Letter(s) from Victoria Nelipa to Mark (Netherlands)

Letter 1

My treasure...
My sweet Mark,how are you there without me??????????How are you going today????
Honey,let's stop on the 23-28 th of February...
Speaking about the apartment,I've already found a nice flat not far from the center of Kiev...
I think that it's a nice variant... two rooms, with all the need things!!!!
To stay there costs 60$ per 24 hours

Letter 2

My sweet Mark,today,I'm writing to you from the new e-mail address because my old does not work at the moment...Please,write me further on the address from which I'm writing to you now...
Dear man...So,you've already booked the flying tickets on the 23 rd of February from Amsterdam to Kiev...that's great...For how long are you planning to stay in Ukraine????
I was speaking with the owner of the flat and she asked me to pay for 3-4 days in advance...
I've already asked about the flying ticket for me to Kiev...it costs 140 $.Will you help me with the expanses,dear???
Can I rely on you??

Letter 3

My dear,thank you a lot for your call to me,I was so happy to hear your voice even for a little bit!!!!Everything is OK,I've picked up the means and everything is OK,do not worry!thank you a lot for your understanding and support because without I'll not cope with all this!
I'm thinking of our meeting all the time!!!!Miss you!Kiss you! Viki.