Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Churicova to Gavin (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hello GAvin.

I am happy that you are interested in me and my words.

I waited for your letter. And now I am here to communicate with you.

I sincerely believe that we will get to know each other and will not be able to live without each other.

Thank you that you told about yourself. I promise that I will tell you about myself too but next time because I have to run to the work. Just let me know and I will write.

Today I have to do much work and I hope that everything will be alright.

I will be thinking about you and waiting for your letter.
I am with you.


Letter 2

Hello GAvin.
Just about me:

First of all I would like to thank you cordially for your message you sent to me and I also want to apologize for my last short letter.

I am sorry but In my country only drinkers and gays.

I try to describe myself and my ideas. Who am I???

My birthdate is the 1st of October, 1978. I am Libra. My hair is black and eyes are brown. My height is 169 and weight is 56.

My name is Nataliya, I am Ukrainian . My town is Sudak. My town is situated in the Crimea. I like my town very much because The Black Sea is wonderful and nature is beautiful here. Sudak is the center of sanatorium treatment. There are many beautiful places and people come here to rest from their labours.

I work in cardiological department. I will tell you about my family and work next time . Ok?

I do not have children. And I have never thought about marriage. But now I am ready to be wife, and take care of my future husband. And I want to be with him all my life.

What I am looking for:

° The man of my dreams to stay with for the rest of my life!!!!!
° To enjoy a good life together, making sports,travelling, hiking, camping and going out.(I like it)
° He is supposed to be a real partner in good and bad times.
° I expect him to be honest, open minded and faithful.
° I expect him to be understanding, good communicating, loving passionate, intelligent.
° We will have nice dinner together and a family life based on harmony.

What the man can expect from me??

° Love, passion and understanding.
° I will offer him all my heart, my soul my body, just all.
° you can rely on me 100% and I will support you in every way I can.
° I will treat you as the prince of my heart and I will try to take care of you .
° You will find in me an understanding partner who likes to discuss a problem in a open way and then solve it together.
°I know how a real woman has to behave and I do.

What I hate:

° Peoples not honest and cheating.
° To be betrayed
° Stupid games in Internet – for this I just have no time and no mood!!!!!!

My hobbies:

° Like to listen music ( Pop, , Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Classic, )
° I like walking, hiking, biking, skating, camping
° Cooking. Sometimes I take the book of receipts and cook the different and delicious dishes.
Ukrainian food is good but I like also variability.

Now I am very curious for your answer and I wait with impatience for it.

If you now feel that we have something in common and you can imagine that there is a chance to develop something between us I will be glad for your quick answer.

My regards.


Letter 3

Hello Gavin, thanks for your letter.

I will write this letter for small chapters. I asked for permission to leave my work earlier because I wanted to write you as soon as possible.

Chapter 1°. My family

I live with mother. I have a father(Igor) who is builder and he works in another town. Some times he comes to us. Mother (Nina) works in kindergarten. I like my family and it is pleasant for a family to commune together in our living room.

I had grandparents. They passed away but I will send you their photo.
They lived in perfect harmony and perfect understanding. I would like too. I would like to follow their example.

Chapter 2°: my work

I told you that I work in cardiological department. I finished medical college. I am a nurse. I make cardiograms, give injections and tablets.

My typical day starts at 8:00. I work until 20:00. It depends how feel patients. Sometimes I work 24 hours and then have 2 days off. I think that my profession is important.

When I was a student I learned Latin. I do not speak English. Do you think it will be easier for me to learn your language? I want it very much. Just imagine that we can speak with each other.

P.S. I like you.


Letter 4

Hi Gavin,

I am so delighted to receive a reply from you. I am ready to read your letters endlessly. If I have cell phone we could hear each other's voices but I even do not know English. I use help of translation organization. I am really fine here and now I am planning to reply your letter. I am putting my thoughts together to write. Your letter really cheers up my day and I am always thinking of you now. You are such a wonderful person who comes into my life just when I thought its boring. I must say I am very happy to meet you.

It would be great to know that you like to cook. I love good food (and any sorts... European, Asian, whatever) and I can't wait to cook for your special dishes and dinner with candle lights... It would be great!!! I do cook . May be you could be my Assistant in the kitchen.
Only if you want of course. Any way I can do it by myself.

When I was a little girl. I often spent time with my grandmother.
She could cook very delicious dished. I think she thought me to do much things. I even did not noticed it. But now I would like to say her thank you but she passed AWAY MANY YEARS AGO.

I have already told you that I like camping. It will be strange but with my father we used to make camp fire by the beach and catch some fish... barbecue it fresh and enjoy the taste of freshly caught fish... its delicious. I would love to do that again and again especially with someone I love and want to be with all my life. It's really romantic to spend time having a picnic by the seaside on week-ends. It is something I missed. May be one day we will do it together.

Work sometimes can be very busy because I had to deal with so many patients. There are times when I skipped lunches because I was too occupied with my work that I forgot that I have not eaten. At times it is quite quiet. That is when I can reading your letters again and again so as try to understand you better.( I print your letters and they are in my bag). I just try to get the feel out of your letters as if you are in front of me although I wish you are there in front of me to see your real expressions, smile.

lovely Regards.




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