Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Colin (Ireland)
Letter 1
I am glad to write to you.
It will be possible surprisingly for you to see my letter. But I would like to tell why I write to you! You, probably, will be very surprised, that I write to you the letter. But yesterday, I have been surprised too when on mine e-mail address, the letter in which it was spoken about love has come, about feelings between people. The main motto of the given letter was a phrase L Search for love and you will be happy ¦. I liked the given letter. To him were applied e-mail addresses. I have seen yours e-mail and have decided to write to you.
I do not know what is your name, I do not know where do you live, but for me the main idea - is possible, you search for love? There can be this letter - destiny?
I do not know, how the person who has sent me the given letter, have learned my personal e-mail. But I know that it not Spam!
But I think, that it is not so important. The most important that now I can write to you the letter. You know, I would like to learn you more. But all over again, I would like to tell a little about me. My name is Anastasiya. I from Samara. To me of 32 years. I the widow. My husband was lost in accident! I the nice, quiet, kind and sociable girl.
You can look at me in my photo!
I freely talk in English.
It will be interesting to me to communicate with you, and to learn you more close. The dialogue I build with an overall objective - creation of serious attitudes. Attitudes without a deceit, without any games. I wish to find the present person who can love and respect with me. I hope, what you as would like to find the love? I consider, that in love attitudes, appearance and age not the most important. The most important that the person was able to love and respect really!
I have various hobbies and interests among which is - playing sports, cookery, reading of books, music. Special interest in me is caused with conducting housekeeping, cleaning in the house. I like to experiment on kitchen. I very much love animals.
I conduct a healthy way of life. I do not smoke and I do not take alcohol.
My new friend, you can tell to me, about you? I wish to learn you more.
In following letters, I shall tell to you about me, in more detail.
Certainly, I shall send you many my photos from which you learn my life. In my photos the moments of my life - pleasure, thoughtfulness and even in some moments grief are represented all.
I with impatience shall wait your answer.
On my e-mail
To me the truth would be desirable to learn you more.
Please, do not forget about me.
Your new girlfriend from Russia,
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