Scam letter(s) from Olga to Ethan (USA)

Letter 1
I am glad to receive from you the letter. I wish to know more in detail about you, than you are engaged, your hobby. As I already wrote to you, I hope, that you will be frank. I think, that you wish to know about me more in detail. I now live in city Samara. My growth about 169 centimetres and weight I think 54 kg. Light of eyes green, and hair at me brown colour. To me now 28 years. On January, 25th to be executed 29 years. I work as the manager on sale of female footwear. I help girls and women correctly to choose footwear. As the habitation is not present, therefore I rent apartment. I was born in Samarskoi areas in settlement Kujar. There at me now there live parents. It not the big settlement. I have left therefrom when entered the institute. 5 years a vein in a hostel of the Samara Pedagogical institute. I there studied as management and trade. After the institute termination, it not wanted to me to go to work to itself to settlement and consequently I remained to live in Samara. Now I work more than 5 years as the manager on sale.
I never was married and I have no children. But I wish to marry and create family. For this purpose I wish to find the correct person that he loved me and respected. You can be such person. I think, whether we learn during correspondence we approach each other.
Many Russian women get acquainted on the Internet with men and wish to receive from them only money. I wish to tell to you at once, that my intentions are serious also I will never ask you money. If I am really interesting to you, you should trust me and to be with me frank.
I very well cook food. I agree with Russian saying "a way to heart of the man lays through his stomach". My favourite kitchen - the Russian kitchen. You probably also did not try the Russian kitchen? In the Russian kitchen many various dishes. If at us it to turn out to fasten relations I think you you will try the majority of them. As I like to listen to music and to read books. Music I basically listen to pop-music. I basically read novels of modern writers and sometimes detectives. As I like to have a rest on the nature and to bathe. Here only to bathe in lakes and the rivers at us it is possible only in the summer, therefore I sometimes go to pool. Here such I.
I hope, that is interesting to you and I will wait for your letter. You to me write in any case. Olga.
Letter 2
Hello Hunter!!!
I am very happy to receive your letter. To me already to like to receive from you letters. It is interesting to me to know about you.
I also hope, that I will write about myself a lot of the interesting.
I wish to write to you about my character. I the optimist, quiet, kind also concern all with understanding. Probably therefore at me it is a lot of friends, but here the groom did not manage to be found. At you it is a lot of friends? I very much do not like unreliable people, false and egoists. It seems to me that such people everywhere much. I try to avoid similar people. At leisure I try to spend on fresh air and with friends. As I like to travel, i want to visit as much as possible countries. While I went only to Turkey and Cyprus. Very much it was pleasant to me. As I often leave for a city, on the nature. I with friends like to spend days off about the rivers and lakes. We cheerfully spend time. Also I love animals, I have a cat. Her name Masha. To it 2 years. She always meets me at a door when I come home from work. She very much likes to play, caress and when to me visitors come, it jumps to them on knees and waits when it will ******. When I went to school at me there was a dog. Now the dog lives with my parents in settlement. This dog already old, now to it of 13 years.
I wish to learn more about your relatives and friends. And it is final about you. I will look forward your letter and I hope soon you to me will write, Olga.
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