Scam letter(s) from Irina Saiphulina to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Scott!
I am very happy to receive your letter today. I waited very much today to write to you as soon as possible.
Also it was very interesting to me to receive your letter. My work today it is good enough. But I much I think of you. I right now test such pleasant feelings. When I began to write to you I did not think that I shall be To test similar feelings. With each other letter which I wrote to you I all more to appreciate our friendship.
I love you and I want to be with you. I very much would like that our feelings were mutual.
I trust you. I in general think, that the present love will consist of the following components. It:
1. A physical inclination. I to you have a physical inclination. YOU have to me a physical inclination?
2. Trust. I trust you completely. I know, that you the good person. I want to hope, that you trust me also.
From the first letters I wanted, that between us there was a trust.
3. Understanding. I think, that I understand yours the purposes in life. I know, that you want. Both of us want to have family and to be happy.
Our purposes coincide!
4. Feeling of the responsibility. I shall never cause you a pain. I shall be always true to you. I shall never deceive you.
I would like, that you also never have offended me. I can give you a part of my heart and soul. If you might look in my heart you would understand, that my heart very pure and it is open for you. Please, do not deceive me never and do not break my heart. OK?
Today I have rather good news to us. I have set of the information and it will help us in our future life!
My Scott, I found time and I went in agency of travel and I spoke from ladies who very well explained all to me.
Lady has told me at once, that it is complex enough process to receive the visa. There are some types of visas.
She explained me, that if to take all things correctly it will be possible to have a meeting soon. I however shall not speak now about terms, When I can receive all documents ready. So, I to you now shall tell that it is necessary for us to do to be together.
To my affliction, I can not receive the visa in our city. To receive the visa to me it will be necessary to go to Moscow.
Lady in agency explained me, that in Russia the embassy of USA is present only in some cities of Russia. The city closest to me is Moscow. In other words I should go to Moscow to address in embassy of USA for the visa. I have already defined type of the visa which is necessary for me. As my first visiting will be short, I shall go probably in USA as the tourist and I shall receive the visa of the tourist.
I think, that my first visiting will be about 3-4 weeks. It is good for you? It will be enough time to solve for us many things! It for us now the best way. It will demand less time to receive the visa of the tourist and that the smaller quantity of money will be not less important to cost. This visa refers to as as B-2 and she is valid within 6 months after I shall arrive to USA.
This the visa will cost for me approximately 150 dollars. Cost of the visa will include also various taxes. Except for my visa I shall require the passport. I have no my passport and consequently I should receive the passport. Scott, you already know, that I did not travel outside of Russia and consequently I have no my passport. That I shall receive the passport to require in 100 dollars.
Lady also explained me, that in USA will pass only healthy people. I think, that I quite healthy woman. I at work
Passed a medical board and to me have told, that all is good. I healthy! But anyhow for embassy of USA I should pass
Medical board. It will take from me additional 50 dollars.
Also it will be necessary for me to fill in the questionnaire. Registration of all my data and filling of questionnaires will demand 75 dollars. As you already
You see, it is necessary to take many things to go in USA. I expected it. I and thought, that it will not be simple to visit USA.
But I should tell, that the meeting is more important. I am ready to take all things to arrive to USA. Obviously, all difficulties will be overcome by I in Moscow. By the way, I also thought of residing at Moscow. I should live in Moscow some time while my documents will not be ready.
My loved, I should you tell, that I while precisely can not tell as will be soon ready my documents that I might arrive to USA. It will demand probably approximately 2-4 weeks before I can receive my visa and the passport. It accommodation costs will be additional. I certainly shall not live all time in Moscow.
I shall there probably only one week and then when documents are ready I shall go again to Moscow. Yes, I think, that my trip will demand many money.
We should take these steps anyhow. I want to tell you, that I already completely It is ready to go to Moscow and to take all things to our meeting. I promise you, that I shall be to give all my forces taking all things as it is possible soon. Loved, I do not think, that my first visiting to you will be long. I should anyhow to come back home. If things will go well between us I would like to change my visa and to remain with you for ever! What you think of it?
My Scott, now allow me to sum up my expenses to our meeting. So, my documents will take approximately 375 dollars.
My trip to Moscow will demand approximately 25-30 dollars if I shall go by the bus. These are 400 kilometers and I think, that It is the real price. Also I shall require money for residing. If really to estimate my opportunities, I can lift only a part of money to pay my documents and residing. My parents also know about all expenses and daddy has told, that can give me 100 dollars. Also to me 100 dollars at work should pay. It already 200 dollars to our meeting. It already the most part!
Scott, I also want to tell you, that without your help I can not arrive to USA. I shall try certainly, but I am not sure.
If to take into account cost of residing and also cost of all documents and expenses for movement on Moscow and to the Moscow, I think, that it will be necessary for me on the most minimal variant approximately 600 dollars. It is many money for me. I am sure, that it is a lot of Money also for you. But it is the obvious and real prices and we should pay it. I would like, that we divided this cost.
I want to tell you about it because I like to speak a thing directly at once. Certainly it is not so convenient for me to speak with you about money.
Especially to ask you about the help, but I am compelled it to do. I think, that it will be fair if we shall divide cost My documents and other expenses. I would like to ask you that you sent me approximately 450 dollars. I want to tell, that Probably there will be unplanned charges, but it will not be much. If you will help me of 450 dollars I think, that it will be to take all things with documents enough. I certainly promise you, that I shall take economy. Believe me, I am able to count money and to save. Life in Russia of me has learned this. 450 dollars it is many money. You will help with it, Scott? I shall try to save even some money to my residing. I shall be compelled to live in hotel in Moscow because I have no more place where I may I shall remain. I the strong woman and I shall find in myself forces to take all things to our happiness.
My Scott, I shall hope very much, that you are capable to help me with money for documents and other expenses. Also other question.
I also thought of the ticket aboard the plane. I shall require it also. And we should speak about it also. Unfortunately, I shall not have Money for my ticket. If you might buy the ticket for me then I would be very happy also our meeting would be held soon.
Please, find out for me this information and inform me most
The airport close to you in which we the first time shall meet! OK?
I shall hope, that for you it there were good news to our meeting. I do not want, that we were prevented by money. In our life Money play the big role. But I do not want, that money put a barrier in our relations. Excuse me please, that I asked you about the help. I think, that it is fair.
Other question. How I can receive your money? Also it is necessary for us to think of it. Once again, it is very a shame to me to ask you about the help.
I shall probably one of the happiest women in the world if we shall unite soon our hearts.
No, I to not rush very quickly!! I want to arrive to you and to live with you some time!
We should have some time together to continue our relations further.
I think, that you understand all urgency of our meeting.
I also should tell, that I know some ways of transfer of money in other countries.
When my daddy made a business trip to Bulgaria he sent us home some money and he Used the western union. Also sometimes daddy sent us money through system ANELIK.
You heard about it? Daddy speaks, that if to send money to very big distance
It is better to use the western union. Probably also use ANELIK, but It probably more expensive way of transfer of money. I shall give you the address of our bank in city of Samara.
I can receive your money there. It will be necessary for you to specify the following information:
Name Irina
Surname Saiphulina
SAMARA , 443110
I also should you speak, that daddy gave me control number of translation. It were 10 figures.
I shall hope, that we shall take all things as it is possible soon. I talked to my director and I shall have a vacation, that To visit USA. I can take all things here and now only it is necessary to solve a thing with money. I very much shall hope for you.
I know, that you not materialistic the man and you will not regret money for our meeting. There are things on the order more important, Than money. It is love and family for example and we should not forget about it.
Well, I shall close now this letter. I shall wait from you good news soon. Take all things soon.
Only yours, Irina.
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