Letter(s) from Sarah Dickson to Jake (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jake
I guess you said you wanted to know something about me. For me I have a very small family when it comes to the nuclear side. I live with my mom as well as my sisters and brothers. My father is on a bussiness trip and is not yet back home. I just completed the coollege and I studied catering. Am hoping to becomes a good cook some day to come with my own restaurant to serve the public with healthy and clean meals as well as snack. When I was in college in my first year I met a man whom I thought was the love of my life. That was my first time I felt in love. At first it was soo sweet and the relationship was florishing very welll. Later on my ex boyfriend started chasing other women. This is really hurted me soooo much and when I became fed up I thought we were not mant for each other and as result has to be seperated for the better. I broke the relationship with my ex and that really hurted me sooooo much. Many are those Ghanaian men who keep knocking at my door every now and thenn for arelationship but since I know what they want I just turn them all of them down. I hope you understand. I got to know that there is this sort of dating and I decided to give it a try. I have still not found what am looking for. It seems most men out here are looking for women for sex games only and that is alll. I enjoy sex sooooo much but with that man who will love me, care for me and will like to build a relationship with me and care for me. I am very loving, caring, undertanding, honest, sincere and family oriented. Am looking for a ma with the same qualities to spend the rest of my life with. Age is just a number to me and so far as love is concerened I do not consider that okay.. I like to go to the beaches, have fun, take long walks with my love holding hands and enjoying alll the good things nature has to offer with my love. I really love music sooo much. Ohhh I do play the violine. I learnt it whiles I was in college, third term of my first year. Do you know how to play any of the musical instrument? Having fun and enjoying goood times really makes me happy and what hurts me most is for my love to hurt me. It will be like piercing a sword through my heart okay. My favourate collour is Blue. So that is just something brief about me in a nutshell... I wouldn't want to bore you when reading.. Here are some few questions for you. What are you up to in life? What do you seek? How do you treat your woman? What do you expect from your woman? Do you have kids? Do you love kids? Do you want to have some kids? What will you consider on a first date. If you offended your wife how do you appologise? what hurts you? What are you hobbies? What makes you happy? Do you want to settl? Why did you email? Am really for real and am looking for that man really soon in my life okay. If there is anything more you will like to know just feel free to ask me and I will make it available to you okay