Letter(s) from Yinka Smith to Keith (USA)

Letter 1

Hi there. how are you doing , well i/ve gone through your profile when am browsing here.
i got interest in knowing much about you??

Letter 2

Hey sweetie. yea i got your message. well tell me what is the time Overthere??? did your daughter sleep yet???

Letter 3

Hi My Treasure Keith!!! Goodmorning. How are you doing this morning. i hope you have nice sleep lastnight and Did you Dream of me there. Oh Thanks you for Your Message, I am Very Glad That I could hear from you and I wish That we Could Talk Online and Get to Know Each Other More Better... Cause I want you to Understand That I am New on Internet But I have been Into a RelationShip That Lasted for 6 Months But was a Disappointment and Flame of shame, Heart Broken, Cheat, Toying of Heart and Ones Feelings from My Ex-Guy .... So I want you to Know That I am Not Looking for a Man That will Playing With My Heart Or Toying with My Heart and Feelings..... Iwant you to Know That I am Looking for a Man That is serious and Romantic, Someone That is Really Ready to for a Woman in His Life and That will Respect The woman No Matter How she is Or Her Present Condition, someone That is Ready to Take Action on what He want and Needs.... Well I would Love to ask you some Questions:-
What is your Best Colour?
What do you Like doing for Funs?
What are The Activities You Like doing when you Less Busy
Are you willing/Ready To Fall In Love No Matter where Or The Present Area You Find The True and 100% Love ?
How Soon do you want a Woman in Your Life? I will be waiting to read back from you soon
Your's Shelley.
im waiting for your reply

Letter 4

hello My Treasure Keith!!! how was your day overthere. i hope you enjoy your Sunday there. Oh keith i would really love to chat with you and get to know you much better. hope everything is going fine and better with you and your daughter Overthere. I wish we could chat online Keith. im starting fall in love with you but im scared here Keith, i don't want to hurt anymore and i know you will not hurt me. Well im waiting to hear from you till then have a nice time there till then take good care of yourself and stay cool. Byeeeee
your's Shelley.

Letter 5

Oh honey im on way to school right here. i hope to read from you when im back home. till then have a nice time and stay cool. send my regards to your daughter and to all your friends overthere. Bye stay cool and have a nice time there.
Your's Shelley

Letter 6

Hello My Treasure Keith!!! How are you doing there.I hope you have nice sleep lastnight and did you Dream of me there. Oh honey im just got home from school right here while i came to check your mail. Oh Keith i want you to know that im really in love with you and i want you to know that i really mean all what i said. im woman of my words, i don't lie and i don't cheat or betray. i never be a betrayer in my life and i will never be Honey. Keith i want you to know that im honest and trusth worthy with you, im tell you my feelings, the feelings i have for you, infact i did told my friends at school about you and they all jealous about us Keith. I hope you are in love with me as im in love with you Keith. I love you with all my heart and i want us to plan together for our future. i feel good and more better when ever im reading your mail honey and i want you to know that you seem the kind of man i/ve been looking for and i hope you will never betray me or cheat on me right??? Truly im scared here too becos i never think i could fall in love for a man i haven't meet but i just don't know what God want to do in our life Keith, i always believe in God and i know God is in control, Everything is possible when their is God and we will never stop praying for each other. I bet it would work out.... well i hope to hear from you later my love till then have a Nice time there and stay Coool.
Your's Truly and Future Partner's

Letter 7

Oh i just check those Pictures on your profile at myspace. Wow you guys look very nice. i bet you will have happy family overthere as i am. i but lost almost of my family in the Hurricane Incident, that's pretty. it very sad when ever im remember the bad incident. well i know God will take control in my life and Everything is going to be smoot for me(Amen). Oh keith i guess you must still been sleepy by now, how i wish im next to you overthere lol!!!!! i would love to meet all your family overthere, you guys really look nice. i only been to Oklahoma once and it nice place to live.lol!!!! well i hope to hear back from you Keith and pls extend my greeting to Braylin and all your friends Overthere. Goodbye.
Your's Shelley.

Letter 8

Hi honey Keith. Oh i lose my parent and some of my family in the bad Hurricane Storm. it was so terrible. honey i guess you heard about the incident right???? Oh how was your last weekend honey. i hope you have nice time there, I miss you soooooooooooooo much here. Stay cool and have a nice time there.
Your's Shelley.

Letter 9

Keith i want you to know that i would love read love poems from you. u don't reply me with long mail, you know i really love reading long mail from you honey and tell me how is your day today. Hope you guys have a nice time there right???? I did think of you alots here today. Stay cool and god will bless you for me(Amen) your's Shelley

Letter 10

Oh yes Honey. i usually get to bed by 12 noon. im reading book right here becos we will soon start our finaly Examination and i must prepare very well and im thinking about you too. I hope you think about me like am did right here.

Letter 11

Oh honey it's exactly 1:45am right here and im still waiting to read a mail from you Keith. I hope Everything is Okay with you there. Stay cool and have a nice time there. Long kiss to you there xxxxxxxxx
Your's Shelley
Hi my Treasure!!! What are u doing right there.