Letter(s) from Victoria Alekseeva to Danilo (Sweden)

Letter 1

Probably many girls write you every day.
But when I have seen your profile, I was very much interested in you.
And I have decided to try to write you.
Can be I shall be lucky and you will answer me.
I live in Russia in city Zelenodolsk.
I understand that Russia is far from you.
But probably we shall try to find out each other better.
I tried to find intimate friend in Russia. But at me that has failed.
I search for sincere and fair person with which possible to build strong relations.
I hope that you not against our dialogue and soon will answer to my e-mail.
I shall be very glad to inform you about myself and I shall send you many my photos.
If you have become interested in me write me to my e-mail: nadezhdi.mil@gmail.com
I shall be very very glad to hearing from you.

Letter 2

Hello Danilo!!!!!

For me it was very pleasant to receive your letter.
I am very glad that you have answered my message.
For me it was very unexpected because I did not think that you will become interested in me.
But at heart I with impatience waited for an opportunity to receive news from you.

And now I very much admired that we has an opportunity to find out each other better.
I hope that our dialogue shall be very interesting and cognitive for both of us.
I am very pleased that I have an opportunity to tell to you about me directly.

As you already know my name is Nadezhda.
I am 27 years old. I was born on June, 5, 1981.
My height 172 sm, weight 59 kg.
I have gray-green color of eyes.
I live in Russia in city Zelenodolsk.
Zelenodolsk is in republic Tatarstan.
I have been given birth in this city. It is very small and silent town.
My city is approximately on distance of 600 km from Moscow.

I have carried out all life in Zelenodolsk.
I did not leave city.

I work as seller in shop of flower.
My favourite flower is red roses.
I very much like my work because I very strongly love flowers.
On work I have an opportunity to show my individuality.
I very much like to make bouquets and to look after colors.
I think that my work very important and responsible.
Because when there is any holiday people go in shops to buy flowers.
I think that people give flowers that people close to them were pleased to holiday.
I think what to present flowers to girl it is very beautiful and romantic.

I live in own apartment which have got to my parents from my grandmother.
My parents is pensioners and live separately from me.
I one child in family also have no brothers or sisters.

I am lonely and not when was not married.
I spend healthy way of life.
I do not smoke and from alcoholic drinks I drink easy wine and only on holidays.
On days off I run on park for maintenance of health.

I very much like to visit cinema, theatre and to walk with girlfriends on park.
I cheerful, sociable, sincere and fair girl.
I try to despond never and with a smile to overcome all difficulties appearing in my life.
I have got used to speak always to people that I think of them and their acts.
I think what to tell lies to people it is very bad act.

It is my first time when I have dared to search for acquaintances on internet.
You are first person to which I has written.
On internet I want to find true love - person with which it is possible to build strong and sincere relations.
I hope that I have made correct choice concerning you and that at us can turn out to find out each other better.
I once again repeat that is very glad that you have answered me.

I hope at you it is possible to answer some my questions:
How for a long time and what type of relations you search on internet???
Why at you has failed to build relations without internet???
It is very interesting to me, find out you wrote to other girls from Russia or other countries???
I hope that you will answer all my questions and that we thus can better find out each other.

Write to me about you in more detail. I very much want to find out about you and your way of life as much as possible.

I want to do to you one request.
You may send me your some photos. I very much would like to have it at myself.
For me it would be pleasant to receive your photos.
You may to send me your photos???
I hope to receive your photos in following letter.

I hope that you will answer me as soon as possible.
If you had questions to me do not hesitate and speak to me.
I shall be very glad to answer all your questions.