Letter(s) from Ekaterina Rybakova to Jan (Denmark)

Letter 1

I thought before writing you this letter much.
Only do not worry, and do not think that the bad. I to you wish to tell, that I love you!
Now I feel it all heart!
My love, I cannot live without you. You became a part of my life.
Please read this letter carefully and try to understand everything, that I will write now.
My dear I wish to be with you! I want that we were together!
I want that we had the most beautiful family, the most beautiful children that we were happy!
I love you and I wish to spend with you all life, you for me the most expensive that exist, you and my parents for me all!
My darling, I went to travel agency to learn as I can arrive to you.
In agency to me have told that for my trip to you the visa, the passport for travel abroad and the insurance because I never went abroad is necessary to me and these documents are necessary for me, that I could leave the country.
As I will need to buy the air ticket aboard the plane in this agency, to me have told that this obligatory condition of travel agency.
I dream of our meeting, and I want that we were together. I love you and I wish to give you everything, that is at me.
My darling, only is the big problem, it is a trip is very expensive to me.
You know that in Russia live not richly and that I too not from a rich society.
Yes I am well formed, but I have no very good work and consequently I receive not the big salary.
My parents cannot help to pay to me for my trip completely.
At my parents now very difficult period. My daddy to pay money in bank, which he took on credit to make repair of our apartment.
My father has a small sum to which he can help me, but it is not enough that I could pay for all.
My parents very much want that I was happy together with you.
My daddy is ready to give all savings that I could arrive to you, but I will repeat, it is not enough for my trip, therefore your help will be necessary to me also.
I have no money. My salary at school is very low also to me this money only suffices that I could buy clothes and support myself.
I have studied how many to me to be necessary money, to pay to travel agency.
Medical examination and the insurance costs - 154,59 euro, the passport for travel abroad - 64,53 euro, the visa costs (which I will order for 3 months, and it will be ready in a current of 5 days) - 139,84 euro, it because I make for fast time.
Mine Jan, for these 3 months we with you will have time to study well each other and will solve that us to make further in our relations.
The ticket will cost for me approximately - 500 euro.
Then the ticket for a train to Moscow will be necessary to me is will cost 74,32 euro as I live near not so to this big city.
And still I should pay for services to travel agency - 100 euro.
All it will cost as we have counted up 1033,28 euro.
My daddy can give me only a small part from it, it is all nearby 300 euro.
Therefore I ask you very serious question.
My darling, you can help me with other part of money resources? It makes 730 euro.
I understand that it is very big money, and it is very a shame to me to ask it from you, but I cannot arrive to you without your help.
I very much wish to arrive to you more likely, I am very tired from loneliness.
My love Jan, our happiness now in our hands. All depends on you.
I with impatience will wait for your answer.
With love, yours Katya.