Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Jose (Spain)

Letter 1
I have received today your letter, and I was very strongly happy. I very strongly wish to learn
About you it is more. But I do not know from what to begin. I have seen yours profile, and you
To me has liked. I hope, that to you too I like.
I not so well write on English. But I hope, that you understand me.
I as wish to tell about myself more. My name is Natalya. To me
Now 30 years and I live one in mine to apartment.
The city in which I live, is called Novocheboksarsk . I work as the seller of perfumery.
It is small shop in the centre of our city. I work there and
I help people to make a cosmetics choice. My work is pleasant to me, because I can help
To people. To me like, when I see their happy persons.
Very many girls come with their guys and I sometimes envy them.
As to me 30 years, and I yet was not married, and I have no children!
I have started to use Internet recently. After at us
There was a cafe Internet in a city. I at first did not think of it. But
Has decided to try. After my girlfriend Luda has advised to me to take advantage of it.
It already married and it is happy. I as wish to be happy.
That you would wish to learn about me??? Ask me, and I am obligatory
To you to answer. I hope, that you will send the photos also. I
Would like to receive more them. I send you the photo. I hope, that it is pleasant to you.
Tell to me. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? That
She should be able? I very much would wish to know.
I hope, that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and your photo. I will be
Very to wait. You will not forget to write me the letter? I hope, that
I very much wait......
Your new girlfriend Natalya
Letter 2
Forgive. Forgive me, I ask you, do not take offence at me. I do not know how to tell. I do not know what to speak. To me it is very bad, forgive..................
I do not know from what to begin, I do not know what to tell to you. I promised to you yesterday, that I will arrive, and that all our dreams become a reality. I very much want it. I wish to be with you, and I wish to embody all our dreams in a reality.
It is necessary nothing for me, only you and your love. I wish to be only with you for ever.
I do not have words. On my eyes of tear. I feel very badly because promised to you and I can not make it. I went to Travel agency and have learnt trip cost. At me hardly heart has not stopped, when I have learnt cost.
A trip very expensive. I do not know how to make it and as me to arrive to you. I promised, that I will arrive, but it turns out, so I cannot make it.
Iit is very a shame to me before you. I thought, that a trip not such expensive. But when I have learnt that it is necessary to make, was in a shock. I have learnt, that it is necessary to do, what documents to make out and have learnt approximate cost of all of it.
These are very big money.
Forgive me, I ask you to forgive me..............
I am far from you and I not can to arrive, I can not make you happy, I can not present to you the caress and love. I have no so much money, and I do not represent where I can to find them.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
I wish to be with you, and even that between us also the distance does not frighten me. I ask you only about one. Do not leave me. Do not leave me one. I wish to be with you, I do not know how to fulfil the promise, but I ask you not to leave me.
I have met you, I have understood, that you that man with whom I wish to be for ever. And I do not wish to lose you, the man of the dream. Forgive me, forgive, but I cannot be with you now.
I ask you, understand me.
Sincerely and yours faithfully and love,
Yours and only yours for ever Natalya
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