Scam Letter(s) from Cynthia Lawrence to Stuart (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hi Stuart,

How are you doing? Fine I guess. Well I will have to tell you little about myself. My father is from the State and my mum from London, I am the only child in the union and I must tell you that my father is late now. my mother took me and took care of me till now. She has done so much in my Life and she has taught me so much about life. I call myself a unique and special lady because of the upbringing I had filled with moral values and the culture of a great heart, I have also had a lot of ups and downs, challenges and triumphs which has made me a better person.all she could to bring me up with great moral values and I think I am better for it today. Even though I miss her so much as she no longer resides in the US. We still keep in touch and she is my mentor.

For me, I love music, country, R&B and soul. I love movies too especially romantic ones and I have had tears in my eyes after being touched by very emotional movies. That is who I am, a simple lady with a great heart and could be very emotional too. I love water and being on water, I have a simple sense of fashion and love clothes that will bring out true beauty in a modest way. I have a Bsc in Business Management from the Argosy University in Dallas Texas and at the proper time, I will try to enroll for an MBA course. My mother instilled in me a strong will to achieve and succeed with great integrity and honesty as the watchword.

Let me stop this email and hoping to read from you.

Letter 2

Hi Stuart,

It feels good to read from you. I seek the same thing as you seek and I have got a great heart which has just been hurt. I do not want to sit in the closet and feel sorry for myself, so I seek the chance to make it real this time by searching the kind of man who seeks the same thing as I seek and who has the great heart like I do. I find pleasure in the love of the simple beauties of life as against the glitters and earthly treasures.

I have been hurt by a guy who does not appreciate the value of a relationship and whom I gave all of my love and support but never gave any in return. In a relationship, it takes two to tango and the qualities of love, passion, communication, honesty, understanding and trust reigns supreme and I have all these to give and in abundance too. I have got a great heart and In a relationship, I just seek to love and be loved in return. I seek a man who could show me I mean a lot to him and who really wants more in a future and a relationship. For me, I always say I have got broad shoulders and when I find the right man, I will give all the love and support that will keep my man smiling always.

I could be a soul mate, confidant, partner, friend, lover and above all a supporter. I could be a helper, I just seek a man who appreciates the value of my heart and shows me as much love and respect. As human, we are not perfect and could have our flaws, but I seek a man who aspires towards becoming a better person as a benchmark for striving towards perfection. I seek a man who is real, honest, and caring. I dislike liars, cheats and guys who can be violent or aggressive, I seek a gentle man and I tell you, I always strive to make myself a better person.

This is just a little about what I seek and hoping to read from you soon.


Letter 3

Hello Stuart,

Good to read from you and also making me knowing what you wanted, well I knew that yourself and myself wanted the same thing cos I felt that from reading your profile and from the mails you sent me, I tell you that we are meant for each other cos you seek exactly the same I seek, I guess we could keep this communication and see what the future holds for us, but as for me,I have put a stop to the torrid search of a partner, I would tell you that I have found what I seek, I have also deleted my profile from RSVP, dont want to be disturbed by other men, would love to concentrate on you so that I could learn about you.

Yeah, as human beings we need a companion cos its not easy to do all things alone, you need someone that would be there to talk to you,advice,and rely on. Its not easy to do things alone without any companion. However, I am in London at the moment to spend some time with my mum for the festive period, if you think distance will be no barrier, well I will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you.


Letter 4

Hi Stuart,

Thanks a lot for the mail and its really nice reading from you.yeah i am presently in Uk with my mum,its been a while ii have been with her so i decided to celebrate this Christmas with her.I am so sorry about that,but we will definitely meet someday and soon. I am also looking for a serious relationship and would really appreciate it if i could build one,cos its last..well i have been hurt several times,but one needs to move forward and thatswhy i cam on the site and its a pleasure to have met such a ice and caring guy like you and also seeking the same thing as i seek. I want you to know that i will be coming back by 3rd of february, so put your mind at rest, I will be back, like you said,all we need is communication and with that we would get acquainted very fast. I am so sorry, the system i use here doesnt have any messenger on it,so i guess we should send mails, what do you think about that? I will always keep in touch.

Let me answer your questions again
1) Yeah i am very sure i will be in australia
2) Yeah i am very sure we would meet each other
3) Yeah i am looking for a long term relation and if it ends up in marriage i dont mind.

i am going somewhere but let me give you the chance to see that i seek a good and lasting relationship,by then i guess you would remove your profile from the site.I tell you something, we could send a lot if mails and i would do the same as well, so thats no problem,if you wish to get to know me.
i will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you.


Letter 5

Hey Stuart,

Thanks a lot for your email and I only feel the foundation of a solid friendship needs to be based on the values of openness and honesty. I just have this urge to learn more and more about you and hopefully I can return home when things are right after we must have hit off a great way through email messages. Yes, it is very cold here in the UK and I got a feeling run through me when you said you would be spending Christmas in Canberra, I really wish it was a good time right now as I also would like to have a really Merry Christmas. It is very boring here with no friends and all that and all I have got as a companion is my dear mom and I think we are going to make the most of Christmas this time as it has really been a while since we last spent a festive period together.

I am so sorry that i didn't write you earlier before now as i have been busy with mum, so guess you really had fun on Christmas day as we have just started the celebration here. I don't have a mobile yet, i will try and get one before the end of this year. Thanks a lot for the flowers, I am also sorry i didnt send you my pics, i thought i had sent you my pics. I did attach you pics of myself for your own veiw.

Will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you.

Letter 6

Hi Stuart,

It feels good to read from you again, I am beginning to check my emails this days to see if I would get an email from you. Thanks for the mails, I appreciate it. Great to know you had fun on Christmas and your son has got a lovely name. would hope to meet him soon. How old is he? well send him my regards.

yeah,I want to learn more about you,so as to know your do's and donts.well i had like to know a little about your background,your lifestyle,how many children you have got,what you do for a living? and many more you had like to tell me.

Well Stuart, I have never been married and dont have a child at present, well as for the accents you will get to know that son when we begin to communicate on phone. yeah the time difference is just so far, well we thank God for us to be able to connect with each other. yeah i did ,but i guess it didnt go through, I will try and resend it again and let me know if you get it this time around. will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you soon.


Letter 7

Hello Stuart,

Thanks a lot for the mail and thanks for your comments on my pics, I am also flattered aswell, well i guess we may be destined to be together cos i can see that things are moving very fast and getting closer.yeah i do but i am not interested cos all of them are just after sex which is very bad and i dont want to be played or hurt anymore.

So sorry to hear that, women at times are crazy, they dont have a second thiught, i do know she would be regretting where ever she is now. thats a shameful act, a friend of yours,thats so bad, I tell you she is a disgrace to womanhood. its good that you realised this and had a divorce,such a woman could kill someone,if she is not chanced to do such. I have not been married and i love older men,cos they have got the experience and they will always love there woman and care for them. i am also willing to marry aswell, well dont know if you will be the one,lets see what the future holds for us. You wont live a lone. you are such a nice man and you deserve to have the best to yourself. Just be hopeful.

Thats a good business,but a very stressful one, but its good atleast you have something. the idea of having business with a friend, I dont like, you have your won reasons and i pray that you open many more and that your business ask me what you want to know about me and will be willing to answer.will be stopping here and hoping to read from you soon.


Letter 8

Hello Stuart,

Thanks a lot for geting back at though its late there already, i also know, but i am so sorry about that, i will try and make changes so as to try and mail you twice or trice a day so that we could get to know each other better and get along very well. For your questions.

I stay in Darlington
Well i cant say but i should be back by mid January, is that okay by you, just want to share some time with my mum.
I grew up in United States
I am business woman and deal with cosmetics
I love food so much, I can take anything once its edible
yeah, i love cooking so much and would love to cook you meals when i get back,you will love it.i tell you.

They are not many question, you just need to ask and also need to give you an answer. with that i do know that we would get to know each other better. Yeah i did see your pics, You look reall great and cute in it, your son looks like you. thats great and a lovely aunt you have got, i know she would very nice and hope you are taking good care of her.she would be fun to with. i will try and send you some pics of mine later. hopefully later today. Thanks a lot for your mails, i love it when i open my mail and find your mail there, it makes me wnt to read from you every now and then.
I will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you.


Letter 9

Hi My Dear,

It feels good to read from you, I feel great and happy. So sorry to hear that you are having problems with your internet at home, well i guess its working fine now. Thanks a lot for your concern over my mum, she is very happy and i also love it that way, after a while that you have missed your loved one and hanging out, you it would be sorry to hear that you lost your mum, i know you would miss her so much, there is no one like ones mother. Yeah i like food and good at cooking myself, so i can always prepare you lovely meals, that would be great going out to the restaurants with you and hanging out, you want me to jump back to Australia, i am beginning to think about you all the time, You are in my thoughts all the time. I'd tell you you're in my heart, but I don't feel like that would be right, because my heart is not mine anymore -- it belongs to you. You are sweet, loving, caring, beautiful, and you make me feel like one of the luckiest ladies in the world.I need you to know I am with you through everything, the bad and the good. I've given you my heart and I hope that you won't break it. Keep it and give it some loving from time to time. Don't worry about what other people say, I know how I feel towards you, and you know how you feel towards me, so just ignore them. I Hope you enjoy this! Happy New Year in Advance my love, and hopefully many more to come!!

Will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you soon.

Letter 10

Hi My Darling Stuart,

Thanks a lot for the mail, well yeah, cos I trust you, please do, you are one in a million and just dont want to take chances. Mum is good,yeah she would,but she has got no choice than to let me leave, dont worry, when i come back , we would be going back to meet her again, or wont you want to see her. wll if no, no problem.ok, good to know that you have resumed back at work, be good at work and keep it real.

You brought love and laughter to my empty, sad and boring life. My heart had known only emptiness until the day you came and filled my heart to overflowing with your jovial ways. Your sense of humor has turned my frown into a smile.

You taught me how to love again, you taught me to give and receive love by trusting in you and believing. You taught me to go the extra mile. And though there are miles between us, I never stop thinking of you, you have brought a change into my life and my heart is forever yours.

I can never forget you, or keep thoughts of you out of my mind.You complete me, you are everything my heart desire.I will be stopping here and will be waiting to read from you.
Love and kisses,

Letter 11

Hello My Darling Stuart,

Great to read from you again I am up so early so that I can send you an email before you are through from work, so I can also get emails from you before its late. I feel like I have know you for years and thats making me mad, I have never felt like in many years,but the passion has been lighted by you and lets keep it burning. Yeah, would love you to see my mum and also since you havent been there,it would be great to have you there and take you around. I would really love it my dear.

My dear,just keep it real at work and concentrate and have you been able to make the roasters for the store, please make sure you do so that everything would be in order, Baby I would have loved to hang around with you but just had to see my mum and remember she is all I have got, and if she didnt give birth to me, there is no we would have met,so please be patient and let me spend some time with her, I will spend more than enough time with you, we can always go to places, I will always keep you noticed and as soon as I have my flight booked, i will let you know so that you can come pick me up at the the airport.

I love you more and more with each day passing and it eases me to know as tomorrow approaches, that I will love you more then yesterday and tomorrow will be more then today. My love for you cannot be measured by words alone as love does express my true feelings for you. The love for you is so strong and the most powerful feeling that I have had in a long time and I am just at a lost for words when it comes to you. I want you to know that I love you and always will and there is nothing that will ever change that about how I feel...I love you.

Will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you soon.
Love and Kisses,

Letter 12

My World,

You are a blessing that my entire being is very thankful for. I feel that we were made to love, listen, understand, and work through all times in our lives together and individually.I feel that we have shared more time together than we ever will and I know there are many more special occasions and moments in our lives that will surprise and bring us closer.

You are my soul mate and nothing, and no one else feels more right than you!! I love you eternally and unconditionally. God's love has answered this prayer I've wanted and been almost too anxious for so long. I want you more than words can say and my love will reach any distance and fly to be in your dreams and heart.

I physically long for you each night and will see you in my dreams until we find ourselves wrapped in the love that grows stronger and deeper each day, into our future together. I believe and have faith in you. I am writing you this letter to tell you that my love for you is so real that I can't find any words to describe my feelings for you. My love for you has grown so strong that I can never imagine a life without you now.

I will always be yours no matter what the world turns out to be. My heart will always yearning for your love and care forever. I love you always.

Love and Kisses,

Letter 13

Hello My Love,

Thanks for mailing me, I got back home late, just got your email now and I am writing you. Thanks so much for your love and concern over my mum. You are really a cute and a nice man. I love you and will love you forever. Never did I imagine that I would ever meet you, especially not in the form of a chat friend. God has got his own reasons for us to meet and come this far. But I hope our love will flourish beyond what it is right now. Distance maybe just a part of the reason why sometimes we think we can't handle this whole relationship, but I am sure our love for each other is way far stronger then any oceans can come across.

Having your love, has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Everyday, when I awake from a dream of us together, I thank God I found you! What have I ever done to deserve such a loving, caring, wonderful man? Everything about you is just so perfect. I know you are not without imperfections, but in my eyes, everything you do just seems so flawless. The way you express your love to me is so awesome!! I feel so loved! I need only to think of you to have all my troubles melt away. I want to spend my whole life with you, loving you and receiving your love in return. XOXOXOXOXO I long to hold you and feel your sweet caress. The miles that lie between us will soon disappear, and we will have each other always. I don't care what others say about you and me. All I know is that I love you, and that will never change.

Will be stopping here and will be hoping to read from you soon.
Love and Kisses,

Letter 14


Thanks so much for your love and concern over my mum, thanks for your consoling words, I so much appreciate it my Love. Baby you dont need to come over and help me, You have made me love you the more,cos you are really worth it,I promise to spend the rest of my life with you Love. Love I dont know how this might sound to you, I need the sum of 335 pounds and dont know if you can afford it, if you cant my Love, please dont have yourself bothered, Its cos of your situation,thats why i didnt want ask you. I am so sorry if this sounds mad to you.

Baby I want you to know that I will be back in Australia very soon,just want mum to be alright and would be on my way back. I love your courage and , yes good things come for those who wait patient.

Thanks so much my Love,
Kisses and Hugs,

Letter 15

Hello Stuart My Love,

Thanks for the mail, I really do understand what you have said and feel it as well. Its just that I need it urgently, and since you said you wont be with able to help, I would have to sell my necklace and see how much that would bring, My Love, could you just give me a helping hand with whatever you can afford, at least that would do something. I dont know how big or small your pocket is, Just help me with whatever you would be able to help me with. Thanks so much my Love.

Love you Always,

Letter 16

Hello My Love,

Thanks so much for your love and willingness to help me, I appreciate that so much, may you never lack my love. Baby I do understand what you feel and you want me to be sure that I get the money. I want to know that as soon as I pick up the money, I will let you and you will know that I received it myself. Your option of sending money will take time and would want you to please send it via western union, I am assuring you that there wont be a problem, there is no way someone else would pick up the money, I have used it before and I do pick it personally. I am so sorry to wanting to change your mind but its the best and the fastest option. Dont see it like I am trying to change,but that would be the best and fastest mean that I can get the money. I can pick that up at any bank. Please my Love, I want you to trust this mean and will let you know that I did get it since you will use my name in sending it, there is no way someone else would pick it up.
here is my details

Cynthia Lawrence
455A New Cross Rd.

Thanks so much my love and I will be waiting to read from you soon, so that I can pick it up fast and get what I need with the money. I will also send you an email immediately I have it picked up.

Love you always,



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