Letter(s) from Daria Zhdanova to Billy (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love. I have received from you the letter, it is good that so have quickly answered me. How at you has passed day, how your mood? Has I'm fine come from work made a supper, fried a potato and did salad of vegetables. A lie that time treats, it is impossible to forget, whom loved. Silvery light in winter evening you have entered into my covered with wounds soul. I wish to learn force of your caress, my passions are completely given you. All is stronger than me to you pulls, you have come nearer to me so safely. I want, that you have embraced me strong and in embraces of strong yours I blossom, your hands carefully slided, on my cool gentle leather. And so generously with caress have presented, as anybody cannot give another. So your love is necessary to me, without your love on a part my heart is broken off. I feel as your tenderness of lips tasted my lips. I wished to fly up again as bird, downwind wings to dismiss and up to you to reach. I of the soul have opened a door, for you my love. With you I have believed in love, you have come as prince in a kind fairy tale and, having believed in a miracle, you have naked soul in a silvery moonlight, my love. Darya