Scam letter(s) from Kate Wilson to Jaap (Netherlands)

Letter 1
am a young girl of 25 yrs i grewup in dublin ireland with my grandmother cuz my parents has passsed away since when i was a childhood so i was brought up by my grandma and she thought me some adult sensitive acknowledgement but am a kind of girl that dont like meeting friends cuz all the stories have heard in past about lifetime so it really discourage me meeting people cuz of some nigth tales i get from my grandma about betrayals and all it really get me pisssed off relationship but after her death i feel am lonely in a dark world. i do every dawn thing of life alone without a partner or who to speak with but coulple of years ago i found a man in europe and we started a date but i never knew how to cope untill i was addicted to it and we dated for 3yrs untill he maltreated me and jilted me.and i belive all what my late granma told me about. since then have lost mind heart for relationship and love but yet i cant still withstand living alone with a bored life without someone to share feelings thats why am on aff and am not a paid member cuz am new on this online stuff but i belive as times flows i would get addicted. actually a liitle bit about me i love travelling a lot and am just unfortuntely at last to find myself in africa and i never dreamt to be here but am hoping to comeback home soon.anyway tell me what you like and dislikes so i could know more about you cuz i dont think men on aff are real thats why i just decided to give you a trial and i hope we could arrange how to meet someday.cuz am hoping to settle down anywhere in the world i find my love i dont care how faraway.
hope to hear from you soon.
kate wilson
Letter 2
Hi Dear,
Firstly i want to say thanks for the message from you,i will love to meet you as soon as possible so that we can get to know more about us personally. I know we have some things in common and i'm sure as timegoes we can work things out.I also need to becareful because i've been hurt in the past relationship.I am looking for fun, friendship first and serious relationship,hope this will work out for good between usI think I must tell you why I am presently in africa.I am not in a good situation right now.I am not really happy about my present condition.I'm stuck up in africa right now and i need help to get back.It is a long story. I will explain to you in summary. As you already know .I`m single never married.I`m the only child of my late Parents.My Father and mother are both dead and I had lost contact with other members of the family even before the departure of my parents.My father past away a couple of months ago.I grew up partly in the Ireland ith mother while my dad used to work with a Nigerian Oil company in africa. After my parents' death i finds out that my father left some fund with a security company here in Nigeria Africa.I bought a round trip ticket to Africa because i had to come to Africa to get hold of the fund.But right now the whole news is getting really bad for me.When i got here I met with the management of the security company where my father's money is being held.I was told and it also proven officially to me that the fund has not reach it maturity level. The fund can not be released to me until it reaches it maturity which is still going to take some time.After some few weeks with no success, I decided to leave. Along the line I was robbed by some gang of armed robbers.All my belongings were taken away. I must come back later to get hold of the fund at it maturity.After get the fund in the nearest future I am planning to settle down anywhere in europe to start my own business and find my love. Someone who can assist , advice, guide and support me in establishing my own business. Someone who will be my love and my world. Hope you could be the one. I am willing to get the **** out of here now before my return ticket got expired and I have also need to pay outstanding bills of my hotel.then change my flight destination towards your closest city so you could pick me up at my arrival. This is all I need to do to get out of here. I need up to $450 to get everything sorted out, it is all I need to get pay the hotel bills.The hotel manager warned that the money must be paid now. I am truely sorry if i have bothered you with my problem and my story, I just have the free mind on confiding in you. I don't really like to pretend as if everything is ok with me here. Everything has been very difficult here.I am still trying to sort things out but I can't still get it sorted out. I am really willing to get out of here and willing to meet you soon. I am waiting to read from you very soon.Please dear stay in contact so that I will be informing you when i will get out of here. I can't wait to meet you soon. I can't wait to read from you.
Love greeting from kate
Letter 3
hello,i need to get outahere today cuz my ticket expires thurs and there is no way i could leave without my ticket baby please at the bottom of my heart am writing you this message am really shedding tears on my cradle cuz of the hole **** i got into in africa and i really need help getting uotahere before my return ticket gets expired and moreso i was warned by the security company to leave nigeria as soon as possible cuz i need to get some of my college cert disclaimer to claim the money when get paid to my account in the bank so thats why i need to come home fast and there is no oneelse to confide on only you i got as friend moreso the hotel manageme nt is given me this last upportuinty to contact friends cuz have told them about you please baby i need you to help me and i swear when i come back home i would refund back your money since i have jewellries worth of 3000usd to sell at home.please i need your help to wipe away my tears.hopre to hear from you soon.kate
Letter 4

thanks for wiping away my tears
please send through westernunion click on to get any agent around closest to you to recall you again send the money through this information of the hote manager reciever's name :stephanie jessica wilson
question:do you love me
please send all the information needed to pick up the money into my email like:
mtcn(control number)
sender's full name
as soon as i get the money i would send you my flight details so you could know when exaactly to pick me up at the airport
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