Scam letter(s) from Grace Perez to Billy (USA)

Letter 1
hi billy, thnx for the pics and for the reply my love
yeah i hope u are the one i am looking for as well
and thnx for telling me to love me and will be serious bout me
if that will happen i will be the happiest woman on earth and i will love u too the way u love me.....

for me my love age doesnt matter as long as u know how to love me and respect me, will not hurt me but will give so much happiest in life... of course they will accpet u my love and will love u as well coz since they love me they will be happy for me too.... where i can be happy...dnt worry...
we filipina are not like that as long as we love each other and happiness is there
nothing will be problem then

my love i have toothache here and it gives me pain so much
i hope i can fix it, i have this bout 2 weeks agoo


Letter 2
hi my love bily, thnx for the reply my love and i am sorry if it takes time for me to reply u
i got fever with ym toothache
its been getting worst i hope i can fix it my love
can u do me a favor? can u help me fix my tooth so i can go dentist

yes my love i told every one of my family and friends bout u and they are very
excited to meet u personally...

how i wish we can be together soon

i just want u to love me thats all

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