Scam letter(s) from Inna Anufrieva to Val (Australia)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Val! Thank you very much for your complements! Nice to hear from you today, as may be I didn't tell you before, but it is always so pleasant for me to see your message in my box;-) I appreciate you much for telling me more about you and your life. I feel very happy to notice so much positive chemistry between you and me and our connection has promising perspectives as we seem to be a compatible matching couple with same desires and aspirations. You seem to have the qualities that make you very desirable and appealing to me... I have been very inspired by your words and expectations from our relationship and am happy about our common interests and aspirations and hopefully, soon we can realize our dreams and goals together and have an opportunity to meet in person at the right time so we can share our ideas and learn more about each other. Thank you for telling em more about your experience in the past, darling, and I'm really sorry if you've gone through something negative in them. But still I guess practically all people did. Just thank you for sharing. And really past experiences give us a worthy experience. You know, I think that any experience that we get during the life is necessary for us, as it helps us do not make the same mistakes and wrong steps in the future. And I do fully agree with you, love is a very mysterious feeling, people in love might seem really crazy and be unpredictable and it's great, I'm sure. Love is truly the best what could happen to a person in his life! I don't know what are your thoughts on this matter, but as our letters are the only way for now to communicate with each other, I will try that each of my letters to you will be next page of my life-book. You know, my mother always tells me that each step that we make in the life represent our inner world, inner statement for the present moment. I agree with her, as for example the profession that I have chosen is the best proof of that. I always was a creative person, from the childhood. I tried to sew for my dolls many different clothes which have been designed by me. Mom tells that I have covered with drawing many albums, creating new and new dresses, skirts, trousers and other things. I dreamt to become a great designer; unfortunately my dream has been left as a dream. It is very difficult to obtain this aim in my country, as you need a lot of things for that and also funds. Any way when I have finished my studies I knew already that I will work as a costumier and I have found a place in the theatre. I enjoy my work much, though it is really sometimes not easy to work with creative people. Being a creative person, I have a very romantic heart. I like all the manifestations of romance such as walking with beloved on the beach and watching sunset, tender hugs and kisses, romantic evenings with soft music and candles and many other things. I'm also very passionate person and for my beloved man I will give all myself. In the relationship I appreciate honest, faith, mutual respect and understanding. May be it will sound too self-confident, but I know that I can make my man a very happy man and to present him life full of love, care and joy! I hope that due to this letter you have found out much more about me and you still like and want to communicate with me and perceive me as a person. And may be even one day we can become something more for each other than only friends, we'll live, we'll see:-) Oh, also I want to tell you that for our communication I use the service of the translation company. I feel ashamed of telling you that, but I don't know English and that's why I need a help to read your letters and write you mine. Besides this firm provides me with a possibility to use Internet, as I don't have a computer at home. It is really great that such kind of service exists, as then I will never have a chance to meet and talk to you :-) I send you a smile and hope soon to hear from you,
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