Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Ankudovich to Angelo (England)

Letter 1

Hi Angelo! It's really nice for me to receive your letter now, thank you a lot for taking your time and writing it. I want you to know that I am very new to this kind of relations but I think it's not too hard so I will do my best to tell you some information about me. Ok, let me start. As you already know my name is Katya and the long and full form is Ekaterina. I am living in a city named Snejinsk in Russia. If you want to see where I am on the map you should search for Cheljabinsk, it's the nearest big city to me. My birthday is the 5th of August and I will be 25 years old, hope I'm not too young for you :) I am working as a teacher for kids preschool age (4-7 years old). I teach them Mathematics, Biology, Literature, Writing and Reading, English and Russian languages so you can see I am very intelligent myself :) just joking. Frankly speaking I don't like to praise myself but it's really necessary sometimes. I am working every day for about 8-12 hours except Sunday and I really like my job because these kids are the smartest creatures in the world and it's always too funny and too noisy with them...they're helping me to stay a big kid in my heart too and it's really great. I am living here with my parents and my sister who is 20 y.o. now and who's name is Masha. I am writing you this letter from the internet cafe which is the only one internet cafe in our city and which I hope will not stop working soon as it happened with the previous one :) I am sending you some of my photos with this letter, one is me with Masha (I know she isn't so beautiful but she's the best sister and a friend in the world, believe me), the second one is me with one of my pupils, and the last one is just me, I really hope you will like them all. I have lots of photos but I need to find a scanner to scan them, I will try to send you some with each of my letters. I want to tell you also that I've never been anywhere abroad from my country, I've travelled in Russia but I've never been to other countries, hope one day I'll be able to travel somewhere... Of course you can ask me why do I write this to you, why such a nice girl can't find her happiness somewhere not so far from her location and you will be totally right but I have an answer for you. You know, Snejinsk is a little city and about 80% of population here are military people because a city was a military zone for many years and most of the men here are already married or have some other goals in life except creating of happy family...I don't know how to explain but I hope you'll understand me. By the way, please, forgive me for my English, I know it's not fluent at all (even if I teach others) I try to improve it day by day and I just hope you can understand me easily. So I've decided to search for my other half somewhere abroad my country, the world is too big enough for it, don't you think so? I'm sure you do, that's why you're here :) Ok, I will end this one now and will be waiting for your reply impatiently so please, write soon. Oh, and just want you to know that it's really great to meet you.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Letter 2

Dear Angelo! I am writing you this letter in a very bad mood to tell you I will be going to Moscow with my father in a few hours, we decided to visit my grandma (my father's mother) who is living near St.Petersburg. My father called her today and found out she's in a very bad health here and wants to see me and Masha, Masha can't come because of her exams but I will go because I really miss her... so probably I won't be able to answer you for maybe few weeks, I hope you won't forget about me because I will be thinking of you for sure. I will write you as soon as I'll be back here or hopefully will find an internet cafe there.
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