Scam letter(s) from Jennifer Smith to Jaap (Netherlands)

Letter 1
I am Jenifer single lady seeking for the right person to share my life with,and i must confess when i went through your profile it seem we have alot in common...I'm looking for serious relationship.. Justthat my heart is on fireat the moment. I find it difficult to fall in love again.Can you imagine kind of ******** i end up in.. Have been stranded over two weeks and some few days now in **** western part of Africa .by a *** guy from Nigeria who blew dust on my eyes. I cried all day here .I m orphan.I lost both parent. My only brother i depend on he's is into drugs life been adicted to it, he doesn't care about me, Sometime in life i feel like committing suicide coz my life is on fire. I really need a trustworthy guy. Who can be considerate with me..please i really need your help out of here. if U care to help and know more about my recently broken me to my personal email address so we can get to talk more Please get back to me asap.
Letter 2
Hi ***
I got your message and i really appreciate the fact that you really wanna know more about me and have interest in me most expecialy want to help me back home....I joined dating site in search for someone to be a friend with and definitely with more knowledge of each other and finding some interest in each other too grow into a serious relationship and from there marriage. So Like i said earlier i am stucked in Africa due to some probelm..Well it all happened like this..i met a guy called Segun back home and he's from Nigeria in Africa, he came for a degree in the state when i fell inlove with him and when he returned to his country he asked me to come and see him. So i gathered some money and got myself a round trip ticket,when i got down here he turned out to be a robber he stole my money and jewelries before i wake up in the next day.. Now the hotel am staying siezed my return ticket and my and all my document cuz i dont have money to pay up the hotel bill that's why i'm stranded here.I will be very very gratefull if you can help me with the hotel bill so that i can get back all my belonging and return and come back to home, please kindly help me out of here..I'm not just looking for financial support only, I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting. If this is what your looking for, don't hesitate to help me with the hotel bill...!!!
Please i'm waiting to read from you soonest.
Letter 3
Hi Jaap ,
Thanks so much for your carring and effort ...u can call him or email very happy to hear that am leaving this **** hole country i cant wait to meet you inperson ..You can never lose with the love and feeling i have for you my love for you will always be there and I will never let you down you can bet anyone at anytime and to always win Just think about me, at anytime or place you can be sure, as the loved I have for you that I am also thinking about you and your love at anything or place you are thinking about me we can't lose with the loved we have because, we always thinking about each other I think about you when I don't want to think about your smiling face i keep trying not to love you but I love you anyway we should be together,together we should be walking side by side we should be together,together Keeping each other satisfied.I know your pain in your heart why do you want to hide from me?your life is something I care for it when your heart is full of pain then my tears roll down my cheeks because I love you so muchi have to keep on writing to you then I will not lose you i have to dream about you everyday because I know eality will **** me with tears nothing is rich in this world when I have you the journey of life must be lead without fear sometime it ends as alone and nothing to worry but when you are lonely then think of me i will bury your sorrows and make you happy...all i want you to do is just to help me out of here so i can get out of this hellhole country all i need is just the hotel bill $640 that i need to get out of here can send it Via western Union money transfer .i will need you to send me your pictures and your address,phone number ,and the nearest airport to you there so i can change my flight destination to you so i can be able to come to you direct ...PLs Just try and send me the money so i wont be charged to court cos i dont want to go to jail ..i promise to come to you direct ..waiting for you to send me your address so i can change my flight to you over there...Ok Thanks so much for your caring about me ok the hotel manager said as soon as the money is paid drive me down to the Airport so i can tender my document at the Airport so then i can get in plane and i will be coming flying to you so i can call you as soon as i get to the nearest airport to you so you can come and pick me up at the Airport for how to get the Money to the hotel manager told me that you send the money in my name so i can cash it myself and give it to him ok the hotel said you can send the money online you can send it online with your credit card and if you try it and it did not went through just go to any Westernunion agent location near you to send the Money in Cash and as soon as it sent just E-mail me the Confirmation Receipt ok here is then
Reciever info
Receiver Name: Jenifer Smith
City and State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Zip code:23401
Text Question: My Colour
Text Answer: White
Hotel Info..
Hotel Name:funfare Hotel
Hotel manager Name:Mr adun
Hotel Phone Number:#011-234-8099518613
Am in Room:20
My name is;Jenifer smith
Hotel E-mail
Hotel Bill:$640
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