Letter(s) from Oksana Zagainova to Alex (UK)

Letter 1

Hi, Alex!!!!!! Yes, of course, I completely with you agree that these problems do us more close to some extent. My loved, I understand, that you offer me other methods to solve ours with you a problem, but you reflected on that, besides I will repeat, that travel agency in case of a neopayment and repetition of registration of the visa, the statement of claim and then already if I have problems with the law, I cannot arrive already to you in general as it seems to me will bring an action against me. Alex, I, really, do not want proceeding. It will simply be a disgrace to me, that I already spoke to you in my last letter. You know, they in any case will win this litigation because they completely can prove the innocence, having given to that to court the contract on rendering of tourist services which has been signed also by me. You know, and I would not like, in case of their prize, the penalty in the big size which is much more of that they demand for my air tickets pays. As to me has told the manager of a bureau of travel, that in the contract the point about air tickets has been in detail described, it was just necessary to turn on it the big attention for my part. My darling, you know, that I to you will tell, that when I read this contract at my first visiting in the given agency, that on it so all has been written by a small font, what even some points should be passed, only because it was clear nothing. My love Alex, I to you repeat the same, as wrote to you in my yesterday's letter because I very strongly am afraid. My loved Alex, I think, that the most reasonable decision in our case is - to pay this missing sum and henceforth in the future not to communicate any more with any travel agencies. Now I will always consult on you to make any important decision because you as the businessman, "is legally grounded" also to you, for certain, on a work debt it is necessary to read some legal documents. Alex, I understand, you never will advise to me bad, as well as in your last letter, but as you see, I almost have not paid any attention to your plans of the decision of this problem because I very much am afraid to lose you because of all this event. But, I hope, on happy end in this problem. Alex, I understand you, that you now do not have such money because you should pay an abacus and debts of your former wife, but nevertheless, try to find 1200 euro that I could pay these air tickets that I on Thursday could arrive to you, my loved. It is a unique problem now which divides us. The darling if you knew how me about it painfully to speak to you, but is necessary me, because I am in not so simple situation. My love, as to money, you could not borrow this sum at somebody from your relatives, friends, fellow workers, at least, to descend in bank to take the credit. I do not know what even to do. Now from all it I wish to pass directly to us with you. As I look in your letter, that you have sent me a picture of the yesterday's moon and it is simply remarkable. Very beautifully and romantically!!!!! I am grateful to you for all your attention which you render me!!!! I love you, Alex!!!! I have found good and the beloved whom roads for me and also we will create with it remarkable family. I know that this person are you, my love Alex. Really you are very expensive to my heart and I am afraid to lose you, my loved Alex. It is surprising, that we have found each other, when between us such big distance. Our letters is as the bridge in which incorporates our two half of soul. Even it is terrible to me to present, that will be, if this bridge fails. Therefore I wish to be with you directly to press you and not to let out from my embraces. I constantly think of how we two have found our happiness, we became closer each other, also we became remarkable family. In dreams I represent, as all our daily cares will be shrouded in tenderness, love and a heat. We with you it is constant together, we go on coast, we together go for the holidays, all holiday we spend in a circle of relatives and the people close to us, not forgetting also about us a two. The moment which will separate us, this that that when we will be on work. But after each such moment when we will meet the at home, there will be for us a holiday. We will meet each other with open embraces to smile each other and to speak warm words. My love Alex, I is ready to become your wife and very much with impatience I want it, my love Alex. We necessarily will together. Alex, I love you all heart and soul. You - very important person for me. You - all my life and my destiny. I only wait now when at last we can look each other in the face and tell each other: «I LOVE YOU!!!» I with impatience wait our meeting!!! Your love Oksana!