Scam letter(s) from Olga Blohina to Kai (Germany)

Letter 1
Good morning my new friend Kai ,
I have received today your letter. I have been pleasantly surprised.
It is healthy, that you have written to me. You have chosen me from set of women and have written to me.
Really it very much pleases me. I read your letter and looked your photos.
Your letter very much was pleasant to me. Correctly, that you have written to me.
Your photos have very much liked me, you very pleasant man. You like me.
I wish to tell to you about me. That you as knew with whom correspond.
As you already know, I live in Russia, in a city Vladimir. I live here since the birth.
I was born to 22.07.1979 year. My growth makes approximately 169 centimetres. Wash all about 50 kg.
I am recoloured in the blonde, my natural hair colour brown. My eyes brown.
Kai I have no children and when was not for the husband. Very much I wish to have children.
I have placed the questionnaire on a site to get acquainted with the good person.
And here now I already write the letter to the good person. I wish to create a family.
I very much love children, children it is pleasure of a life, the truth?
I work as the bookkeeper in not to the big firm. Our firm is engaged in sale,
Home appliances. It not the big firm, but me is pleasant to work in it, it is interesting.
Now I have holiday from my work. It is connected by that workplaces have reduced.
Can is fast we can even see each other. I have travel to your country.
I have finished institute. I studied well. At me when there were no problems with study.
Teachers always praised me. I have finished all study only on 4 and 5.
I have very strongly grown fond of foreign languages. I well know English language.
At school and institute I studied it under the full program. I know German language very badly.
But I think, that after a while I will well speak German.
My hobby is a miscellaneous. In the summer I like to go by a bicycle. It is an entertainment.
In the winter I as adore skis. Fine in frosty morning to pass on skis.
Once a week I visit library, pool and fitness. I like to go to the cinema and theatre.
I love in general an interesting life, I cannot sit on one place, I need than to occupy that myself.
Or I should work or do affairs on the house, to go in for sports.
As it seems to me at me very quiet and kind character. I love children, I love animals.
I live with my mum. My daddy has left us with mum very much for a long time. I at all do not remember it.
Mum has brought up me very well. Learnt to various things. I well prepare kitchen.
Constantly we with mum do house cleaning. We have not a big kitchen garden.
I love very much the nature, in the summer constantly we spend time on a kitchen garden. I love sunburn.
Kai I very much hope, that our acquaintance will be successful and in fast we will meet.
As I use the cafe Internet, I will finish my letter and I will go home.
In the morning I already was today in church. We with mum often go together.
Tomorrow I with pleasure will search for your answer and new photos.
I hope, that you will not be afflicted by me and we continue our dialogue.
Huge greetings from Russia.
Letter 2
Hello dear Kai !!!
It is very pleasant for me that my letter did not remain without
attention and you write to me back. Kai i am glad that we have started to
learn each other and I shall be happy if you man for me and I girl for you!
I passionate young lady with watching eyes and full of vital
****** energy. In the basis of my heart I - sentimental and sensual.
I want meet true love, someone especial, special to divide with him my life.
If our feelings will be mutual, I shall make the future husband
the happiest the man on the Earth! I shall give him all my love!
I do not know, when this fine moment will come, but I shall be happy if our
relations will go forward every day and then we shall see that occurs.
I very much hope, that we will have an interesting dialogue and that all ours
Correspondence will soon pass in something interesting. I wish to tell to you yet much
About me and my life, I hope you have not got tired yet. As you already know, that I from
Russia from city Vladimir. A city my cosy and small. It is absolutely
Not far from Moscow. I live in modest apartment, with modest an interior.
I am done not confused with my life. I have no computer house, I have no cellular telephone,
But for me it is all not important I do not search for riches. The main thing a cosiness and rest.
From my windows from apartment very beautiful kind on park. Many pairs walk there everyone
Day, it is interesting to observe of the enamoured. When the winter and is a lot of snow it in general
The finest kind. But this winter is very strange, snow is not present! :)
Weather forecasters promise some snow soon, but it is not enough. Weather at us average-8.
What weather at you? Whether there is at you a snow? You love winter?
The Christmas and new year is fast. These are most mine holidays are favourite. It is felt them
Approach, already in city centre there are dressed up fur-trees. It is healthy.
We with mum each new year and Christmas put a fur-tree. You put this wonderful
Tree? I think, that you as love this season.
Kai Tell to me about your city more, what sights there are?
What beautiful architecture in your city? You will make to me excursion on yours
To city if I is at you on a visit? Very much I wish to see you.
Probably I could even try to call to you, it is bad that I have no phone.
My neighbours have phone, but I often used earlier at them phone,
Now is not present I wish to ask them again. But I am completely not far from the house I have mail.
I can order negotiations there, and we could hear voices each other.
Kai , usually every morning I have run on my native park.
It seems to me, that each girl should watch a figure. I do not wish to have ***.
First time I ran in 14 years. Since then I to run began often.
It is very important for the girl, you look behind a figure. :-)?
I was for the husband never. I in general had a little meetings with boys.
Basically I devoted time to study and work. Often went with girlfriends.
I am now ready to create the family. I hope I will be the good wife, is assured of it.
From the early childhood I about mum on kitchen, well prepare, I hope you will try
My various dishes. To me it is very pleasant, now we can communicate more close.
Kai , I have some message for you. Very much I wish to hope, that you
This message will please. I am not simple so have visited a site of acquaintances.
Now I will tell to you about my plans. In the summer of this year I will be in Moscow.
I was engaged there in manufacturing by my visa in Germany. At first I did the foreign
The passport, and has then decided to send for Christmas and new year in your wonderful country.
It also is our chance to see each other to have more a close acquaintance.
And so, washing the visa in your country it is already ready. To me called from embassy and have informed,
That my visa have approved also I has received the Schengen visa. It is healthy. But there were some
Problems, but I all has overcome them. In many respects I was helped by travel company.
I will travel to your country as the tourist. Very interestingly.
In some days I will already go to Moscow for reception of my visa.
Then from there I at once I plan to fly to your country. I need to finish only
Some affairs on work. I should make the report for the whole year, for our firm.
I very much would like to know more about you.... Tell to me about itself please!
How you imagine our relations? What the main thing in a life for you?
I will send you still some photos, I hope, that they like you.
Send to me as more than your photos. So that I could imagine is better you.
It is very pleasant to me to look at you Kai !!! kiss, with impatience I will wait for your letter.
P.s. I wish you happy Christmas!
Yours Olga from Russia.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Kai,
I am very tired, I have passed today much.
I went the underground! I was at the airport and in a travel company, now to you all I shall tell Kai .
I have received the visa, congratulate me. Now I have the complete set of documents for flight in the Germany,
but I have troubles with customs house. I was very well consulted by my agent. I have to lear cost of the ticket of the plane,
but to me have told that I cannot fly in the Germany because I should have with myself 1000 euro on pocket expenses.
Kai this money is necessary for having only with itself and only so I can pass through customs house.
This rule exists that I and all Other tourists could prove, that can exist in your country.
It is a pity to me to inform you, but because of this problem my flight in the Germany can not take place.
All problem in that that after purchase of the ticket of the plane also I shall have with myself only 580 euro
and through customs house it is necessary for me for transition more 420 euro. I need in your advice.
I can fly in the Germany only if I shall have with myself 1000 euro. After purchase of the ticket at me remain 580 euro,
but I shall require still in 420 euro. Kai i tried to find money, but all efforts were ineffectual.
It is a pity to me to inform you about it, but I cannot fly in the Germany without your help.
To fly in the Germany to me it is necessary more 420 euro and I do not know that to do now?
Whether I do not know you can help me whether or not, but it only your decision.
If you can help me I canfly to you and I shall return your expenses back.
I should have this money only with myself and if you can help me as soon as we shall meet I shall return this money.
Kai please write to me what to do in this situation. I could not provide all nuances of my flight in the Germany,
but I hope, that have not changed your plans. You should not help me but as I have already told to you,
I can fly in the Germany only if you can help with this problem. I do not know what to do,
but inform that to me to do in this situation. If you cannot help me I shall be to go home.
In agency I informed, that I fly to you. To me have told, that you Can help me.
On this I ask about the possible help you.
To me have told, that at the airport there is branch Western Union and if you can help me
I can receive money very quickly and then I can buy the ticket of the plane.
Then I shall give the full information of my flight.
If you can help me, that send 420 euro to me through the Western Union and I can receive money during short time.
I ran in branch western union and asked as their system works. To me have told, that you go in any branch western union.
There to you will explain as to send me of money. The manager western union has told,
That all this is very simple. Only I should inform you the data which you should To know, to send me of money.
You need to know my full name and city where to send money. My full name: Olga Blohina. The address:
Russia, Moscow. Nearly has not overlooked, she has told, that as you can use a site
So you can send money not departing from a computer. Kai if at me I will turn out shall try to you soon to call.
I need to find only Item of the international negotiations. I wanted to call from the airport, but it is expensive there.
Now I shall go to search for item of negotiations. I hope, that we shall hear each other soon.
Yours Olga
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