Scam letter(s) from Irina Polikarpova to Jonathan (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Jon!!!
My name is Irina.
I am very glad to that you have written to me. In the past I with anybody did not correspond through the Internet. In a telecast I have seen as people get acquainted through the Internet and have decided to try to get acquainted with somebody not from the country as the majority of Russian men are not ready to serious relations. I consider that at dialogue through the Internet can find the continuation in a real life. Many people search and find the happiness through the Internet. Excuse that at me so badly with English language I not in perfection it own. But I will try to study better your language at our dialogue. But while I am compelled to use translation program PRoMT. In advance would like to apologise for some discrepancies. I hope that you will help me to improve. Also I would like to learn about you more and I hope that you will have a same desire. Jon I would like to tell to you a little about myself that we could know each other better. I live in the Russian Federation, in the city of Kazan, with mum. So as you already know my name is Irina, me of 25 years. Now I work as the nurse in local city hospital. My work suits me, as I on the work help people which require medical aid. I am assured that on this work I do kind affairs.
As at me it is a lot of interests and hobbies but I will tell about them to you later! And now I would like to learn more about you.
Jon Where you work? Than be engaged? As I would like to learn more about your country. Jon I will wait from you for a fast reply.
I apply the photo on the letter and would like to see more than your photos.
Yours faithfully your new friend from Russia Irina. PS: in these photos I walk on our avenue.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Jon!!!! I am very glad that our dialogue proceeds. How there has passed your day? It is interesting to me as there are your affairs on work? How your mood? I'm fine. In this letter I would like to tell to you about the city. As I already spoke to you I live in the city of Kazan. It is very ancient and beautiful city. To it more than 1000. It located in an average ***** of Russia. Here it is a lot of sights and architecture monuments. In city centre the Kazan lock is located. A century ago there there was a government, and now it is a museum. As here many religious constructions, such as churches, mosques, temples, cathedrals. Jon you Believe in God? I the religious person because I believe in God. Every Sunday I go to church. And you visit church? Kazan very populous city. Here more than 1 million inhabitants. If you wish to learn in more details about my city I to you I can tell in the following letter. In turn I would like to learn more about your city. Send me photos of your city. I would like to see your house, vicinities of your house. There it is a lot of sights or simply beautiful places? Whether to like you to spend there your free time. You have any favourite place where you with friends gather? Than you there are engaged?
I hope you will answer my questions.
I with impatience will wait from you for the reciprocal letter.
If you have more than the photos, I will be glad to see them.
Your friend from Russia Irina. PS:here in this photo I on birthday of my girlfriend from work.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jon!!!!! I am very glad that we continue our dialogue and more and more we learn about each other. This way of dialogue for me is not usual also I do not know that it is necessary to write, but today I would like to tell to you about the family. As you were written already by me live with mum. My mum very clever, wise and good woman. Her name is Nadejda Nikolaevna and to her of 49 years. She works in clinic as the stomatologist here already almost 26 years. Her life was not easy. She brought up me one and consequently worked much. She cares of me and very much me loves. I too love her. We with her two big girlfriends and often like to gossip. Still I have grandmother and the grandfather. They live in village. And we with mum often visit them. I like to visit them. I know about the father under stories of mum. It was the driver and was lost in accident. Mum does not like to speak about it. I want that my life has developed not as at my mum. I hope to find the good partner in life. Jon, tell to me about the family. Whether there are at you relatives and where they live? Than they are engaged? What relations at you with them? Whether often your family gathers? Jon, me very much interests that you consider as the most important in a life, a family or career? My opinion that the realy woman should care of a family, much depends on it in home life. The woman is the keeper of the family centre. The good wife should sit at home to bring up children and to wait for the husband from work. The big responsibility lays down on shoulders of the man. It should be the main thing in a family, solve all questions. And the wife should help it with all it. The man the getter in a family, but if necessary the woman too should earn. I would like that in my home life mutual understanding and love reigned. Jon that you think in this occasion? Whether you share my opinion? You consider what family ideal?
On it I finish the letter. I will look forward to answer from you.
Your friend on correspondence Irina. P.S.: I with my mother on a photo
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