Scam Letter(s) from Illiana Fox to Mark (USA)

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Letter 1

Thank you for your contact. How are you today ?Thank you of the pics you sent me and i want you to know that i have sent mine too and i like the way you look, I believe you enjoying your day . I checked your profile and it gave me much interest in you . Well, I hope you do not mind me of my age. Does this bother you and have you dated younger lady before ? I am 30 years,Single and i have no kids,no boyfriends, but most people say that I look much younger than what I am maybe(around 20) I hope this does not bother you. I try and stay in shape and my heart is young and I try and smile at what life has to offer me either good or bad. I am a strong believer that there is a time for everything when one needs to be serious but most of the time I truly like to smile and enjoy life to its fullest. I am single. I consider myself to be very compassionate and a true romantic. I love treating men with respect and believe in the old school of romance. I love to kiss and cuddle just holding hands and loving that person so I guess the word I am looking for is sensual....

I graduated from the University of Lagos,Nigeria with a Bachelor's degree in business administration.I was born and raised in Florida In Miami,I come from a small family, one younger brother his Name is Martins,We relocated from Florida to Nigeria 10 years ago after my father's death .I love good conversation and most importantly someone who is not afraid to express himselves and appreciates a woman who shows affection in return. I love a man who can show affection. I believe life is just too short not to hold hands and to give a kiss just because it doesnt mater where one is. Well I have probably bored you to deaf and if so I apologize but I definitely would love to continue communicating with you and I hope you feel the same way. I hope to hear back from you real soon. . Have you met anybody on this site and if so how was it. please let me know what you think. Until the next letter, from the bottom of my heart .....Bye..

Letter 2

Hello Mark,
How are you doing, I Hope all is well with you over there and i really want to thank you of the pics you sent me and you look so Handsome and Lovly, Sweetie i want you to know that i am not here to play Games or money Games all i want is a man that will be honest and faithful to me and i am so happy that we both are looking for the same thing in life and i want long term relationship with a man like you and i hope that this will work out of us and what is most important is love and faithfulness and Trust and i am God fearing woman and i am one woman and man and i hope that all you said is True and you can give me ur cell phone Number so that i can call you since you are leaving out of town my dear and i cant stop looking at your pics and do you Promise me that you will always mail me and keep in touch with me and always send me mail and i want you to know that God have brouth us here of a reason and oplease let us try and trust each other and have faith Okey ....

I will be looking forward to hear from you soon, Bye



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