have met my old friend whom I could not see for much time. She told me about her life and situation with her loved man. She loves him so much and he loves her too but no matter what they have not got an ability to be together because he works in the other city and she here. I cannot understand their position. If they love each other they should be together. No excuses and no regrets. Just love and desire to try maybe get a chance.
I think that we will never make such a mistake. We want happiness and we will be. I know that if you really want something you will get it.
Today when I was cooking a breakfast I noticed that I want to cook something special for you. It would be wonderful and pleasant for me. In my heart I am already yours and you are mine.
Love sweet love!!!! I needed it in my life and now it is with me!!!!!!!!!!
I hope that your day will be very good and I will be thinking about you. I love you, I need you and I am yours.
Your beautiful and loving Nastya (hot with our love)

Letter 22

My dear CHRISTIAN I still wish to be with you but I did not receive your letter I thought that you are very borrowed write to me I you I love... Yours Nastya

Letter 23

My Sweet Angel CHRISTIAN.
How are you? Where are you? I very strongly wait from you of the letter,
you did not write to me some days. I very strongly miss on you, my love.
You the largest pleasure in my life, you all that are necessary for me in this life.
I very much love you and with impatience I expect day of ours meeting.
I know that we will be happy together!
I know that we will establish the happiest pair together!
I know that I love you more than life!
I know that I need in you each day!
I know that I need in your love, because each day without you brings to me
suffering and pain!
I know that I can not live without you and your love!
Therefore I'm not afraid of anything!
I'm only afraid to lose you,
because I shall die without you, CHRISTIAN!
Love you, Kiss you...
Your Forever Nastya

Letter 24

Write to me please, I am very sad, when I do not receive from you of news.
It is very a pity, that I could not to you write within those days, when you very much waited from me the letter. I once again am sorry about you. Write to me please, I very much wait from you the letter.
My love, when we shall be together?, when I can see you?, it is very necessary for me.
Your love and your smile is very necessary for me. Your presence near to me is very necessary for me.
Your love Nastya

Letter 25

Excuse, that I did not write to you some time, I was ill slightly and I had temperature. But now all in the order, I am healthy also I can to you write again. I hope, that you will not become angry on me because of it.

I all time wait from you of the letter and I jump with happiness when I receive your letters. I very much wait when I can see you. I hope, that all will be good and soon we will together.
I very want to be with you. I shall love you always and I shall do all that you was happy. We shall be happy together and who can not to us prevent, to be happy. I love you and I very much hope, that soon we will be together. You that man about which I dreamed all my life, you are sent to me from heavens. I do not know for what to me so was lucky, that you are at me, I very much Is happy, I am grateful to the God for what we have found with you each other in it the world. We with you as two half one whole, I can not live without you.
We with you always shall be together, it is destiny, we must be together.

I am very happy, that you can to me help with arrival to you,

I very much hope, that we soon will be together.
My love, I very much want to see you as soon as possible.

I want to enjoy life together with you to be the good wife and mother. You that man about which I dreamed, you are very necessary for me, I love you.
Write to me soon, I very much wait from you of news.


Letter 26

Hi my love, my future husband CHRISTIAN!!!My dear I could not, to you to write because there was a New Year...
And I could not enter in The Internet of cafe... It has been closed...
I admire with your letters, large thank, I feel a lot of heat when I read your letters! When I shall come to you, I shall not come back any more back to Russia, I all time shall live only with you, my love. I love you and I can not live without you
When I sleep, I see you in my dreams, we are engaged with you love!
It is strong passion!!!!!! I wake up from it all wet!!!!!!
I want to do it with you each day really! I shall be your sole!
I want to come to you in marriage and to be to you the correct wife!
I give rise to you babe, similar to you! We shall go for a walk together, to enjoy life and to admire our kid! And at night, when you will tell him a fairy tale and we lay him to sleep, Then we shall look cinema together, I love different cinema, main that it was interesting, and the main thing that with you. We shall be engaged infinite love!!!
I at first shall kiss your eyes, then cheeks, your gentle lips are farther, I shall get over then to your breasts!
I shall kiss yours further stomach and very slowly I shall be......
In me so much love now has collected, that I can burn out all world!
Also it is all only yours! Only for you! For my sole husband!
I with impatience wait for that day when at last we shall be together and I can give you it!
I love you! Remember it I shall love you always, that would not happen!
Write to me as soon as possible,
I very much in you need.
With never ending love and passion Nastya .



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